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CHAPTER (18):⚄It's time⚅

Everyone POV

"Where is Marc!?" Diana asks angrily. "And why the hell did he call us to come here at this time in the morning!" She shrieks. Diana was at her wit's end with everyone. She was stressed out and the fact that she was seven months pregnant really wasn't helping. Her feet was sore and her back was aching. She only got an hour of sleep last night, due to her looking for ways to get agent Scott away from Miranda.

"Calm down mama bear." Kevin says rolling his eyes. He was tired of hearing Diana complain, even though he knew she had a perfect reason too. But in his mind, they were all tired. "Marc will be here any minute now."

Diana rolls her eyes at Kevin, then proceeds to take a seat. Levi sighs and takes a seat as well. He sets Diana's feet on his lap and messages it. "Why did he call a family metting?"

"It obviously has something to do with Kelly." Simon says, walking into the living room. "I mean there's honestly no other reason why he'd call us here at," Simon pauses and glances at his watch. "4:10 in the morning."

Kevin nods. "Simon does has a point." He lits himself a blunt and starts smoking.

"I thought he said he was over helping her?" Levi questions, taking the blunt away from Kevin. He takes two puffs then passes it to Diana.

Diana scoffs and takes the blunt from him. "Marc would never be over helping Kelly. He loves my cousin and her child." She takes a puff and passes it to Simon.

Simon looks at Diana with his eye brows raised. "Are you even allowed to smoke? Isn't it bad for the baby?" He takes a puff and looks at Levi. "Marc was only mad that Kelly said she was staying with that man. That's the only reason why he said that. Everyone knows he'd never stop caring for Kelly."

Levi nods in understanding. "I can smoke weed while I'm pregnant." Diana says as Simon stops talking. "It's totally healthy, the only people that's against it, is white people."

"I'm offended." Kevin says standing up to get the blunt from Simon.

"You're Italian, so you can't be offended." Levi says.

Kevin shakes his head. "Me being Italian doesn't matter. I'm still white." Kevin says. "That's like saying I can say the n word."

Diana looks at him stupidly. "You can't say the n word, only people of color can." Diana says. "And you may consider yourself white, but white people don't see that. Italians were one of the most persecuted groups by the White supremacists and KKK. Many Italians were lynched and killed by KKK in the south, forcing a diplomatic slowdown between Italy and United States."

Everyone looks at Diana confused. "How do you even know that?" Simon asks.

Diana shrugs. "Research." Everyone goes quite hearing the door to the house open. Wyatt is the first to walk inside the living room, Marc right behind him. "Finally your here!" Diana exclaims. "Why'd you call a family meeting?"

Marc sighs, grabbing the blunt from Kevin. He takes a seat on the couch. "Kelly escaped." Marc says, inhaling the smoke. Everyone looks at him and starts bombarding him with questions. He releases the smoke and tilts his head back. Raising his hand, everyone stops talking. "But wait, there's more." He chuckles humorously. "She's pregnant."

"What!" Everyone except Wyatt says.

"How do you know this?" Simon asks.

Wyatt answers for Marc. "Our mother had a sit down with us yesterday." Wyatt sighs. "She only told us because she is also looking for Kelly. She wants her dead."

"Why can't we just kill her already?" Diana says. "I know she's y'all mom, but for goodness sakes she's trying to kill my cousin for no reason at all."

Kevin nods. "I'm with Diana on this."

"We are not killing my mother." Wyatt says. "She wants us to kill her and we are not giving her that satisfaction."

Simon scoffs. "The hell with that." They all break out into a discussion as to why they should kill Lena. Marc sits quietly looking at them go back and forth at it. He takes another puff of his blunt and stands to his feet. Marc picks up a beautiful vace that was occupied with red roses.

He looks at it for a moment, finding himself thinking about Kelly. Marc slams the vace down on the ground. Everyone's eyes widens and they stop talking. "I risked my life, going to save her because... because I loved her. And she said no! She said she'd find another way out, without risking any of our lives." Marc let's out a breath. "But she does the total opposite, getting pregnant with that sick son of a bitches child!"

Diana frowns. "I'm pretty sure she didn't do it on purpose Marc."

