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CHAPTER (9): ⚅Too Much⚄


"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Is the first thing Kevin says to Kelly as he walks into the hospital room. He sets his keys down on the desk and drags a chair near Kelly's bed.

Kelly rolls her eyes, sticking her tongue at him. "No mother I shouldn't be." She says, in a sarcastic tone. She sighs. "I can't sleep." She confesses.

Kevin frowns upon hearing that. "Nightmare?" He asks, already knowing the answer.

Kelly nods her head. "Yup." She answers. "I've tried everything to get me to sleep. Nothing works, not even warm milk."

Kevin sighs. "You want me to talk to Dr. Luke about prescribing you sleeping pills?" He asks. He hated that she was going through this.

"No, don't. There's a lot going on in my life right now, I don't wanna rely on those things." Kelly says. "Plus I don't trust myself around pills."

"Alright," Kevin says, before standing up.

"Wait, you're leaving already?" Kelly asks, worriedly.

Kevin looks back at her and nods. "I'm sorry Kles. You know I'd stay if I could, but I can't. I gotta get back to the job. Ever since Marc been gone, things haven't been the same and it's up to me to fix it." Kevin says. Kelly nods understanding, but couldn't help feeling lonely. Kevin took notice to it. "You want me to call one of your cousins? Maybe even Wyatt?"

Kelly shakes her head no. "Diana and Simon are helping, this kid move into his college dorm and Wyatt is out. I don't wanna bother any of them." She gives Kevin a reassuring smile. "I'll be fine Kev, go ahead and go," Kelly says.

Kevin sits back down, turning on the tv. "I'm not leaving you here all alone. I'll stay until you fall asleep."

"But I can't sleep," Kelly remarks.

Kevin smirks at her. "You will soon piccolo bambino." Kelly laughs. The two continue to watch tv, while Kevin informs Kelly about what has been happening in the mafia. After a couple of hours pass, Kelly soon found herself falling asleep. Kevin stands up, hovering over her sleeping body. He smiles at her, placing a small kiss on her forehead. "Goodnight Bella." Kevin gets his keys and walks out of her room.

Kevin was only one step away from walking out the hospital door when he felt a cold shiver go down his spine. He knew this feeling, he'd felt it on the day of the accident.

Something bad was going to happen.

Ragazzone's driver parks the car near one of the hospitals exist. Other than the Beethoven instrumental playing through the car speakers, the car was silent. Ragazzone sat in the backseat of the car, texting Lena. "Sir, we are here." The driver informs.

Ragazzone looks up from his phone and nods. "Alright, you can shut off the car," Raymond says. He smirks to himself. "I'll be in here for a while."

The driver nods, doing as told. Raymond shoots a quick text at Lena, informing her of his arrival at the hospital.


- Kill the bitch. Make sure she pays.

Message received at 1:02 am

Raymond rolls his eyes at the message, before stepping out the car. He made sure to keep his phone in the car, so he wouldn't get any distractions. Walking into the small hospital, Raymond places a smile on his face once he sees security staring at him. "Hello." He says. It was only two security guards, which made it such an easy kill.

"Sir, please walk through the metal detector." One of them ordered. Raymond takes a step forward, not even bothering to listen to them. "Sir you need to go through the metal detector before you go through." Raymond sighs before taking the pistol out from underneath his shirt. He aims it at the first security guard and shoots him in the head. The other security guy turns around shocked before he could even take his gun out the holster he's dead.

"Idioti." Raymond walks to the other side of the room, approaching the scared receptionist. "What room is Kelly Moore in?" He asks.

With shaky hands the receptionist types in Kelly's name into the computer. "Room 518." The receptionist says, tears forming in her eyes. "She has the whole second floor to herself.

"Thank you," Raymond says, before shooting her in the head. "This Kelly girl must really have someone watching over her if they rented out the whole floor for her," Raymond says to himself. He gets on the elevator, clicking the second floor. The elevator doors close. Raymond takes this time, to install a small camera on the far left corner of the elevator. The elevator doors open, and he walks out. Slowly, he looks for the room door number, 518. He smirks once he sees it. Raymond opens the door as quietly as possible, he walks into the dark room then shuts the door. Making sure to lock it.

Raymond walks to where a sleeping Kelly lays on the bed. He could see her chest rise and fall at a steady beat, which indicated she was really asleep. His eyes look from her beautiful light face and trails down to her smooth long legs. The hospital gown was raked up high, causing him to catch a peek at her panties. The covers did little to cover her body.

