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CHAPTER (10): ⚄Reunited⚅


"Sun," Dani states as she sees the sun come up. Marc looks up at the sun, taking in the view. Sunlight filled the sky, pure scattered light; its hue ambitiously illuminating each crevice of land.

Marc smiles down at Dani. "Yeah baby girl, that's the sun," Marc informs, holding her hand. Dani smiles at him and continues to look at the sun. Marc looks at the clothes on his body and sighs. Blood was splattered all over the white jumpsuit.

"We need to find shelter." Levi grunts, standing up. Right now they were at a local gas station, resting for a few minutes.

Marc stands up as well, Dani coping his moments. "We can go there," Marc says to Levi, pointing at the motel across the street.

Levi shakes his head. "We can't, we're broke."

Marc lets go of Dani's hand and starts walking towards the motel. "Watch Dani, don't let her out of your site. When you hear me whistle, walk towards the motel." Marc orders.

Levi was going to protest, but Marc was already gone. He looks at Dani, who is still staring at the rising sun. She was so quiet, you could barely notice that she was there. Levi somewhat smiled, thinking about his and Diana's child. Would their kid be just as quiet as Dani? "You don't talk much, do you?" Levi asks, Dani. She looks at him and shakes her head no. Levi nods, not questioning her any further.

Marc watches from the shadows, waiting to attack someone. He wasn't necessarily going to attack the person, just knock them out so he could use their room. All he needed was someone that was really drunk. They were in Italy, so the chances of him finding someone who was really drunk was very high. Just then, Marc sees as a car swerves too many times before entering the motel parking. The car parks and a man steps out of the car. Marc couldn't see the man's appearance from where he stands, but he could see the current beer bottle in his hands. He watched as the man struggles to walk.

Not soon long, the man makes it to his room. Marc steps out the shadow, walking up behind the man. Before the man can fully unlock his door, Marc slams his head on the door, instantly knocking him out. The man's body slumps, but Marc still holds onto him as he unlocks the door. Once the door is unlocked, Marc kicks it open and drags the drunk man inside the motel room.

Marc places the man in the small closet and locks it. He walks around the motel room, looking for things to dispose of. He didn't want Dani to see anything disturbing in this place. As he finished, he closes the motel door and walks outside. Marc whistles and waits for Levi to show up. After a couple of seconds, both Levi and Dani walk up. Marc nods towards the door and they all walk into the motel room.

"Bed." Dani cheers, running straight to the bed.

Levi turns to Marc. "Did you kill anyone?"

Marc shakes his head no. "I didn't, he's in the closet passed out drunk."

Levi nods. "Did he have a phone?"

"Yeah, it's on the nightstand."

"Alright go get yourself clean up, I'll call Diana and let her know that you guys are with me."

"Okay." Marc looks back at Dani and smiles when he sees that she's already asleep. He shakes his head, before walking into the bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror as he takes off the bloody jumpsuit. His appearance has changed. He didn't look like the brown hair playboy anymore. He looked different.

Marc walks leisurely to the shower, steam filling the room as he cut the shower on. He bathed his skin lightly, taking careful notice not to touch the bruises that scattered his body. After he was done in the shower, he steps out but not before drying himself. Marc puts on some clothes he found in the closet, then walks out of the bathroom.

"About time you got out." Levi groans.

Marc rolls his eyes. "My bad, it's been a while since I had a hot shower."

Levi nods. "It's all cool bro," Levi says. "I spoke to Simon, Diana's brother. We have our third passage and we can go to the border now."

Marc could feel his heart pounding in his chest. "That's great let's go."

"Alrighty," Levi responds, before getting up. He grabs the car keys off the nightstand and holds the door open for Marc. Marc lifts Dani's small body off the bed and carries her to the old car. He lays some sheets on the seat before, sitting her down and buckling her up. Everyone is in the car, just seconds away from driving off. "You think we should leave a note?" Levi asks, referring to the man Marc trapped in the closet.

Marc shakes his head. "Nope." They both chuckle before Levi drives off. "How long till everything is done?" Marc asks.

"Once we get to the border, they'll put us on a plane," Levi explains. "Then we'll be in California in about seven hours."

"Great," Marc says. His mind thinking about Kelly.

"Where the fuck could he be?!" Raymond's voice booms, causing his men to jump. Everyone looked at everything besides him and Raymond noticed it. Raymond takes his gun out the holsters and shots one of the guys in the head. Everyone looks at him now, frightened. "Casie step forward!"

Casie visibly gulps. He walks to Raymond's desk, shaking. "Yes, Ragazzone?"

Raymond aims the gun at his head. "Give me one good fuckin reason why I shouldn't shoot you, Figlio di puttana!"

Casie bites the inside of his cheeks, making sure to say the right thing. "I'm useful," Casie says.

Raymond burst out laughing, clutching onto his chest. "Casie that has to be the biggest joke, you've ever told me," Raymond says. "Now seriously, give me a good reason."

Before Casie can say anything, Raymond's office door is open. A woman walks in, her head held up high. Against her black woolen jacket, the girl's blonde hair was almost white. The woman was beautiful. High, delicate cheekbones, small nose, luminescent blue eyes, and creamy smooth skin. She locks her eyes with Raymond and smiles at him. "You must be Raymond." She says, walking forward.

Raymond smiles at the girl. "I am."

She looks around the room, seeing that there was more than one gun pointed at her. "You wanna call your dogs off, I'm only here to help."