Marc shakes his head. "She did." He says. "And now I gotta find her." He looks to the ground. "From what I know, Kelly is still in California. The West side of California. We leave in five minutes, make sure to only bring the things you need." And with that, Marc walks out the living room.

"Are you sure this is a good place to be hiding?" Casie asks Kelly. Casie was on the edge. He had went behind Raymond's back, helping Kelly escape. And now that ment for the rest of his life he would have a target on his back.

"Yes Casie. For the one hundredth time this place is safe." Kelly says, rolling her eyes. "Raymond is smart, but he isn't a genius. To him, I'm probably on my way to Marc right now." She explains. "He doesn't know I'm hiding in one of his safe houses." Casie sighs, standing up. His eyes focuses on the bag of money on the table. Kelly catches his view. "I still don't understand why you won't take the money and go. I'll be alright on my own."

Casie looks at Kelly. "I know you'll be alright on your own. And I am taking the money."

"Some of the money." Kelly interrupts.

Casie rolls his eyes. "I am taking some of the money. It's just I want to see you make it to where you have to be, before I leave."

Kelly shrugs. "I mean, it is the least you can do. Considering all the bad you've done." Casie glares at Kelly, causing her to chuckle slightly. "What? I'm just saying. You know I'm telling the truth."

"Whatever." He mumbles. He looks down at the brochure Kelly has in her hand. "You really gonna go through with it?" He asks, referring to the brochure.

Kelly looks down at the brochure, moving her hair to the side. She had no clue what she should do. "I don't know yet." She confessed. "A part of me is saying keep it, while the other part is saying get an abortion. Adoption isn't an option because the last time I gave a child up for adoption, the child was found." She says looking at Dani.

"Whatever you choose, I'll back you up one hundred percent."

"Thanks." Kelly says. "Dani it's time to take a bath."

"Okay mommy." Dani responds, walking to the bathroom.

"Can you do me a favor?" Kelly asks Casie.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Can you check on my family?" She asks. "Don't let them see you or anything. Just keep an eye on them and keep me updated with everything their doing."

Casie frowns. "Why don't you just go see them?"

"It's not safe Casie, you know that."

"Alright, I'll do it."

Kelly smiles at him. "Thank you, be safe."

"Are you alright?" Levi questions, looking at Diana worriedly.

Diana bit her lips for the third time, in one minute. She keeps her head straight trying not to make eye contact with Levi and everyone else. Her hand massages her stomach. "I'm fine, just tired." She lies.

Marc looks over at Diana with his eye brows raised. "You sure you're okay?" He asks. "You're sweating like crazy?"

"I'm fine!" She snaps.

The guys raise their hands up in surrender. "Sorry." They all say, causing Diana to roll her eyes.

"Alright, the security camera has on tape Kelly walking around the mall with Dani and some other guy. Split up in groups of two and ask people if they've seen her." Marc says. "Levi you're with me. Kevin go with Diana and Simon with Wyatt."

Kevin groans. "Why do I have to go with Diana?" He asks. "She's so damn bitchie." He says whispering, but fails miserably.

Diana smacks him in the back of his head, causing him to groan in pain. "Lets go you idiot." She says, grabbing him by the ear.

Marc laughs before splitting up. Levi walks besides him as they show Kelly's picture around, asking people if they've seen her. "What's on your mind?" Levi questions.

"Nothing." Marc answers, not really in the mood to talk. "Have you seen this woman?" He questions a man.

"No, sorry." The man answers.

They continue to walk. "You sure? You seem like you have plenty on your mind." Levi says. "Excuse me miss, have you seen this woman?"

The woman takes the picture from Levi, looking at it intently. "Yeah I seen her before, she was at the clinic." She says. She points out the clinic. "Right over there."

"Thank you." Marc says to the woman. He walks over to the the clinic, slowly reading the sign on the glass. "Planned parenthood."

Levi reads the sign as well, he turns to Marc. "You think sh-"

"I don't know and I don't care." Marc answers. His eyes falls on someone, causing him to frown. The man looked familiar, but he couldn't see he his whole face because the man was wearing a hoodie. His eyes stayed glued to guy as he waited to get a better look. Once the man turned around, Marc recognized who it was. "Casie?" Marc says. He says it loud enough causing both their eyes to meet.

