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CHAPTER (17):⚅Things change⚄


"Why are you here?" I ask impatiently. Looking out the window, my fingers tap on the wooden desk besides me.

"For your forgiveness." Mother says. Her voice causes me to roll my eyes. I lean deeper in my seat, this time looking in her eyes. Her entire face seems drained of any signs of joy and amusement, instead her frumpy cheeks were regular displeasure. "Your brother's too, of course."

As if on cue Wyatt says, "Bullshit." He folds his hands together, staring darkly at our mother. "You don't want our forgiveness. You just wanted to see how we're doing." Wyatt says. "You're lonely and it's killing you."

I chuckle humorously. "That loneliness can kill you for all I care Lena." I sigh. "You're dead to me." Wyatt clears his throat and I smirk. "Sorry fratello. I mean you're dead to us Lena."

Lena gasps at what I said. She stands to her feet, walking over to me. "Don't you dare talk to me like that." Her hand connects with my face, causing my head to turn slightly. The slap was as loud as a clap and stung my face.

Wyatt quickly lifts his gun up to shoot her, but I lift my hand making him stop. "It's okay fratello." I say to him. "Put the gun down, I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of dying by our hands." Wyatt puts the gun down and continues to glare at Lena. I turn to her. "You may be my madre, but don't let that fool you. I won't kill you, neither will Wyatt but that doesn't mean we can't get someone else to do it." Glancing at the clock, I sigh. "Get out of my house Lena."

She shakes her head glaring at me. "No." She says standing her ground. She points at me and Wyatt. "I made you... I made both of you. You guys wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for me!" She yells. "Your father was the worst husband, but I still stayed with him for you guys. Every beating, every sacrifice all for you two!"

"Do you not hear yourself!" Wyatt shouts standing up. "So you made sacrifices, what mother doesn't?" He asks walking towards Lena. "Everyone has a choice in this life and you chose to stay with Leo. Not because of us, but because even after all the time he beat you senseless you loved him!" He yells in Lena's face. "You loved him more than us... more than life itself. That's why you did all these horrible things. Not for us, but for Leo!"

"You're just like him." I say standing up. "The only difference is that you want forgiveness for all the things you've done." I smirk at her. "You're not forgiven Lena and you'll never be forgiven. Not by Wyatt and sure as hell not by me."

Lena stays silent for a moment. You could tell she was hurt, but she quickly masks it. "Kelly has escaped Ragazzone." She says. She looks at me, looking for my reaction but my expression stays the same. "I'm only telling you this because the timer for her life starts just when I leave this house. If I find her before you guys do, I'm going to kill her."

I scoffs. "You won't do it. You and Ragazzone have a deal, when it comes down to Kelly's life."

Lena smirks, walking over to me. Her perfume invades my nose, as she leans in over me. "That's before Ragazzone successfully got her pregnant." My jaw chlinches and she pats my shoulder. "The clock is ticking Marc."

Just as she's about to walk out the door, I chose to speak. "You shouldn't play with fire Lena, getting burn hurts like hell."

Lena smiles at me. "It only depends on how big the fire is Marc. With you, there isn't much to worry about." And with that she walks out the house, slamming the door shut.

I wait a few minutes after she leaves to talk. "Get me someone whose really good at tracking people down." I say to Wyatt. "Now!" I yell when I see he's still standing in the same spot.

He looks at me taken back. He grabs his phone to text someone. "Why? What did she tell you?"

"Kelly is pregnant." I state. Wyatt gasps, shocked by what I said. "We need to find her and Dani before Raymond and Lena do.

Wyatt nods. "I thought you said you were over protecting her?"

I clear my throat. "I am."

"Marc you're my brother and I love you but please remember that Kelly isn't the same woman we knew three months ago." Wyatt says truthfully. "I mean, she did shoot you."

Looking down at my arm, I touch my now healed bullet wound. "I know Wyatt, I know."

2 Months Earlier

"Where do I turn?" I ask Simon through my ear piece. Walking at a steady pace, I try my best to keep quiet. This house was big, bigger than I expected. The paintwork on the trim was white. The windows weren't the large ones that are so fashionable now, but more bigger than usual. This house was amazing.

"Make a right turn." Simon tells me. I do as I'm told and come across a closed bedroom door.

"Where is Levi?"

"He's not that far away from you. He's keeping a look out while you get Kelly. Wyatt already has Dani."

"Alright, I'm going in." Opening the bedroom door, I walk into the dark bedroom. The bedroom was furnished in every way possible.

"What are you doing here?" A soft voice ask. I quickly look forward, walking towards the voice. "Don't come any closers Marc." She says, causing me to frown. I stop walking. "You have to go Marc, it isn't safe for you here."

"I'm here to take you back Kelly. To take you home." I say truthfully. Kelly turns on the light, letting lightness fill the room. I examine her features seeing how she's changed over the past few weeks. "He made you cut your hair." I state, walking over to her.

Kelly moves her wheelchair back and lifts up her hand, motioning me to stop. "I can't go back home with you Marc. This is my home now, I have to stay here." She says. "If I go back with you he'll find us and he'll kill you. He'll kill everyone but me and... and I don't want that. I don't want everyone's blood on my hands Marc."

I frown. "He won't find us Kelly."

"He will Marc." She says. "He knows your hiding spots, he knows about your safe houses, he knows everything."

"How does he knows all this?" I asks, my voice laced with confusion. "Did you tell him?"

"No, I would never." Kelly says. "Your mother did Marc. Don't trust her, she's dangerous. She's the one that caused everything to happen. Her and Raymond are acquainted with each other, in more ways than possible."

"You guys have to get out of there, Raymond is five minutes away." Simon tells me.

"Kelly come on, let's go." I tell her.

"No Marc, I can't go. Not right now at least." She says. "I can't go back with you unless I have leverage. And I'm so close that when I do have it, Raymond won't ever bother us again."

"What's your leverage?"

"I can't tell you Marc, but you'll know of it soon." She says. She moves her chair up a little. "You need to go Marc, Raymond already knows your here."


"Security cameras. He has them all around the house." Kelly gulps. "I have to shoot you Marc. So he thinks that I'm on his side."

I nod. "Alright." My eyes fall down to her finger and my jaw clinches. "That's not my ring on your finger Kelly." I state lowly. "Why is that ring on your finger!" I ask moving towards her.

Kelly gulps. "He made me marry him."

My fist ball up. "Marriage is a choice Kelly." I say angrily. "You had to say yes for there to even be a fuckin ring on your finger! A ring that isn't even mine!" I turn to her. "Did he brain wash you or something? Are you in love with him!?" My mind goes blank as I continue to ask questions. A gunshot cracks into the air, pulling me right back to reality. Bitting my tongue, my eyes look down at the blood coming from my shoulder. "You shot me?" I say shocked, but it comes out more like a question.

"I'm sorry Marc, but I had too. You have to trust me." Kelly says. "Leave Dani and go with the rest of the guys."

Clutching my arms, I walk out the room without saying a word to her. There was nothing to say. "Simon, tell Wyatt to leave Dani and let's go."

"What?" Simon asks confused.

"You heard me Simon!" I snap.

"Why are we leaving my cousin and niece!?" Simon snaps back.

"Because," I look down at where Kelly shot me, replaying everything that took place. "Kelly wants to stay."

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