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Eight girls band together to use their intelligence, beauty, power, and manipulation of love to get revenge for those so called 'playboys." They will be tested on their friendship, loyalty, trust, and honesty to see if the team they so desired is any match for the real world. Either they will succeed with their ill intentions, or be dragged to the ground with the sacrifices they make. Love is a dangerous thing don't you think?

Drama / Romance
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"They say when you lose something precious to you as a will forever remember the memory all your life. I lost something that a child should never be forced to lose." ~ash, agent 8: arcana

"Those kind of scars can be hidden but you will always know, even if no one one else does. They will eat you alive from the inside out, no matter how hard you try to forget." ~candy, agent 3: cinder

"Even if you forget, the past will come back to haunt you." ~maana, agent 1: mars x

"You have to take everyday with a stride, with simplicity. If you don't...things will only get tangled in a mess of wealth and power." ~roxy, agent 6: rogue

"Sometimes...even wealth doesn't solve all your problems." ~rachel, agent 2: ruby

"And sometimes...happiness doesn't solve them either." ~zenna, agent 5: zero

"But what if you were never happy? What if you didn't crave wealth nor happiness, but simply peace?" ~tami, agent 4: terra

"That is when war is at its peak. When we struggle for that peace, that feeling of security and being okay. Peace...makes every trouble worth the simple victory." ~june, agent 7: j-dot

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