Raymond could feel his dick twitch in his pants.

He wanted her.

From the moment Kelly heard the door to her room open, she knew something was wrong. From the past weeks that she'd been in the hospital, she knew that everyone stopped coming in once it hit one in the morning. She could feel eyes on her but tried her hardest to pretend she was asleep.

Raymond takes his knife out of his pocket and walks towards Kelly. Kelly could feel herself, mentally panicking. She hoped that the knife she had under her pillow was still there. "I know you're awake." A deep voice says. Kelly didn't move, she stayed in her same exact spot. "Such a stubborn young thing aren't you?" The man questions. Kelly didn't know who this man was, but she knew by the sound of his voice he was dangerous. "People call me Ragazzone, but the ones I'm acquainted with call me Raymond." Kelly could feel her heart pound hard in her chest. She knew that name. She'd heard Marc bring it up a few times. "Marc talks about you all the damn time. It's so annoying."

Kelly's ears perk up once she hears Marc's name. She opens her eyes, her hands gripping onto the knife under the pillow. "Where's my fiance?" She questions, wanting to know so badly. You could hear the desperation in her voice.

Raymond smirks, now in front of Kelly. "You have such beautiful eyes." He states ignoring her question. "I'm the one who's been holding Marc captive. Marc and your daughter of course. If you give me what I want, I promise to give them back." Raymond says, lightly touching her legs.

"Don't touch me." Kelly snaps, sitting herself up on the bed. "I'd never betray Marc like that. Take you and your needs elsewhere."

Raymond chuckles. "My God you are feisty. I see why Marc adores you." Raymond moves in to touch her face, but Kelly pushes his hands away. Raymond sighs. "You know, I'm here to kill you right? But I don't want to, because I have something else in mind." Raymond licks his lips. "Kelly you can give me what I want willingly, or I can take it from you."

"No!" Kelly says, loud and clear. She'd never give herself to someone who wasn't Marc. Marc was the love of her life and she'd never betray him.

Raymond nods, chuckling to himself. "You haven't even heard what I wanted from you yet."

"I don't care about what you want, you're not getting it from me. You can kill me for all I care."

Raymond ignores her blabbering. "I want a baby from you." Raymond states. "You let me put my seed in you, and I'll give you the two people you want the most."

Kelly turns the other way. "You're crazy," Kelly says. "No!"

Raymond shrugs. "Then I guess I have to take it forcefully."

Kelly's eyes widen, shocked about what he'd just say. She quickly pulls the knife from under her pillow and holds it up. "You're not taking a damn thing from me!"

Raymond doesn't even bugle when he sees the sharp knife in her hands. He puts his knife back into his pocket and walks forward. Kelly tries stabbing him, in the chest but he quickly dodges it. He grabs onto her risk and knocks the knife out of her hands. Kelly tries to remove his hands from her but he was too strong. "Stop fighting me piccolo orso, I'm stronger than you I'll win."

"No, stop!" Kelly says fighting him.

Raymond rolls his eyes, flipping her onto her stomach. "You're paralyzed Kelly, stop fighting me before I make it a lifetime thing. Matter of fact, you keep fighting me and I'll do the same thing to that precious daughter of yours." Kelly freezes. "That's what I thought." Raymond pushes the sheet off her body and unties her gown. "I get to finally see what Leo was so obsessed with." Raymond unbuckles his belt, letting his pants fall to the ground, he does the same thing to his boxers. His hands squeeze Kelly's ass, before pulling her panties down.

Kelly could feel the tears falling from her eyes as Raymond puts himself in her. She cringes at his size, yelling because of the pain she was feeling. "Please stop." She begs but Raymond ignores her, speeding up his pace. "God please make it stop." She whispers.

Raymond hears this and chuckles. "Don't pray to him, pray to me." He says, his lips moved down to her neck and he nips at the tender skin. "So good." He moans, moving faster. Kelly didn't like this, she didn't like that this was happening to her once again. She hated it. She hated herself. His hands trail up her body, making her cringe. He grips her breast, pounding into her. Kelly's head hits the wall with each thrust. She takes it upon herself to do what she usually does when this happens. She counted.

