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CHAPTER(1):⚅I Miss You⚄


I feel like I'm drowning and there is no hope of being saved. The blackness of my memories starts to spread through my mind, clouding my thoughts and taking me back to places I never want to revisit. I press my palms to my ears trying to block out the screams, but it doesn't work. I've been here for too long... I've been tortured for too long.

The only thing that was keeping me sane was her. Kelly. Every moment that I had spent with her flashes through my eyes, erasing all the horrible memories in sight.

I miss her, I miss everything about her. From what I know, it's been a whole year since the car crash. A year since I last seen her. Not being able to see her was driving me insane. What kills me the most, was not knowing if she got out of the car in time before it exploded.

The screams of the man who was being tortured only grew louder, causing me to snap out my thoughts. "Shut up, Shut up, Shut up!" My voice booms. I've had enough of it, enough of it all.

The man's screaming stops, causing me to sigh in relief. Everything was quiet. That was until I hear the sound of footsteps coming towards my cell. My heart beat starts to increase, not because of who was coming, but because of the punishment that I was going to receive.

My cell door opens, revealing the last person I want to see.

"Marc," Casie says. The sound of his voice makes me cringe. "I thought we went over this already. You keep your mouth shut, and we all stay cool." He says, walking towards me. The left side of his faint red lip tugs upwards creating a sinister smirk on his face.

I want to knock that smirk right off his face. "It's been a year, a gotdamn year!" I yell. "I can't be in here anymore!"

Casie's smirk turns into a smile. "That's the point, Marc. You rot in here, while I sit and run everything. I mean you are the one who caused all of this to happen in the first place."

"How? How did I cause this?" I question, standing up. "By wanting my father to be killed? A sick fuck who rapes little girls."

"You know damn well that when you killed him, there was going to be consequences."

"I didn't kill him!"

"But your girl did. That's why she had to go." Casie says. I quickly slam him against the wall, choking the life out of him.

"What do you mean she had to go? What did you do to her?"

Casie threw his head back in laughter. "God your so stupid, you actually think she survived that car crash?" He asks. "She's dead dumbass."

"No, your lying!" I say in disbelief. "Stop lying to me!"

Casie chuckles humorously. "She's dead Marc, that bitch died in that car crash."

"You son of a bitch, I'm going to kill you!" I shout, strangling him. The doors to the cell quickly open and Casie's men pile in the cell one by one. A surge of electricity went through my body, causing me to fall to the ground. The men kick and throw punches at me, making me weak.

Casie laughs his ass off watching his men beat me. "You did this to yourself, Marc. I wonder what Kelly would say if she saw you right now."

I threw my head back in laughter, ignoring the pain I was feeling. "She would tell me to do what I already have planned." I croak.

Casie frowns. "And what is it that you plan on doing?"

"I plan on killing you, you Figlio di puttana."

He looks at me for a moment not saying anything, before smirking. "Well thank God the bitch is dead." He says, before walking out of the cell. Clutching onto my stomach, I lean against the wall for support. I'm a mess, nose smashed and eyes almost swollen shut. My face bears blood and my clothes are an utter mess.

Could it be?

Could Kelly really be gone?

Hate and enmity well up in my heart, fury itself burning me up. This was my fault, I should have gotten her out of the car fast enough. Matter of fact I should've brought back up.

"Fuck!" I yell.

God, why am I so stupid! Tears threaten to spill from my eyes, but I wouldn't let it. My mother use to always say, mai lasciarli vederti piangere meaning never let them see you cry.

As a mafia boss, you grow up to learn that everything you do is always being watched, therefore if they see you in tears your telling them that you're weak. A groan leaves my mouth as I adjust myself into position. My hands play on the dusty concrete and nose touch the grime with each push-up I do. My muscles screamed with the effort and determination. I had to get strong so I could get out of here and find out the truth.

"Always and forever," I mumble, thinking of my precious Kelly.

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