Raymond only stares at her. "Help with what?"

"The situation at hand." The woman says. "Kelly I believe her name is, well I know who's been helping her."

Raymond motions for his men to put the guns down. "I'm listening."

The woman smiles, knowing she caught his interest. "Its Kelly's cousins that are helping her."

"Lies, she doesn't have any living family."

"She does, trust me I've meant them." The woman says. "I actually have a problem with one of them. If you notice you probably had a prisoner who came here a few months back, an amputee."

Raymond nods. "Yeah, what about him?"

"He's dating Kelly's female cousin. And I'm one hundred percent sure that she is the reason why they were able to escape."

"What's your name?" Raymond asks.

"It's Miranda. Miranda Stewart.

Raymond smiles. "Well Miranda looks like me and you are going to be friends," Raymond says.

Miranda smirks, knowing that this new alliance would get her what she wants. "I guess it's true what they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Kelly sat in her wheelchair, facing the wall. Her head felt like it was going to explode, with all the thoughts going through her mind. She'd shower over eight times, and still couldn't get the smell of Raymond's cologne off her. All she wanted was to forget the smell and to stop feeling dirty. "Can you run me a bath?" She asked Wyatt. After this morning's events, Wyatt hasn't left her side. He even brought her to his house, even though it was against the doctor orders.

He knew something was wrong with her, he just wishes she would tell him what. "Again? This is the eleventh time today Kelly." Kelly said nothing, still facing the wall. Wyatt sighs. "Alright, fine I'll run you a bath."

Kelly bites her lips, suddenly feeling bad. She didn't want to waste his bills. "Nevermind Wyatt."

"No Kelly if you want a bath, then I'll do it," Wyatt says, standing up.

"I said never mind!" Kelly yells.

This takes Wyatt by shocked but he quickly masks it. "You know what Kelly, I know that there's something bothering you. And I get it, you want to keep it all bottled up because your scared and you think it'll protect the people you love." Wyatt says, sitting by her. "You don't need to be scared, I got you and I'm sure as hell never letting anything happen to you."

Kelly could feel the tears falling from her eyes. "He... he raped me." She sobs. Wyatt looks at her, shocked. He gets up, pulling her into a hug. "He threatened to kill Dani and me... I let it happened." She cries. "I hate myself so much, Wyatt."

"It's okay, everything is gonna be alright," Wyatt says, trying to calm her down. "Who did it?"

"He called himself Raymond, but he says people know him as Ragazzone." She sobs. "And everything is not going to be alright." She cries. "Marc is finally coming home in a couple of hours. How am I supposed to look the man that I love in his eyes, and tell him that I've been touched by another man." Kelly says. "It'll hurt him. He'll hate me."

Wyatt pulls away from the hug. "Will it hurt him, yes. But Marc will never let this get in the way of y'all relationship." Wyatt says. "Marc loves you, Kelly, with every fiber of his body. He'll never hurt you." Kelly continues to cry on Wyatt's shoulder and Wyatt continues to hold her. Wyatt's phone rings, signaling that he has a message.


- Me and everyone else is downstairs. Marc should be getting here in a few minutes.

Message received at 7:08 pm

Wyatt sends Kevin a message back, then puts his phone away. "Everyone is downstairs. Marc and Dani should be here soon." Wyatt informs. "Are you going to tell anyone else?"

"I will, just not today," Kelly says. "I'm ready to go downstairs now."

Wyatt nods. "Alright." He takes the back of the wheelchair and guides her out the room. Once Kelly gets downstairs, she could feel everyone's eyes on her. She sighs before, drinking some of her water.

"They're here," Simon announces.

He walks over to the door and opens it. Kelly watches as a man she didn't recognize walk through the door first. Diana rushes to Levi side, quickly pulling him into a hug. "I missed you so much," Diana says, before kissing Levi.

Levi kisses her back, missing the feeling of her lips. "I missed you too baby. Both of you." Levi says, before getting on his knees. He lifts up the big sweater Diana had on and kisses her round belly.

Kelly sees this and gasp. Diana never told her, she was pregnant. Diana's eyes land on Kelly's and she quickly looks away. "Mommy!" Kelly hears a little voice says. Dani runs to her, pulling her into a hug.

Kelly hugs her back, holding onto her little body tightly. "Baby girl you don't know how much I've missed you," Kelly confess, still hugging her. She kisses Dani all over her face.

"So you're just gonna give away all my kisses." Marc teases, walking up to Kelly.

Kelly could feel herself about to cry. Her heart felt like it stopped for a second. "Never," Kelly responds. "I'd never give away all your kisses." Marc nods, looking at her. He was taking in her looks and wheelchair. "You just gonna stand there all day, or are you gonna kiss me?" Kelly asks, teasing him.

Marc couldn't hold his tears in much longer. He was crying and he didn't give a damn about who was watching. He walks over to Kelly, bending down to her height. Kelly places her hand on his cheeks, smiling down at him. "I've missed you so much Angioletto," Marc says, before attaching his lips to hers. Kelly gently leans in and kisses Marc back, enjoying the sensation of his warm lips. They pull apart and take shaky, shallow breaths. Unable to contain themselves anymore, Marc holds Kelly's head in his hands and pulls her back into a fiery and passionate kiss.

"Ewww," Dani says, causing them to pull away. Everyone laughs. "I've missed you too Marc," Kelly responds. "Always and forever?"

"Always and forever," Marc says.

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