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Chapter Sixty Five.

Cerberus Thorne

He stormed into the castle with his head raised and his sharp canines bared.

His guards flinched at his unexpectedness, but they seemed to have already been shaken by what had come before them.

“Which way!” Cerberus asked, his voice loud - booming throughout the corridor.

“S-she went up the stairs, that is all we-”

Cerberus growled before running past them, uncaring for the rest that the uneasy guard had to say.

The turmoil was felt in the air, and the darkness that loomed over it felt as though it was grasping onto their throats and squeezing the lives out of them.

Cerberus flew up the steps as though they were not even there, gracefully he moved no matter how frantic he was.

He paid no mind to anyone he passed, focusing on the smell of death that he mindlessly followed.

He knew exactly where Clarice had gone, where her angered beast had taken her and that made his pace quicken.

The second he reached the door that he was close to slamming open he froze, his heart hammering loudly in his chest.

“I refuse to do that.” Clios’ voice echoed in his ears and he swallowed roughly, eavesdropping shamelessly.

“Oh but you will. You will finish what he had wanted, and you will finish it now. Or else-”

“Or else what?” The way Clio had said that made him clench his fists tightly - nobody had the right to threaten his mate like that, not even Clio.

“Or else I will rip that little heart of yours right out of your chest.”

Clios’ hysterical laugh boomed throughout the room they were in and the hallway that Cerberus was standing in making his stomach churn.

Clarice might be powerful now, but seeing as Clio was part witch she overpowered Clarices’ freshly shifted Lycanthrope no matter how enraged she was.

Before the conversation was able to get more heated Cerberus slammed the door open abruptly making both of the girls heads snap to the door to see who had decided to intrude so suddenly.

“Clio you will be escorted back to where you had come from. There were strict orders that were given prior to me coming back here, the second you step downstairs the guards will know what to do with you. Understood.”

Cerberus’ statement made Clios’ eyes widen in disbelief, she had known that he was going to put her back where she originally resided at some point, but she had hoped he would have been swayed to let her stay in the castle the more he spent time with her.

Her mouth opened but Clarice beat her to it with a feral growl.

She will not be going anywhere until she undos what should have been undone long ago!” Clarice ordered, her voice deep and her words uncaring of how badly they stung Cerberus.

He knew he deserved every little thing that came out of her mouth, however it still pained him to hear it.

Oh how the roles have reversed.

Clio smirked, an idea popping into her wicked head making Cerberus narrow his eyes, each person in the small room glared at each other in distaste, raising the tension.

“Is that what you would like Clarice, to be relieved of the bond? To be rid of your mark?” Clio asked tauntingly, the taunt directed to Cerberus who was struggling to keep his anger at bay.

Clarice whipped her head so she could face Clio, her canines bared, “yes.”

Cerberus clenched his fists tightly, waiting to see how Clios words would play out.

“And you brother.”

Cerberus growled loudly, his body shaking with the power that radiated off of him.

“She may be my mate Clio, she may have equality to me. But you, I will not hesitate to bite.”

Clio bit back a snarky remark before rubbing the back of her neck, “I see.”

Clarice glared at her mate with disgust in her eyes and Cerberus stared back at her with equal intensity, trying to lull her back to reality with just one look.

But that was impossible, if it was that easy, it would not have taken him decades to gain his own humanity back.

“I have equality to you?” Claricr asked, a humorless chuckle leaving her lips making Cerberus lick his lips nervously.

It was amusing for Clio to see him this way, his display of emotions was foreign.

“Yes.” Cerberus stated, so strongly, so proudly, that had it not been for the way his own mate scoffed at his words he would have felt happy to let the truth out.

She stepped closer to him with her left brow raised sharply and he inhaled shakily, readying himself for whatever the beast was going to throw.

“Was I equal to you when you had me locked in a cabin?” She asked fiercely, unexplainable power radiating off of her as her gaze remained glued on Cerberus.

“Was I equal to you when you had me starved for days!?”

“Was I equal to you when you brutally and mercilessly choked me?!”

Cerberus wanted to lower his gaze, everything that she was saying was true and he regretted everything, but all that they had undergone, all that he made her undergo was because of his loss of humanity.

Had he have had his humanity at the time he had found her in her pack, everything would have been different.

He opened his mouth but she growled loudly, stopping him, Clios presence in the room long forgotten and she took that as unspoken permission to continue to listen shamelessly - her eyes wide as she listened in on the brutality that her brother made his own mate undergo.

She knew he was evil, but she did not know he would be this evil to his own mate. She thought that even he had limitations, but she was wrong.

“Did you think that was all?!” Clarice asked with a chuckle, the shakiness in her voice was easily heard even though she tried to play it off with another growl.

“Where was this equality when your own second hand force fed me after beating me? Grabbing onto my hair and shoving the food I was allergic to into my mouth!”

You took my life away from me Cerberus Thorne.”

“You took away the only friend I had made here, you took away my happiness, my light and now you expect what? A relationship? For things to be easy just because you are the King? Well, I have bad news for you, your Majesty…” she stopped to step closer to him and the sound of his heart was heard by both women in the room.

Nothing will ever be the same. Not until I take away your happiness, whatever holds meaning to you and then, I will leave. I will take my mother and leave.”

Her words hung in the air and he felt her push past him and furiously stomp away - he was left dumbfounded yet his mind was spinning with words that he wanted to say, but for once he had no courage.

He was confused, however he was sure of one thing and that was that he would get his Clarice back, he would do everything in his power to bring back his mate and he did not care what lengths he would have to go through for that to happen.

But he could not deny how heartbroken he was and it felt odd.

“Well brother, I never thought that I would see the day where the almighty Cerberus Thorne would fall to his feet.” Clios voice made his eyes snap wildly to her and in a swift second his hand was roughly tied around her throat, squeezing as hard as he could, relieving himself of his pent up rage.

Clios eyes were wide.

“Oh you pathetic witch, I have undergone many horrors that were unable to put me down, the King has yet to fall.”

Yet deep down he knew - no matter how badly he tried to deny it - that he had already fallen, long ago, the day his eyes landed on a petite auburn haired girl filled with a fire that he had always wanted to burn him.

And burn him she will.
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