Soul Ties

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To love is one thing. But to love and be loved is another and Ajah Desiree McNeil won't stop until she find unconditional love. Cherishing, loving, and experiencing someone was something that Ajah Desiree always wanted. To feel someone’s soul when you’re around them, sharing energies, and loving that person unconditionally made Ajah’s heart swell. She was young and quickly running out of patience. Ajah would go to the ends of the Earth to find a man that was for her. She would do anything. Souls binding, souls joining, souls fighting for passion, and soul ties

Drama / Romance
Uniquely Kiaa
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“To love is one thing, but to love and be loved is another."

She walked full speed ahead, her hips moving up and down as she walk. Her heels slapped against the tile floor creating a rhythm. All eyes were on Ajah as she made her way towards the reception desk.

"Where's my husband," she slammed her hands on the desk startling the young woman that sat there typing away on the computer while holding the phone in between her shoulder and head.

The young woman eyes shot up immediately, intently watching Mrs. McNeil with fear evident in her eyes.

"Don't make me ask again," She coldly snarled.

"Mrs. McNeil you know it's against the hotels policy to give out information of our guests." She trembled, not wanting to be caught in the middle of their family drama.

Ajah swiftly moved her hands and reached across the desk snatching the young woman up. "Where the hell is my husband?" She peered into her eyes, burning a fire into her soul. "I won't ask again." She snarled.

"He-he's in room one-one one hundred and three." She stumbled over her words afraid for the mans life.

After receiving the information she wanted, Ajah released the woman from her intense grip and sashayed in the direction of the elevator. In her hands she held a bottle of Hennessy and a whip.

She knew in the back of her mind that her husband was cheating, once again but she wanted to see it for herself. She's caught him numerous times before but this would be her final straw; or so she told herself before.

Stepping off the elevator she turns to the right and head in the direction of her husbands suit at the Grand Ambassador hotel. The one in which his family owns. She forcefully wipe away the tears that escape from her bloodshot eyes.

"Open the damn door Damon!" She shouts banging on the door. "Open this damn door! I know it's a bitch in here!"

The door swings open. "Baby calm down there's no one in here," he reaches to pull her in but she snatched away from him. Pushing past him she enters the room and begin searching for the woman she believes is sleeping with her husband.

"You're acting a damn fool Ajah!" He shouts stalking behind her as she intently search for the mistress.

"Am I really!" She shouts as she stares down at the woman hiding on the balcony. Shaking her head she snatches the petite woman up. "She's small! They're all always small!" She shouts. "Am I too fuckin' big for you Damon?!"

The woman shakes from fear and wails in her arms. "Shut the fuck up!" Ajah snarls sending a heart wrenching slap to the woman's face. "You weren't crying before you slept with a man you indeed knew was married." She calmly chuckle taking a swig of her wasting liquor.

Slamming the woman on the bed she points to her husband. "Go have sex with her, let me see the 'amazing' sex you're having that's going to cost you your marriage!"

"Baby please no," he cries walking over to her. "I love you I swear I do, I-I-I just don't know why I do the things I do baby. Please believe me." He pleads. Ajah chuckles at his failed apology.

"If you can break your commitment to me you can be a man and do it in my face, now have sex with her!" She shouts with tears cascading down her face.

She's allowed this man to walk all over her fearing the fact that she won't have any money of her own, but she knows how to get what she wants. After all he never signed a prenup.

"You either fuck her or kill her." She spat.

Damon looked at her not believing the words that were coming from his wife's mouth. How could she? He wondered. His mind raced seeing her under the influence. Unlike the previous occasions where she caught him she was never under the influence. Not knowing how far his wife would go he undressed himself of the little clothes he wore and climbed on top of the female who was wrapped in a towel. She trembled and cried.

"Carry on," Ajah motioned for him to continue, gulping down some of her liquor.

He slipped his penis into her vagina and pumped slowly. Instead of moans of pleasure she grunted and cried. She'd never been under pressure during Sex. He sped up trying to ignore the presence of his wife but the wailing coming from the mistress made him uncomfortable.

"So you're just gonna Fuck this bitch in front of my face like I'm not standing right here!" Ajah screeched unable to watch anymore.

"You damn right Ajah! You walk around here with your head stuck in your ass like I ain't make you something." He drastically paused taking another stroke into the female in front of him. Biting his lips hungrily he continued then stopped abruptly. Feeling himself release in her he climbed off top of her and walked over to Ajah. "Before me you were a nobody. When someone said the name Ajah you heard crickets 'cause you're a fuckin' nobody and I can turn you right back into a nobody." He clenched his jaw together.

Ajah mouth sat agape as her eyes were wide displaying shock. Damon never spoke to her in that way.

"I am flabbergasted that you'd speak to me that way. I was there when these dusty hoes weren't." She pointed at the naked woman in bed. "I was there when you were getting your shit together and you damn right I was a nobody because I was so far stuck up your narrow ass Damon that I didn't have time for myself because everything was about you you you!" She followed him into the restroom. "Don't walk the fuck off from me when I'm speaking to you."

Her voice was so cold that he stopped walking. The truth was that Damon didn't know what she was capable of at this moment. And to say that he was frightened would be an understatement. Their fights would get really physical and that wasn't what he wanted right now. He knew he hurt her this time and he wanted to defuse the situation.

Shaking her head she turned on her heel. "I'm sleeping with your brother."

Ajah picked herself up and walked out the room leaving him stunned. She was over fighting with her husband. She was over fighting for this marriage. She was done loving a man who didn't love her the same.

Her thick hips moved up and down as she excited the room. "Two can play this game, I just can play it better."

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