Casie eyes widens and he starts running. Marc runs after him. "Move!" Marc says to people, getting in his way. "Get out the way!"

Casie looks behind him, seeing that Marc was running after him. He moves faster, pushing people out the way. "Watch out!" Someone yells, but it was too late. Casie bumps into someone, hard.

"Ouch!" Diana yells, clutching onto her stomach. Marc and Levi catch up to Casie and stop at the scene before them. "Are you alright?" Levi asks Diana, walking to her side.

"Where did Casie go?" Marc asks angrily.

"I don't know." Kevin answers.

"Guys?" Diana says looking down at the floor.

"What!?" Marc yells angrily.

Diana glares at him. "My water just broke!"

"Mommy are you having a baby?" Dani asks, as her mom combs through her hair.

Kelly freezes, shocked by Dani's question. "Y...yeah baby." She stutters. "How did you know?"

Dani turns around. "I heard you say it." She smiles, showing off the few teeth that she has. "Is it a girl or boy?" She questions. "I want a little brother!" Dani squeals.

Kelly smiles, shaking her head at Dani. "And why do you want a little brother?" She asks, braiding Dani's hair. She was doing cornrolls, seeing as Dani loves them.

"Because, little brothers don't annoy their big sisters. They're nice." She says.

Kelly chuckles. "Baby you got it all wrong. It doesn't matter whose born first or whatever gender that person is. They'll annoy you either way, and you'll do the same. That's what siblings do."

Dani stays quite for a moment. Taking everything that her mother just said in. "I don't think I want a little brother anymore." Dani says. "I don't wanna be annoyed."

"It's too late, I'm already pregnant."

Dani frowns. "Can't we just send the baby back to where it came from?"

Kelly bursts out laughing. "I can't, that's not how it works."

Dani frowns. "That's not fair." She says, crossing her arms. "Where do babies come from?"

Kelly instantly stops laughing. She wasn't prepared for this type of answer. Suddenly the door to the house opens and in walks Casie. He looks at the girls, breathing heavily. "What's wrong?" Kelly questions.

"Marc is what's wrong." Casie exclaims. "He seen me at the mall and started chasing me." He says. "And your cousin has gone into labor."

"What? Diana is having the baby?" She asks shocked. "She's only seven months." Kelly gets off the couch, putting on her coat. "What's the nearest hospital by the mall?"

"Riverside." Casie answers. "Why?"

"Because that's where we are going." She puts on her shoes. "Dani get dressed."

"I thought you said it was dangerous to be out?"

She looks at Casie. "It is, but I need to be there for Diana."

Casie sighs. "I know I can't talk you against it, so I'm not even gonna try."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Kelly says, placing a kiss on his cheeks. "Come on Dani, let's go." And together all three of them walk out of the house, on their way to the hospital.

"Son of a bitch!" Diana groans, clutching onto Levi's hand. She glares at Levi as she feels another contraction hit. "This is all your fault! You just couldn't wrap your dick up! I hate you!"

Levi sighs before smiling down at her. "You don't mean that, that's just the contraction talking."

Siomn clears his throat. "No, I'm one hundred percent sure that's just her."

"Agreed." Kevin says.

"I'm totally going to make sure that I wrap my dick up." Wyatt says bluntly. "Because this," he points to Diana laying on the bed. "Is definitely something I never want to deal with."

Marc chuckles, shaking his head. "You are something else Wyatt."

"Oh God!" Diana yells. "Get this baby out of me, I can't take it anymore."

The doctor walks forward, checking in between Diana's legs. She smiles. "I have good news girly, you are ready to push."

"Oh thank God!" Kevin says, jumping up excitedly. Everyone stares at him strangely, including the doctor. "What?" He shrugs. "I'm sick and tired of hearing Diana yell, it's annoying."

Diana flicks him off. "You're lucky I'm in pain." All the guys, except for Levi looks away when the doctor spreads Diana's leg open.

"On the count of three, I need you too push." The doctor says. "One, two, thr--."

"I'm here!" Someone says, bursting into the hospital room.

Everyone's eyes snap to the back of the room. "Kelly!" They all say in union.

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