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CHAPTER (12):⚄Family⚅


It was an early Wednesday morning and everyone was asleep, which left Wyatt's house completely quiet. Kelly opens her eyes, taking in her view. Dani's left foot was just inches away from her mouth. She lifts her head up and sees that Dani's right foot is on Marc's face. Kelly chuckles to herself, shaking her head at how Dani was a messy sleeper.

Marc hears the sounds of giggling and opens his eyes. He's faced with Kelly laughing at him. He frowns for a second, before realizing what she was laughing about. He rolls his eyes. "Very funny."

Kelly sticks her tongue at him. "I know, that's why I'm laughing." She removes Dani's feet from Marc's face. Marc sits up and moves her towards him. "Good morning my fiance." She greets, touching his face.

Marc smiles down at her. He loved hearing this. "Good morning future Mrs.Russo," He says before, kissing her eyes. Kelly loves when the kisses start at the eyes and work down to her cheeks. She loves when his tongue licks the edges of her lips, and linger there a while, nibbling and playing. She loves when his tongue investigates pass the lips and touches hers for the first time, and how they delve into each other, twisting it together and tasting each other with all the passion they care to share. Marc was a good kisser and Kelly loved that.

Marc could feel his manhood start to stand up. His eyes widen and he pulls away from the kiss. Kelly frowns. "I should go get ready. The guys are probably waiting for me." Marc says, standing up. It's not that he wanted to pull away from the kiss if anything that's the last thing he wanted to do. He didn't want Kelly to feel like they had to have sex yet. He wanted to at least wait till she healed mentally, considering what happened a few days ago.

Kelly watches as Marc walks out of the room. She sighs, before closing her eyes. She didn't understand why he pulled away. Just as negative thoughts tried to make their way inside her head, she shook them away. She knows that Marc loves her and thats all that matters.

Marc walks to Wyatt's bedroom and barges in. He knew that the only thing Wyatt would be doing is sleeping, that's the only reason why he barged in. "Wyatt, wake up." He says, shaking Wyatt.

Wyatt groans, still not opening his eyes. "Shut up Marc, let me sleep." He says, sleepily.

Marc quickly covers his nose at his brothers morning breath. "Jesus," Marc says. Disgusted. "Il tuo alito puzza, fratello."

Hearing this, Wyatt sticks the middle finger at him. "Vaffanculo!" He says. "Get the fuck out my room and Marc. And stop trying to wake me up, I wanna sleep."

Marc sucks his teeth, before jumping on Wyatt. "Come on piccolo fratello, wake up. It's my first morning being back and I wanna spend it with my brother." Marc says. Besides missing Kelly, he did miss Wyatt and Kevin.

Wyatt sighs, getting up. "You're lucky, I somewhat missed you."

Marc scoffs. "Bullshit, you know you missed me a lot brother."

Wyatt smiles. "I did miss your annoying ass a lot."

Marc chuckles. "I knew it. Now take your ass to the bathroom and brush your teeth."

"Asshole," Wyatt mumbles walking into the bathroom.

Marc sits on his bed, looking at the design of Wyatt's room. His bedroom wasn't just a mess, it was a disaster zone. It looks like a drunken cyclone erupted in his closest strewing his clothes across the floor. Marc shakes his head at his brother's dirtiness. No matter how old Wyatt was, he would always be the messiest out of the two. "Hey, does mom know I'm back?" Marc asks.

Wyatt spits out the toothpaste, then continues to brush his teeth. He sticks his head out of the bathroom. "She does."

Marc frowns. "And she didn't come to see me?"

Wyatt rinses his mouth. "Mom hasn't been herself lately. I can't explain it, but I'm worried about her."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see what I'm talking about when you see her."

"Alright." Is the only thing Marc says. "Meet me downstairs, I'm trying to make breakfast for the ladies."

"Okay. I'll be down in a second."

Marc walks out of the room and closes the door behind him. He turns around but bumps into someone. "My bad." He quickly says, looking at the person he bumped into.

"It's not your fault, I should've been watching where I was going," Diana says, as her hand lays on her growing belly.

Marc smiles at the dark skin woman. "You must be Diana, Kelly's cousin?"

Diana smiles back. "I am. And you must be the mafia boss, Marc?"

"I am," Marc says. "I'm sorry that I didn't introduce myself last night."

"It's fine," Diana says.

Marc looks at Diana's stomach and his eyes widen. "Wow, Levi mentioned that you were pregnant. But not this pregnant."

