Dismissing Dakota (book 2)

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Chapter 25

Dakota’s P.O.V.

I wouldn’t describe me to be an impatient person. If I contacted someone once, then that was more than enough. I didn’t bother with constant check-ups. That was more so showing what I didn’t like. Silvia said she would be here, but as the minutes turn into hours, my stance began to change.

Had she been caught up in trouble? Was her father stopping her from seeing me? I paced, combing my hair frantically and biting the corner of my thumbnail. I grew attached to the phone in my pocket, turning the screen on and off to assure there weren’t any new messages from her.

What is taking so long? I sighed, witnessing the sun dip further to the horizon. It was nighttime, and still, no sign of Silvia’s car in my drive way and no text from her number. I shook my head when the thought surfaced, suggesting that I slip on my shoes and go to her house on my own.

In the back of my mind, I thought if her brother was still be in town. That made me freeze right in my tracks. Her dad was another obstacle that I didn’t feel compelled to confront. So, unless those two vanished off the face of the earth, I was keeping my ass in this house where it surely wouldn’t get kicked.

Wiping out my phone, I dialed her up and waited for her to pick up. Nothing.

I tried again, but this time—unlike the first call—it went straight to voicemail. The next time I did that, minutes later, it did the same thing. Frustrated, I flung my phone on to my bed and met my knuckles to the wall, releasing a pint up breath at the sound of the drywall cracking under my pressure.

My heartbeat picked up. I ran out my room at the light knock on my front door. “Oh,” I grimaced, frowning at my friend on my doorstep. “What do you want, Heath?”

“Well, butter me me sideways and call me toast, you sound like cheery as hell.”

“What is that even supposed to mean? You don’t make any sense.” I groaned when he walked around me, entering my house. “I didn’t say you could come in.”

“It’s cold outside. My nipples are getting hard.” He chattered his teeth, rubbing his hands up his arms. “I want to tell you some great news. It has to do with the band. I know we’ve been on a bit of a break since Paul’s parents have been bitching about his grades. However, he convinced them to let him to do one event because his progress report was really good for this quarter.”

“I’m not ready to perform. I don’t think this is a good time for me.”

“Don’t say that so fast,” he said. “It pays good, and—”

“What did you say to Silvia?” I erupted, getting tired of the discussion. Crossing my arms over my chest, Heath backed up with both his palms facing me. “I want to know.”

“I told her what I found. Which wasn’t pretty. You can’t be angry with me over something you said yourself and what you did.”

“I said tell me. I want to know specifics.”

“I got screenshots of conversations you had with Finn.”

My hands went to face. “Please tell me you got access to the talks I had with the one funding the mission. You have the messages from Beth, too, right?”

“I...I didn’t go over that, but there are copies off that conversation in the print outs I gave her.”

In the blink of an eye, I had him up on his feet, dangling off the floor. I stunned even myself at the level of strength I exuded and how quick I snapped on him. “You were supposed to show that, too. It proves that I was talking up myself to appease Finn. I didn’t talk about us like that with Beth.” Or at least the person I didn’t know was Beth. It wasn’t till recently that we learned that Beth had ties deep in Segg, despite lying about her connections. Heath unraveled the communication she had with other members, creating the scheme to get Silvia out of Crescent Heights so that she could have Pierson all to herself. She saw Silvia as a threat after going to the Smell, hatching up the plan to get her eyes stuck on me instead. She reached out to Finn with her concept in mind.

“She was really heartbroken, Dakota. I couldn’t get to it. She wanted me out. I’m sure she’ll go over the paperwork and read everything in context.”

“That was your job.” I roared.

Heath winced, squeezing his eyes shut. “I can’t see why you couldn’t do it yourself.”

“Because,” I dropped him, “I told you. I’ve lied to her enough. If I told her, I know she would only question the legitimacy of what I said. I wanted her to get the information from someone else, someone I trusted. Someone who wasn’t me and could give her the full picture—not partly, which is what you did.”

“We have class tomorrow. You can tell her.”

“I don’t know if she’ll want to talk about it tomorrow.” I snapped. “I’ve been calling her over and over again. Yet nothing in response. She was supposed to come over. She said she would to talk about what you told her.”


I hit my back up against the front door, sliding down. “What do you mean and? Don’t you see? She’s not here. She never came.”

“She learned a lot today. Maybe it’s best that she didn’t. You two might’ve gotten into a nasty fight. It’s never good to step into an argument when your emotions are running high.” He straightened out his collar, huffing. “I know you can certainly be moody.”

Knocking my head on to the wood, I inhaled from my nostrils, being swept away by the self-consuming feeling of dread dancing with my bad pessimism. “I think I lost her forever.”

“It’s too soon to say that.” Heath rested his hand on my shoulder, leaning forward with a slanted grin. “I would’ve said that after the night at her party, but yet, you two still manage to put yourself back together. I don’t get it. I don’t. But, the reality is that you guys have never been known to have the normal flow of a typical relationship.”

“I’m not sure, Heath. Something doesn’t feel right about it this time.”

“Hang in there a little longer.” He whispered, and for a moment, I began to believe his words to subside my antsy impatient self.


On Monday, I checked for Silvia in the hallways. I hung around at her locker before lunch, anticipating for see her face in the crowd. She didn’t show up in any of the classes we shared. I didn’t put too much thought behind on the first day, but when Wednesday came around and Silvia still wasn’t making an appearance at school, I approached a new level of desperation.

“Hi, Ronnie,” I greeted, colliding my shoulder to the locker next to hers. She poked her head around the corner, glaring at me, and hid behind the door of her locker.

“You said my name correctly. So, that must mean there’s something you want from me,” she mused, throwing another look my way, and snickering. “Go away, Ridgewood. I won’t tell you where she is.”

“I wasn’t going to even bring up Silvia.”

She slammed her locker shut. “Oh really? Then why are you over at my locker for the first time ever? I’d love to hear whatever bullshit story you’re about to pull out your ass.”

My cheeks puffed up, exhaling loudly. “Ok, I’ve been caught. I’m not going to waste your evening. I’m worried about her. Is she alright? Do you know what’s going on?”

She completely ignored the first question, saying. “I do know.”


She held her books close to her chest. “I don’t feel comfortable telling you. She told me what to do and communicating with you was a big no-no.”

My brows knitted together, blocking her way. “She said that?”

“Fuck, I wasn’t supposed to say that,” she hissed, “Dakota, I can’t say anything else. You should give her as much space as possible. When she’s ready to talk to you she will. She’s not doing very well right now and I think it would be better if you respected her choice of not contacting you.”

“I just want to hear that from her.” I said feebly.

“Wouldn’t be shocking if she up and disappeared,” a new voice chimed. Ronnie and I followed the sound of the voice, seeing Ian Prescott, Silvia’s childhood enemy, fiddling with the nob on his lock. “She has a habit of doing that whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.”

“What the fuck did you say?” I boomed, rushing up to him. He didn’t flinch, not even a little, as I towered over him. “Why don’t you say that again?”

“I’m talking about the time she fled my high school. Didn’t have much to say or do after the photos got out of her and my dad.”

“Huh?” Ronnie jumped in, baffled at what she heard. “No, photos of the vice principle and his mistress was what was released into the public. Photos Silva took.”

“She didn’t tell you,” he laughed darkly, covering his mouth. “The mistress was Silvia. She concocted a fake relationship to get back at me. She got expelled for being caught. She didn’t take the photos. Someone else did.”

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