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Chapter Nine.

Clarice Mont

"Does she need surgery?"

Kims horrorstricken voice echoed in the small room and Clarice tiredly gazed at her mother through swollen and bloodshot eyes.

Her nose was still slightly bent but it had long stopped bleeding - and her face and shirt were covered in dark dried blood from earlier.

Nathaniel held his daughters small hand comfortingly while eyeing her nose with a hint of anger in his eyes.

"No, Mrs. Mont. Seeing as your daughter has her wolf, it will take about a day or two for her nose to heal on it's own." The healer that stood beside Kim with a clipboard in his hands stated, pushing up his glasses to better read the papers in front of him.

Kim sighed, "she had just shifted recently, will that have any affect on her healing abilities? Will she have to spend the night?"

The healer looked up at Clarice, who sat silently on the hospital bed and then back at Kim.

"Even though her shift was recent, it does not matter. As long as she has her wolf, she is fine..." the healer trailed off, expectingly waiting for Kim to ask some more questions.

"Will she have to spend the night?" Kim asked weakly, her pitiful gaze on her small daughter.

"That is up to you. If you wish to keep her here for nightly check ups, and discharge her tomorrow, that is okay. If not, that is also okay."

Clarice sighed, "mom."

Her voice came out like a croak. It was very hoarse due to all the crying she had done.

Everyones gaze snapped to her. Nobody heard her speak ever since they got here.

"Yes honey." Kim cooed while stepping closer towards her, Nathaniel gazed at her with eyes that were widened and filled with concern.

Clarice cleared her throat, "I do not want to spend the night here. Discharge me now please."

Kim sighed, her eyes locking with Nathaniel's - as if to ask him if they should do as their daughter asked, and she did ask him; through mind link.

"Sweetheart, maybe it's best to stay here tonight. In case you have some pain or something." Her dad told her while rubbing his hand up and down her forearm soothingly.

Clarice straightened her back and instantly flinched making her mother gasp, but Clarice's quick smile relaxed her.

"The healer just said that I will be fine in a day or two, and he said I can go home. So please, I do not like it here." She said with furrowed brows, trying her hardest not to move her lips too much, because any movement of her face inflicted pain.

"Yes, Mr and Mrs Mont, she really is free to go." The healer reassured, knowing that these two parents were going to be hard to convince with the words of one person.

"Fine. If you say so."

On their walk home - which was not too far seeing as everything was on the same grounds - Clarice found herself grabbing onto her mothers hand.

Something she rarely did anymore and her mother smiled sadly - memories of the past resurfacing in their minds.

"Clarice..." her father trailed off with a sigh, his shoulders hunched as they walked - it was about nine o'clock, and the sky had succumbed to the darkness, with small specks of light decorating it in the form of stars.

"You know I am going to have to take you away from training right." He continued, calming his voice down and trying his hardest to speak slowly so that his daughter did not get too mad.

But, she got mad nonetheless, recoiling from her mother, and then turning to glare intensely at her father - but her glare making her look more doe-like than ever.

"No! This was just one accident and it was bound to happen! Please, this the only thing I have, and I love it!" She pleaded, her hand quickly pressing against her left cheek to ease the pain that started throbbing under her bruised skin.

Her father noticed that almost instantly, "look at you! Look at how bad you look right now! I told you that this would happen and we agreed that if it did you would-"

"I know! I remember. But please, I'm begging you!" She cried, interrupting him almost instantly while grabbing onto his hand and shaking it to get him to see her point.

"Clarice! You are just a kid. You are not ready for these types of things! Especially not training!"

Clarice recoiled from her father as if she was burned and her mother gasped beside her - she instantly realized how badly Nathaniel had offended her.

"Nathaniel Mont!" Kim stated angrily, placing her hand on her husbands forearm and pulling him a step back - or at least trying to.

"No! She has to hear it Kim. She is not ready! Just look at her. Look at her face! If she really wanted to train she would not have cried on those grounds earlier, she would have gotten back up!"

Clarice flinched, her eyes watering and her hands crossing over her chest as she struggled to suppress her shoulders from shaking.

"Nate." Kim growled warningly but Nathaniel just shook her off and stepped closer to his daughter.

"I know what is best for you sweetheart, and this is not it. If you were ready to train, you would have healed instantly, but look at you, you look-"

"Hideous?! I know! I look broken don't I? Like I did last night?" Clarice cried out, hiccups coming from her chapped lips and her chest heaving upwards.

Nathaniel's brows furrowed while Kim cast her eyes downwards and shook her head.

"If you knew what was best for me daddy, you would know that training and being outside of my own house is what is best for me!" She stated through harsh pants and heartbroken sobs.

He opened his mouth but Clarice beat him to it, "you have treated like a baby my whole life! But, look at me..." she pointed down to her grown body and emphasized her height by raising her chin to glare into his eyes with her glossy ones.

"I am no longer one! And it is about time you realize that! I am so sorry for yelling, but you have to understand that I am tired of this! Tired of feeling like an outcast and like I am incapable of anything!"

"It hurts!" She finished, her voice coming out gruff and hoarse as she struggled to catch her breath through loud pants.

Kim was frowning but she silently watched the dispute with her hands crossed over her chest.

Nathaniel stepped closer to his daughter with a frown of his own and his hand scratching the back of his neck, "I know. I am sorry. I know, but you are my baby, I-"

Clarice groaned loudly but it sounded more like a loud strangled cry before stepping away from her father making him flinch in shock, "enough!" She yelled out before turning around and like last time, running as far away from her parents as she possibly could.

She heard their pleading screams for her to come back and their footsteps as they chased after her, but she only picked up her pace even more - uncaring for the rest of what her father had to say.

She could not handle them at the moment or the throbbing pain that was coming from her nose.

And so, she found herself running into the same woods as last time - the ones that got her into a lot of trouble.

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