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Chapter Eight.

Clarice Mont

"I-I..." she trailed off uneasily, struggling to keep her offended wolf at bay as the reminder of the slight rejection she received from her mate replayed over and over in her head.

"Can you not form words sweetheart, we taught you how to at a very young age-" Nathaniel was interrupted by Kim who placed a hand over his shoulder and shook her head at him - wordlessly telling him to stop where he was before he made matters worse.

"Sweetheart, we just want you to tell us what happened." Kim whispered, her cheeks sunken and her brows furrowed.

"Nothing. Nothing happened." Clarice responded, her voice sounded oddly hoarse and strangled - her father shook his head.

He nearly growled but Kim firmly pressed her hand into his shoulder, instantly quieting him.

"Honey, we can not help you if you don't tell us what happened. I can see how upset you are-"

Her father growled making them both flinch, "did he hurt you? Did they lay their hands on you? I'll kill them!"

Clarice began to shake making Kim glare at her husband with wide eyes, "calm down Nate."

Her father shook his head angrily, his eyes darker than ever, "Clarice, did he hurt you." He gritted out.

Clarice shook her head while tears formed in her eyes, "no." She paused to sniff and clear her throat, "he did not."

She had lied. It hurt her to lie to her father, but what could she tell him? That she was rejected and then carelessly pushed onto the ground by her own mate?

Nathaniel glared at her while shaking his head once again, his cheeks flushed - he ached to know what had happened that has caused his daughter to look so heartbroken.

"Honey, let us just leave her alone for a moment. She should take a shower and rest up. She must be tired." Kim softly stated while placing her hand over her husbands chest and patting it - trying to calm him down with her gentle touch.

With one last look at his daughter whose tear glossed eyes were casted downwards, he nodded his head before taking his wife's hand and walking out of the room - leaving Clarice all alone.

She swallowed roughly, she couldn't even ask to leave the house to meet Greta; their parents had them both on house arrest tonight after what happened today.

She bit her bottom lip to stop it from quivering before turning around and walking to her bathroom - she could no longer handle being dirty from todays adventure.

She securely tucked her short towel in place around her petite body while clearing her foggy mirror.

She hardly recognized herself. Her once crystal clear eyes were completely puffy and bloodshot from all the crying she had done in the shower and the tip of her nose and cheeks were entirely flushed.

She pursed her lips while rubbing her cheeks with her small hands. At least her parents are allowing her to sleep instead of coming down for dinner - this way, she could avoid them seeing her look so upset again.

She clenched her fists at her sides, her mind was racing with different thoughts and emotions - but she practically willed herself to focus on one; rage.

She refused to be the baby that her father and everyone else saw her as. She refused to allow the Kings rejection to sting so bad.

She inhaled shakily. Her nose slightly raised as she glared at her own reflection, picturing her mate and nearly growling. She had her mind set on acting like nothing happened and moving on.

She would not act like a child. She was sure that, that was the reaction the King was hoping for.

She shook her head before stepping out of the bathroom. She would sleep and tomorrow would be a much different day. He will be gone and she will have already moved on.


She straightened out her back and listened intensely to what her Beta had to say.

He was showing them how to send the perfect punches with his tightly clenched fists swinging forwards - the soft breeze blowing his short hair back - and everyone followed.

They all copied his moves, the tension thick around Clarice and Greta - who stood beside each other, as they always had.

"I am so sorry for what I made you go through yesterday Greta." Clarice told her friend sadly while struggling to keep her back straight and her knees bent.

Greta clenched her fists and punched forwards while shaking her head, "it's alright. All that matters is that we are okay."

Clarice nodded - trying her hardest to hold back a relieved smile - while punching rapidly before her - this was a common workout that Beta Lance made the trainers do, so she was quite used to it.

"Alright guys, partner up!" The Beta yelled out and quickly every scurried to find their partner until they were stopped, "but this time, girls with boys and boys with girls! Today we will train a bit differently."

Clarice nearly groaned in protest, she was more comfortable training with her best friend - somebody who knew her limit, and her weakness.

Greta smiled sadly before some guy tapped her shoulder and asked her to be her partner - Clarice soon found herself standing awkwardly alone.

Well, until a male a couple of inches taller than her tapped her shoulder forcing her to turn around and face him.

"Want to be my partner?" He asked, his voice soft as he spoke, Clarice inhaled shakily before nodding, she had no choice either way.

"Alright everyone. Start off by going into your fighting stances."

Everyone instantly knew what to do. They all moved into their fighting stances and awaited their Betas next order.

Clarice struggled to keep her foot in place but an amused chuckle that came from the guy in front of her enraged her wolf enough to force her to stand correctly.

"I will take it easy on you, no worries." He whispered playfully making Clarice chuckle dryly while nodding her head - was he expecting her to thank him?


Clarice flinched at the suddenness of her Beta's order but nonetheless listened even though she felt her nerves build up.

Through her peripheral vision she noticed that everyone had no problem fighting - the sounds of punches connecting with peoples skin echoed through the widths of the training ground and she held herself back from recoiling.

"Ready pup?" The male asked, his lips curled up and his fists clenched tightly. Her brows furrowed worriedly, he wouldn't kill her right?

She nodded at the same time that a certain aura made her skin form goosebumps - nobody but Clarice felt his presence and she couldn't help but entirely turn her head to where she knew he stood.

She had not known that he spent the night on her packs grounds. But judging by the tension that lingered around him and his men as they spoke to newly named Alpha Mattel and her ex-Alpha, she knew there was some more trouble to come.

She did not have enough to time ponder over that because at the same time that she had turned her head back to face her partner, she found a fist connecting with her nose, letting out a deafening crack and sending her flying back due to its force with her shaky hands flying over her nose.

Her bottom connected with the ground and she let out a small cry. Her face burned and her nose ached - she felt cool liquid pour out of her nostrils and her stomach lurched. The break had to be bad, she knew it.

She looked up with wide and glossy eyes as her partner watched her in shock - as if he could not believe what he had done.

Greta instantly ran to her and Clarice soon realized that all of the trainers stopped to see what had happened - they all looked shocked.

"Claire are you okay!?" Greta asked worriedly, her eyes raking over her best friends face and the blood that was hidden beneath Clarice's shaky hand and dribbling down her lips until it disappeared beneath her t-shirt.

"Logan! You know we do not use force when we mix genders while sparring! Especially during training!" Beta Lance yelled out while also stomping towards Clarice who was busy internally freaking out and silently crying in pain.

"I-I..." Logan trailed off, his hands in his hair as he sputtered in disbelief, "She wasn't paying attention, I didn't think she would turn to me!" He desperately tried to reason.

The Beta took one look at him before shaking his head and offering Clarice a hand.

"What happened here?" A gruff voice asked making everyone flinch, especially Clarice who was curled up with her knees to her chest on the ground.

Beta Lance looked up and his eyes connected with the Kings-man, who was already glaring back at him with much more intensity.

"There was an accident." Beta Lance stated while grabbing hold of Clarice's hand and slowly pulling her upwards.

The foreign man took one look at Clarice's bloodied face and shirt before growling out loud.

"Who is responsible for this?!"

His anger shook the ground below them scaring Clarice and making her cry into Beta Lance's shoulder who picked her up - bridal style.

"Logan is, but it was accidental." Greta suddenly stated, she did not know what to do, everyone was silent and she knew that this man wanted an answer.

"Who is that."

Greta raised her shaky hand and pointed at Logan who looked scared beyond measure with his hands tugging on his hair and his eyes wide.

"Let us have a small chat, Logan."

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