Raymond was in his zone, climax only minutes away. He'd never felt like this before, not even when he was fucking Lena. As his pleasure increased so did his grip. "You know I was all for putting a baby in you tonight, but I'm gonna wait. Because you're gonna come to me when everything falls apart Kelly." Raymond says. He pulls out of Kelly and cums all over her back. He grunts before putting his pants back on. "You may hate me now, but you'll soon realize that I'm the only one helping you stay alive." He kisses her cheeks. "God, you're so beautiful."

Kelly didn't say a thing. She stayed in the same position, crying. Raymond sighs, using the sheets to cover her body. He takes his knife off the dresser and unlocks the door. "Clean yourself up, if anyone asks what happened to you, you tell them nothing. You seen and heard nothing." Raymond opens the door. "See you soon piccolo orso." He walks out the door, leaving Kelly looking like a complete mess.

Ragazzone's driver starts the car once he sees his boss walk out the hospital door. He unlocks the door for him and Ragazzone, gets in. Raymond picks up his phone, frowning at the number of missed calls he had. He decides to send Lena a quick text back.


-Change of plans, the girl lives. No harm will come to her.

Message sent at 2:00 am

Lena quickly texts back.


-Raymond don't do this to me. You promised you'd kill her for me.

Message received at 2:00 am


-Kelly will die of old age. Leave her alone. If you don't, you'll suffer the same fate as Leo. Life isn't fair Lena, and you need to learn to live with it.

Message sent at 2:01 am

Ragazzone dials Casie's number. Not even a second goes by and Casie answers. "Boss, I've been calling you like crazy."

Raymond sighs. "Why? What happened?"

Casie gulps. "They escaped."

Raymond's grip on his phone hardens. Anger coursed through his veins. "I'll be there soon." He says, before hanging up the phone. "Get us to my plane, drive fast." He says, to his driver.

Things are about to get rocky.

It was four in the morning when Kevin got the phone call about the hospital incident. He dropped everything, racing to the hospital. He called everyone, telling them to meet him at the hospital. Kevin gets out of the car and walks towards the hospital entrance. Yellow tape blocks him and everyone else from getting in. Police are surrounding the area.

"What happened here?" Wyatt asks, walking up to Kevin. Diana and Simon right behind him.

Kevin sighs. "I don't know, the cops didn't tell me a lot. All they said was that there was a shooting."

"We need to get in there, we have to see if Kelly is okay," Diana says. Simon nods in agreement.

"Alright stay here," Kevin says. He walks up to one of the cops that he recognized. "Smith, I need to get in there. Marc's fiancee is in there." The cop nods, lifting up the yellow tape for him to past. Kevin signaled for the rest of them to follow. "Thank you, Smith." The cop nods at him. They walk into the hospital, shocked to see the two dead bodies on the ground. They ignored it and get into the elevator, clicking floor two. The elevator doors open and they all walk out, walking to Kelly's room.

"Kelly, you in there?" Diana is the first to ask, knocking on the door. They don't receive an answer, which worries them. Diana twists the doorknob, before entering the room. The television was open, yet it was on mute. "Kelly," Diana calls again.

Kelly bites the inside of her cheeks before, speaking. "I'm in the bathroom." She yells out. She sat on the bathroom floor, looking at the wall. "I'm fine, can you all just come back tomorrow."

Wyatt frowns. "Something's not right." He whispers to the others.

"You're right." Kevin agrees.

"Kelly what's wrong? You know you can tell us right." Simon says. He was going to say something else, but he was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. "I'm gonna answer this, find out what's wrong with her." He says, before walking out the room.

"Kelly, I'm coming in," Diana announces.

Kelly quickly locks the bathroom door. "Don't come in here. Just leave me alone, I'll come out in a few." Kelly says, feeling herself getting ready to cry.

Diana looks to Wyatt and Kevin for answers. Kevin shrugs and Wyatt only shakes his head. Before Diana could say anything else, Simon bursts into the room. "That was Levi on the phone. He says that he's with Marc and Dani and that they're waiting for a third passage, so they can get here."

Diana smiles. That's great!" She says, filled with excitement. As much as she hates to admit it, she missed Levi. And she could tell the baby did too. "Kelly, did you hear that?" She asks.

Kelly clears her throat. "Yeah." She responds, her voice dull. "I heard." She lays her head on the door and places her hands in her mouth. Her hands tremble as she silently cries. Everything is raw. Raw tears, raw emotions. "I'm sorry Marc." She says as she cries herself to sleep.

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