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CHAPTER (15):⚅Home⚄


The moon is a wraith-silver disc hanging in the lonely sky. A trembling gush of wind inaudibly drifts across the skyline. Casie drives the car, while Raymond talks on his phone. I stare out the window, searching for another car but to my hopes, there wasn't. We were the only people on the road.

"You alright?" Casie asks, looking at me through the mirror.

I glare at him. "Don't talk to me, you fuckin trader!" That catches him off guard, he gulps and stares back at the road.

Raymond let's out a chuckle, hanging up his phone. "Calm down piccolo orso, Casie just wanted to make sure you were alright." Raymond turns around placing his hand on my thigh. "We are a family now, no need for all that anger towards one another."

I push his hand off my thigh and look at him in disbelief. "Don't touch me!" Raymond stares at me for a moment, before turning around. I look behind us, seeing Dani's ambulance driving behind us. I sigh, hoping that she was alright.

"She's fine," Raymond says. "Once she got into the ambulance she got the cure. She's just going to be knocked out for a couple of hours."

I nod, licking my dry lips. "When are we getting to your home?"

"We have about an hour until we reach it." Raymond answers. "You can sleep, I'll wake up when we get there."

I shake my head. "No, I'll stay up."

"You sure?"

"Yes." The car goes back to being quiet. My thoughts are clouded by Marc. I soon find myself missing him. I sigh knowing that he was definitely not doing okay. Right about now he was probably drinking in his room, trying to break something. I wish I was there with him, holding onto his hand as reassurance.

The time goes by and just like that, I'm snapped out of my thoughts by Raymond. "We're here." He says, before getting out of the car. Casie gets out of the car and grabs my wheelchair from the trunk. He comes on my side of the car and helps me onto my chair. Raymond grabs the back of the wheelchair and guides me up to his house. The house was new. Very new. It looks like it had been finished last week. It looked almost too new in some strange way. "Just got done building it," Raymond admits. "It cost me a fortune."

"It's beautiful," I confess. The house was beautiful. Everything was geometric, which I guess you could say about almost any pitched roof abode with square windows, but on this house, you couldn't help but notice it. The roof was flat for a start and the door as wide as it was tall. The windows took up entire walls with only polished steel beams to break them into yet more rectangles.

Raymond smiles at me. "I knew you'd like it." He unlocks the door to the house and turns the light on. "I'm gonna show you around." I turn around watching as Raymond's men take Dani out the ambulance. "She'll be fine, my men are with her."

I frown at him. "Is that supposed to be a good thing?" I ask sarcastically.

Raymond's smile disappears and he crouches down to my height. "Look I get it piccolo orso, you don't want to be here. But listen to me carefully, that attitude and your little slick comments have to go. I let it slide in the car, but if another shit comes out your mouth that I don't like," he touches my hand. "I won't be in control of my action." He stares at me for a moment. "You understand?"

"Yes," I say, quickly.

Raymond nods, smiling. "Good. Now let me show you the inside, I think you're gonna like it more." He opens the front door of the house and guides me inside. Everything looks so spacious and clean. We were just inches away from walking inside the living room until we heard a gunshot. The bullet pierces the wall, just inches away from my head. Raymond takes out his gun getting ready to shot whoever just shot at me. I gasp watching as a woman comes into view. It was Lena.

"So surprised to see me," Lena says, looking at me. Her gun is still pointed at me. "I'm surprised to see you too." She walks towards me. "Imagine my surprise when I found out that a certain someone was building a house for you. I was even more surprised when I found out that he's somehow caught a thing for you."

"Put the gun down Lena," Raymond warns. Lena doesn't even listen. "I said put the got damn gun down!"

"No Raymond I won't put the gun down!" Lena yells. "You promised you'd kill her but you didn't."

"So what Lena?!" Raymond yells. "Stop blaming her for Leo being a sick fuck. I'm not going to kill her so get over it."

"No!" Lena yells. "She is to blame for everything."

Raymond steps forward, putting his gun down. "Lena stop it, put the gun down and walk away."

I sit quietly in my chair listening to the both of them go back and forth at it. Everything slowly starts to make sense. Lena was the true cause of the accident. Everything was her fault. "You bitch," I say, looking at Lena. "You did all of this! All because of Leo!"

"Of course I did. You killed my husband!"

I scoff. "Your husband needed to die. Especially after everything he did. In your eyes he was perfect but in mine, he was the devil!" I yell. "I've been through so many things because of Leo and I'm glad I pulled the trigger."

"Take it back."

"No!" I wheel myself close to her. "I will never ever take it back. I'm glad I killed Leo and I will always be glad that I did." Lena presses the gun to my head, glaring at me. "Do it, Lena! Take me out of my fuckin misery!" She continues to look at me, but then sighs. She removes the gun from my head.

"One day Kelly, I will end you." She says before walking away.

I let out a breath and turn to Raymond. "Take me to my daughter's room." Raymond nods taking me into her room. He opens her door and I see her sleeping on her bed. The walls were a light red that pulsed in the light sprinkled with various kiddy posters. Her comforter was pulled over her bed, tucking her in. A desk sat in one corner, littered with coloring books and crayons. A few shelves were pushed against the walls and filled with books. Some books sat on the floor in front of the shelves.

I make way to get in bed with Dani but Raymond stops me. "What do you think you're doing?" He asks.

"Going to bed," I say, lightly.

Raymond chuckles, shaking his head. "You don't sleep in here. You sleep with me, in our room."

I gulp, not knowing what to say. "I'm not comfortable with that," I say. "I don't want to sleep in the same bedroom as you."

Raymond frowns then shrugs. "You really don't have a choice, Kelly. You're sleeping in our room and that's, that."

"Fine." I agree, not wanting to make him mad. God only knows what he'd do if he gets mad. I kiss Dani goodnight and shut her door. Raymond takes me to his room. He opens his door and pushes me in. The room is big and the walls are painted black and white.

"Are you going to sleep in those clothes or do you want to change?"

"I'll sleep in these," I answer quickly. If I were to change clothes, he would have to help me and truth be told, I don't want him seeing me naked. "Can you help me up the bed?"

He smiles. "Sure thing, piccolo orso." He comes my way and lifts me up carefully. Placing me on the bed, Raymond grabs my hand, catching my attention. "You don't wanna at least sleep without your jeans on?"

"I'm fine."

Raymond sighs. "Look, I'm sorry about what happened on the first day we met. You have my word that nothing like that will ever happen again." He chuckles slightly. "Unless you want it."

I bite my tongue, not saying what I really wanted too. "I'll sleep without the jeans."

"Good choice." Raymond unbuckles my jeans and pulls them down. His eyes linger on my legs before he moves away. I don't say anything to him, I just cover myself with the sheets and sleep in the opposite direction of his side. He closes the light and gets in bed. I stiffen when he wraps his arms around my waist. "I'm not gonna hurt you piccolo orso." I stay quiet. "You have physical therapy in the morning. They'll come every Monday and Wednesday till you start walking again." I still don't say anything, which makes Raymond sighs. "Goodnight piccolo orso."

"Good night," I say quietly. Tears fall from my eyes as I take everything in. I fall asleep hoping that Marc finds a way to get Dani and me out of here.

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