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Getting Even

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Damien took a step out of our relationship, I decided to take several. I had worked my way past the denial & grief, now I wanted to get even. I am very much the type to get even, pack my shit & go regardless of our kids. I can’t even breathe through the pain. I’ve already let my reservations about me being a certain type of woman go, I don’t care anymore. I’ll do what I want to do, how, when, where I want to do it. I got great pussy, can play with my own pussy, and eventually I’ll find somebody that matches that shit I kept locked down for so long. I’ll start to pay my own bills, manage what I need to manage, and take care of my shit. If nobody else got me, I got me. Honestly this ready to do some foul shit past the point of return. Damien really has no idea…

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


Oh how the tables had turned...

I was in absolute ecstasy as Nathan pulled my hips back to pound into me, over and over.

It was so fucking good, so good that I had 4 orgasms under 30 minutes and he was still going.

Too soon, once again, I was so close my whole body got weak. I couldn’t hold myself on my hands and knees anymore.

My entire body seized with pleasure and I fell forward onto the bed as my orgasm sent me spiraling out of my mind.

I was pretty sure I had slobbed.

I wasn’t even embarrassed considering that it had been months since I had last received any type of sexual stimulation.

Nathan gathered my hair and rearranged it adoringly while I panted, attempting to catch my breath.

I grabbed the large jug of spring water he had placed onto the nightstand and gulped the cool water down as I came to the terms of what I had just done.

I had sex with someone else besides my long term partner that I had children with, and I hadn’t felt a twinge of guilt.

It was bound to happen. I was being neglected and taken for granted by my partner already, but once he had chosen to break our utimate promise to each other to remain faithful, that was it for me.

Sharing intimacy with another, abandoning his family, and taking money outside of our household?


EVERYTHING about keeping our family together had ceased to matter at this point.

Since I was loyal once committed, Nathan hadn’t even received a glance. But once I found out the terrible truth about my fiance Damien, I considered all things previously arranged null and void at this point.

Nathan had paid attention to me even despite the temporary depression I had experienced upon the discovery of infidelity in my relationship. And every foul thing that I had discovered my fiance was doing afterwards.This took months, but Nathan was patient and persistent. He had commanded my attention. So, once I worked through the stages or grief, I really fucking couldn’t resist. I was able to experience the excitement of attraction and lust again!

I had tried so hard to maintain my morals, but the lines that kept me from dishing out what I had received became blurred and now in the aftermath, I felt sated after I had experienced what had been missing from my relationship for a long time.

I loved the heated glances Nathan sent my way whenever we crossed paths. The “accidental” brushes of our bodies, the flirting, and the games he played. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me and I had made the decision to see what happened when I finally decided to live in the moment and start this little affair.

I accepted the fact that at this point, I was no better than my cheating partner.

I had suppressed the need to get even for months leading up to this, only to succumb to the promise of being satisfied sexually by the man who had been pinning for me since he first saw me.

I had grown tired of being met with half ass effort from a boy I had committed myself to, that I had children for, and went out of my way being wifey for when he obviously couldn’t be a good partner or father.

Sadly, I stayed because I wasn’t one to break my own terms, and the three terms I had negotiated had to be broken by him before I walked away.

I’d always felt uncomfortable asking for something during the relationship that I hadn’t stated initially from the beginning, however, I had asked him for these things that he had given me when we first met, and he had broken them.

I was still the same girl he had asked to spend his life with but he was no longer the boy who had asked me to. That was a hard lesson that I had needed to learn.

Now I understood how valuable time was and how I had given too much of it for free to someone that didn’t understand it’s worth.

“Baby? You’ve been on your phone since you’ve walked through the door, is everything okay?” I asked when he checked his phone again while we were eating dinner together with our babies.

My 3 year old daughter Janine and her 5 year old brother Dax was really trying to tell him about their day and he wasn’t paying either of them any attention.

He sighed, putting down his phone to continue eating. “Just fine, I just need time to myself.”

He didn’t glance at me once and when his phone vibrated again I started to feel some type of way.

“I just want you to give us some attention, we won’t take up much of your time.” I said softly, I didn’t want to start an argument with him.

I just wanted some attention from my man considering he hadn’t tried to communicate with us at all.

“Do you work long hours everyday? No I didn’t think so, all I want is to come home and rest. No nagging.” He said, slamming his fork down on his plate and picking up his phone again.

“So asking you to spend time with me and our kids is nagging? You’re never here, we all miss you...” I replied.

"And I miss my fucking bed! Y’all so ungrateful, got a roof over y’all head, clothes on y’all back and y’all still won’t stop bothering me!” He yelled, jumping up and storming to our bedroom where he slammed the door.

“Alright Damien.” I sighed, wondering what the hell the kids had to do with our argument.


That was how everything started. Damien was always so fucking busy, he almost never had time for me and had simply began refusing to communicate with me at all, choosing instead to “work overtime” and stayed on his fucking phone all day when he was home.

He didn’t mind when I didn’t come to bed that night or any of the nights after that. He stopped spending time with me and our children, and we didn’t need that. I had already set Plan B into motion after that to get the fuck out of this situationship asap.

He was such a good partner once, but had quickly became selfish the third year of us staying together. He had increasingly made it impossible to consider marrying him at this point, which was supposed to be the plan for our future.

I thought I had wanted him unconditionally at some point, in the beginning, but with two kids who needed my attention and plenty of other temptations out there, I’d been seduced by another that could serve my needs.

And nobody could make me feel bad for it. I did what I did!

You only live once so remember to always live for yourself first!

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