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Surrender To Him (Book Three)

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Ellie and Jackson endure the darkest days of their marriage. All is not lost, though because hope makes its presence known. In the final installment of the Surrender Series, Jackson finds Ellie at the hands of her attacker. He deals with the horror before him and takes his battered wife home to heal. ​ Healing, however, proves elusive as Jackson and Ellie fight their respective demons. Jackson continues to battle his emotional shortcomings and his own ego while Ellie combats the trauma of her attack, her baffling husband and her floundering faith. Where is the God Ellie loves so very much? Is He anywhere within hearing distance? Does He continue to care about Ellie or did Ellie's disobedience in marrying Jackson cause God to finally give up on her? Rage, physical trauma, hurt feelings and unmet expectations result in even greater damage for their young union, but intervention from surprising sources change the course of Jackson's and Ellie's marital path. These unexpected events reveal the true nature of the characters who comprise this compelling story.

Drama / Erotica
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