things that you can't undo

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the starbucks of our town.

I lived with my older brother who owned a coffee shop popular around the area. I didn’t work there even if it were traditional for family members to work at a family-owned business.

I sat at the small ledge near the pickup counter while sipping a strawberry smoothie. I wasn’t too crazy about basic smoothies like strawberry, but everything else was being restocked at the moment.

Aiden, my brother, exited from the back room with a bunch of boxes. He set them down in front of me and unpacked.

“Do you mind?” I motioned at the book I was reading.

“If you’re not going to be a worker, at least help me out here for today.” Aiden pulled out plastic cups. “Krista won’t be here until after work.”

“Why doesn’t she just work here?” I slide out of the stool I sat on.

“Because she thinks I’ll pay her more than the others.” Aiden mocked his girlfriend’s high-pitched voice.

I rolled my eyes but complied. We spent a while unpacking in silence until a customer finally walked through the door. To my surprise, it was that Caden kid I met almost a week ago.

“Um, I’ll take the register,” I told my brother and left his side before he could respond or even realize I was speaking. “Brandon needs a break.”

The guy at the register overheard me and left without confirming if my statement was true.

As Caden approached the register, his focus shifted from his phone. His eyes widened, either in pleasant surprise or in troublesome shock. I smiled as big as my mouth would allow.

“Hey,” He shyly greets.

“Fancy bumping into you here.” I remark. “What would you like?”

He stutters before answering in a low voice. “I guess a chocolate milkshake.”

“Cool.” I look behind me and thankfully Brandon is returning to the front counter. “Psst, one chocolate milkshake.”

He looks at me as if I have two heads, but does what he’s told, anyway.

I make my way around the counter and join Caden at the pickup counter. I didn’t really notice how clear his big brown eyes were; they were almost hazel. His lashes were naturally long; I found myself envious of that.

“I didn’t think you’d work here.” Caden doesn’t look up from his phone.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” I place my hand on my chest as if something offended me.

“Nothing... I guess I just didn’t take you for the working type.”

“We’ve spoken once.”

Caden appeared to have a look of panic, like what he said made me think he was a creepy stalker or something.


I smiled. “Yeah. I have that too.”

“I read that about you, but what did you read about me?“Caden challenges.

I look him in the face and with confidence in my voice, I answer, “Different.”

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