Dismissing Dakota (book 2)

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Final Author's Note


I know the story is confusing in places. I plan on editing it, expanding, and removing portions—as well as adding more explanation. This is only the first draft, please remember that. I wrote this duology book when I was 17-18. It’s funny when people say my characters don’t sound like teens when I wrote the first part a month after graduating and got the idea while still in high school. I’m 21 now and I feel as though my writing has changed a lot if you compare Disarming Dakota to Tethered Hearts. The writing has matured and I do more planning now with my stories. I didn’t know where I was going with the first book at times, writing purely to hold my own attention. I know that I could’ve done a better job with these characters, but ’cause of the lack of planning it caused the story to fall apart at points. This was my own fault.

I wrote this book with the intent of not writing a traditional romance. I felt as though typical romance novels had the same format, when in reality not everyone stays with the person they fall for right away and hardly have issues. I wrote it to dive into the concept of bullying, wondering if there could ever be a world in which harassment and bullying is manufactured as a game for the top portion of the high school hierarchy. The spring before I wrote this book, a case came out about a group of boys at a prestigious school in New Hampshire who created a game near the end of the year, each year, called “The Senior Salute.” Which was where boys tried to have sex with as many virgins as possible, tally up the points, and see who got the most. This lead to one girl being forced, eventually pressing charges. She didn’t win the case, from what I know.

That’s where the idea for Segg started from. I thought the concept of taking girls virginity was an idea overdone so I came up with something else as their “game.”

I got the idea and I should’ve branched out more than I did. And for the most part, I thought I had a good grasp on the story. But I was wrong. Thankfully, I’ve learned through my trial and tribulations and would like to believe I’ve somewhat improved as a storyteller. I know I’m not the best with words, but I am better than my previous self. So that’s something.

I hope you guys go check out my other works. I promise the love stories in my other stories are actual relationships and not as tortures as this book lol Dakota was a special case, my first ever ‘bad boy’ book. The other romantic leads aren’t as cruel.

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