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Chapter Seven.

Clarice Mont

All six wolves were gazing at the King, and his men with wide eyes - the information they had just received shocking them to their core.

Alpha Crest felt offended and disappointed - his eyes were watery as he pondered over what he could have done wrong.

"Crying is for children, not grown men. Wipe your damn face and take off your diaper. Face your reality. You were never fit for your role, now you are being stripped from it, go find Mattel, bring him here and then leave."

Ex-Alpha Crest frowned but said nothing as he reluctantly walked away from what was once his grounds and went looking for the man that will be taking his position.

"Now that that is over with. Let us wake these little wolves up, why don't we?" The man stated, his eyes glimmering dangerously as he eyed the small, fragile looking wolves that were still unconscious on the ground.

"W-wait! They have no clothing!" Kim stopped him, her eyes watery and her legs shaky as she gazed at her small pup with flushed cheeks - the man smirked.

"That is what their fathers are for. Remove your shirts and all of you avert your gazes."

Kim gulped, her eyes on her husband as he pulled away from her to take off his shirt, he then proceeded to place it beside Clarice, with George following suit.

They both were now clothed in thin, white t-shirts that did nothing to conceal their bodies from the breeze.

The man flicked his wrist and all of the men turned around, looking away from the small wolves.

With a small smack on the wolves snouts they both quickly sprung to their feet with scared whimpers.

"Shift!" The man ordered, his authority shaking every single person other then the Royals.

Greta's wolf smoothly shifted back, and she shyly threw on the nearest shirt she saw and ran into her mothers arms with a cry.

Clarices wolf just growled while barring its canines, not wanting to shift back so soon, but the man had other plans.

"My King, this one seems to be defying me."

Nathaniels eyes widened and Kim felt her stomach fall as she gazed at the King through glossy vision - she struggled to breathe properly in fear of what they would do to her pup.

The King shook his head before stepping forward, the auburn wolf reaching just below his torso as it continuously growled.

"Shift pup!" The King ordered, his voice a shock to them all, it was velvety and deep, yet absolutely horrific.

The power his voice held was much stronger than both of his men combined - it shook every single tree, the ground and their bodies as it resonated throughout the woods.

In the matter of a second Clarices wolf shifted back, and small whimpers escaped her lips as she returned to her human body.

Her cheeks were flushed as she noticed she was naked before unknown men and she quickly threw on the shirt that was neatly placed before her.

When she finished buttoning it up she looked at the tall man in front of her with wide eyes - her bottom lip trembled at the sight of him.

Her nose raised involuntarily and she inhaled deeply, her stomach sucking in as she struggled to exhale the scent that made her eyes lighten.

Kim and Nathaniel gazed at her warily - unsure of why her eyes were changing in the wrong way.

"Claire baby? Come here." Kim urged, spreading out her hands for her daughter, but her daughter was too engrossed on the man before her that she couldn't even hear her mother calling her.

Nathaniel noticed that his daughter had not bowed her head once before her King, and that she has been blatantly looking at his eyes since she shifted back - a form of disrespect in the werewolf hierarchy.

"Clarice!" He yelled out, his angry voice shaking her to her core making her avert her gaze and reluctantly exhale with flushed cheeks.

"Daddy?" She whispered warily, her gaze on her parents and on her Beta who stood behind them.

"My King, I apologize for her disrespect, she is just a kid. She does not mean it." Nathaniel stated before stomping up to his daughter and grabbing her forearm - he did not mean to be aggressive, but his emotions were all over the place.

Clarice whimpered under her breath in confusion before bowing her head, her wolf pranced around in her head while her eyes went from their natural color then gradually got lighter and back.

"Let go of our Regina." The Kings' third in command ordered, his head lowered as he glared at Nathaniel from under his dark eyelashes intensely - looking about ready to attack.

"No, this is Clarice. My daughter." Nathaniel stated while pulling her protectively into his chest, Clarice grunted uncomfortably - feeling like a little child.

Greta and her family watched the scene unfold silently with their Beta beside them - everybody was confused.

"Let go of her!"

The King suddenly growled at his third in command angrily, his eyes darkening to a more coal color making Kim whimper lowly, her eyes wide as she feared for all of their lives.

"Shut your mouth Rettacus, and back away!" The King ordered strongly, his hands fisting at his sides as he glared at his second in command threateningly.

"But she is your-"

"She is nothing to me. She is a child, their child.” He spat out, his lips curled up as he struggled to keep his wolf at bay.

Clarice flinched in her fathers hold before pushing him away and turning around to face her King - whose back was to her.

"I am nothing to you?" She asked innocently, her lips in a frown as she gazed at him sadly - trying her hardest to not show how badly hurt she felt.

Her father grabbed her hand once again and glared at her, trying to scare his daughter into submission - not because he was mad at her, but because he knew the King would not tolerate her disrespect.

"Clarice!" He warned, trying to remind her who she dared to speak to like that.

"You may all leave! Other then you Clarice." The Kings other man stated making everyone gasp - they did not want to leave, but judging by the look on his face, they had no choice.

"Claire. Be careful sweetheart." Kim told her sadly before taking her husbands hand and hesitantly walking away - leaving her daughter at the mercy of their ruthless King.

"If you long for answer...." The King paused, his gray eyes glaring directly at the petite little girl in front of him whose cheeks were slightly rosy, "it is yes. You are nothing to me.”

"But... do you not feel this?" She asked before placing her small shaky hand over his, this small senseless action sent a bunch of strong sparks all the way up to her shoulder making her gasp.

The King grunted before pushing her away from him and onto the ground helplessly - the response so sudden and unexpected that it caused a fresh wave of tears to brim her waterline.

"I feel nothing." He repeated with a growl before turning around and walking away - his men following behind and leaving Clarice all by herself on the ground.

She watched him walk away in a blur through her tears.

The sight of his long legs gracefully walking away from her, and his strengthened posture that held absolutely no hump of regret in it made her hand go over her lips as she held back the sob that rumbled in her throat but refused to leave her lips.

She couldn't believe it. She knew it was too early, that she was just a teenager, but the bond is so strong that she was able to physically feel her heart being clenched tightly by his large hand and ripped out of her chest the second he pushed her onto the ground without an ounce of regret before and after.

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