Diana bursts out laughing. "I know what you mean. My stomach is surprisingly bigger than expected. I'm only four months."

Marc nods. "Congratulations," Marc says. "Kelly's in her room if you're looking for."

Diana instantly stops smiling. "I'm pregnant, I doubt she'd want to see me right now."

Frowning, Marc looks at her questionably. "Why wouldn't she want to see you? You're only pregnant."

"She didn't tell you?" Diana asks.

"Tell me what?"

"Nothing," Diana says quickly. "Forget I said anything." She walks away, leaving Marc confused.

By the time it hit nine thirty breakfast was ready and everyone was seated at the dinner table. Wyatt and Kevin kept everyone entertained with stories, making everyone laugh. Kelly glances at Marc and sees that he is frowning. She grabs his hand, causing him to look at her. "What's wrong." She mounted.

Marc sighs before leaning towards her. "Why does Diana think you don't want to talk to her?"

Kelly frowns. She didn't have any problems with Diana, so Marc's question threw her off. "I don't know." She answers truthfully. Last night she was a bit mad at Diana, but not because she was pregnant. But because Diana didn't tell her she was pregnant, Kelly still didn't understand why she didn't tell her.

"Are you hiding something from me?" Marc asks. He needed to know.

Kelly looks at him in disbelief. "Of course not." She drops her fork, causing it to make some noise. "Why would you think I'm hiding something from you?" Marc looks at Diana who was laughing at a joke Wyatt was saying. Kelly rolls her eyes knowing that it was Diana. She sighs. "Why do you think I don't want to talk to you?" She asks, looking at Diana. Everyone at the dinner table goes quiet.

Diana is cut off guard by the question. She clears her throat. "Because I'm pregnant."

Kelly looks at her confused. "And? What do you being pregnant have to do with anything?"

Diana sighs. "I didn't want you to feel bad or envious. That's why I didn't tell you anything. That's why I think you're mad at me."

"Are you kidding me. Envious? Babies are a blessing, why would I be envious of that?" Kelly frowns. "If you felt some type of way, you could've just came and told me what was wrong."

Diana doesn't say anything. "So what are you hiding from me?" Marc asks.

Kelly let's out a breath of agitation. "I was pregnant Marc and I lost the baby because of the accident." Kelly looks at the ground. "I wanted to tell you when the time is right, but I guess I can't do that anymore." Kelly puts her hands on the wheelchair and wheels herself out the kitchen. Marc sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose. He could feel himself about to have a headache.

"Why is it we never have popcorn when there's drama in the house?" Everyone hears Kevin whisper to Simon.

"I know right and some Twizzlers," Simon whispers.

Marc looks at the two in disbelief. "You two are unbelievable." He shakes his head before walking away. The house door rings and Marc answers it. He opens it and sees no one. Only a small box. "Seriously," Marc says before picking up the box. He walks back to the kitchen and places the box on the table. "I'm about one hundred percent sure there's a body piece in here."

Simon spits out his coffee. "Oh come on seriously."

Kevin looks at Simon. "I was just going to say that," Kevin says. "You sure we aren't related?"

"I'm sure," Simon says.

Levi gets up and takes the small box. He looks at Dani, then back at the box. "You guys should probably get her out of here before we open it."

"You're right," Marc says. "Wyatt take Dani to the living room. Let her watch some cartoons."

Wyatt nods, taking Dani to the living room. Once they are gone, Levi opens the box. He looks away disgusted by what he sees. "Its a finger." He says. "They left a note."

Kevin groans. "There's always a note." He takes the note from Levi and reads it. "This is Scott's finger, and if you were a good leader Diana you'd know he was missing. You've taken away the person I love the most and for that, I plan to take away everyone you love from you. You've truly underestimated me, Diana.

Sincerely, Miranda."

"That bitch is crazy," Simon says.

"Who is she?"' Marc asks.

"Some crazy white girl." Diana answers. "Simon contact the Russians, I wanna know if they can track this bitch."

Simon nods. "I'm on it." He says, walking out the kitchen.

Dania turns to Levi. "Get in contact with your military buddies, see if they can find out who's she's been around."

"Alright," Levi says, before leaving.

"I'm sorry about everything," Diana says, before walking away.

Marc sighs and takes a seat. "I'm in deepshit."

"That you are my brother," Kevin says, hitting his shoulder. "Fix it. I don't like seeing Kelly or you hurt."

"I will. I'll fix." Marc says. He meant it.

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