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CHAPTER (19):⚅Elliott Ivan Green⚄

Everyone POV

Kelly walks forward, shutting the hospital door in the process. "Hi guys." She says, lowly. She pushes her hair out of her face, looking at everyone. "Is the baby here yet?"

Levi is the first to speak, he clears his throat. "We're kinda in the middle of that."

"You can walk?" Diana states, but it comes out more of a question.

"You cut your hair?" Kevin asks, walking towards her. He pulls her into a hug. Simon and Wyatt get up and do the same. "I missed you." He says, truthfully.

Kelly gives him a small smile. "Wasn't really my choice but yeah, I cut it." She says. "I missed you too." Her eyes fall on Marc. "I missed all you guys." She moves past everyone, walking up to Diana. "Sorry to interrupt."

Diana shakes her head. "Its totally fine." Diana says. She bites down on her lips, feeling another contraction. "Can we please get this fucking baby out of me!"

"Yes indeed." The doctor says. "When I say push, I want you to push as hard as you can." The doctor says. Diana nods her head, understanding. Kelly holds her right hand, while Levi holds her left. Simon's phone was in the air as he recorded everything. "Push!" With all the strength Diana could she pushed. "Stop!"

Diana stops, breathing heavily. In all honesty she felt like her uterus was breaking. She's never felt this amount of pain before. "I can't do this." She crys.

Levi wipes the sweat off her face. "Yes you can Diana. You can do this."

Diana shakes her head. "I can't, it hurts so much."

"You can do this." Kelly says, looking at her. "You are a Moore. And even though us Moore women go through hell. The one thing that we know how to do is push a baby out." Kelly smiles. "Now push." Diana nods, biting down on her lips. She squeezes, Levi's and Kelly's hand as she pushes.

"That was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen." Kevin says in disgust.

Wyatt bites his nails, shaking his head. "I never knew child birth could have such horror."

"You guys are idiots." Levi says, staring at his son. He was in awe at how beautiful his boy looked. It felt so satisfying having him here in the world. He watches as Diana touches his nose, trying to get him to open his eyes.

"I can't believe he's here." Diana says, in tears. "He's so beautiful." She whispers. "If only Skyler was her to witness this." The room falls to an awkard silence. Levi sighs knowing that it was part of his fault that Skyler wasn't here to witness this.

Marc rises to his feet walking over to Levi. "Complimenti my friend. I wish you the best of luck." Marc says, giving him a hug.

"Thank you for everything brother." Levi says, hugging him back.

Marc let's go and walks to Diana. He places a kiss on her cheek, avoiding Kelly's gaze. "You did good sorella, he looks just like you."

Diana smiles tiredly. "Thanks Marc."

Marc nods. "I'm gonna head home and handle somethings. I'll be back later on in the day." He looks at Levi and Diana. "You guys get some rest." He clears his throat. "Kevin and Wyatt, you're with me." Marc says before walking out the door.

Simon scoffs. "That jackass couldn't just say I could go with them. What makes him think I wanna stay here." Siomn says. He turns to Levi and Diana. "No offense.

"Excuse me." Kelly says, walking out the hospital room. "Marc." She calls trying to get him to stop walking. "Marc." She says a little louder, but Marc ignores her. "Marc please, can we just talk."

Marc quickly turns around, glaring at her. Anger courses through his body. "Talk? Talk about what? The fact that you're carrying Raymond's child!" He says angerliy. "Or the fact that you got pregnant on purpose!"

Kelly sighs. "It was the only way I could get him to stop Marc. It's the only way I could be free."

"If you came back with me when I came to get you, then all of this would've been avoided!" Marc yells, catching the attention of bystanders. "You would've been freed!"

"Can we please just go talk about this somewhere else?" She pleads. "We need to work this out privately."

Marc looks at her in disbelief, his fist balls up. "Are you dense? There is no we!" He says lowly. "And as long as you carry that man's child, there will never be a we."

Kelly gasps at his words, shocked at what he said. "You don't mean that."

"I do Kelly. I mean every fuckin word!" Marc says, his eyes filled with rage. He walks away leaving Kelly in the middle of the hallway alone. She sits down in the nearest chair and crys silently. Her worst fear has come true, Marc was angry at her. She felt someone embracing her in a hug, whispering soothing words to her.

"It's gonna be alright kelly." Simon says, patting her back. "Don't worry, everything is gonna be alright."

"He hates me." She sobs. "I don't think he'll ever forgive me." She looks up at him. "Maybe I should get an abortion."

Simon frowns at her. "Now hold on cuzzo, you and Marc have been through hell and back. And I know that you really love him but when it comes down to this, don't make the decision because it's what he wants. Make it because you're one hundred percent sure that it's what you want to do." Simon spoke. "Never make a decision because it's what someone else wants."

"Thank you Simon."

"No problem cuzzo, now come on." He says standing up. "Your family needs you."

"Did you really have to speak to her like that?" Wyatt questions as they get onto the hospital elevator.

"I did." Marc says, not even looking at his brother. His head was straight forward as the elevator doors closed.

"You didn't have to speak to her like that Marc and you know it." Kevin says. "And that was a dick move, giving her an ultimatum. You're not in her position, you don't get to give her ultimatums. She's going through things, and rather you talk it out with her, you don't."

Marc glares at Kevin. "Talk it out with her and then what? Raise another man's kid?" Kevin and Wyatt stay silent, not saying a word. "Exactly. No one has a damn thing to say." The elevator doors opens and Marc walks out.

"MarMar!" A tiny voice squeals. Marc looks down and watches as Dani runs to him. Small arms wrap around his long legs, causing him stumble back a bit. "I missed you!" Dani says, causing his heart to swell.

For the first time in months Marc smiles. A genuine smile appears on his face. He gets down on his knees and hugs Dani. "I missed you too baby girl." He says and it was the truth. Dani pulls away from the hug and smiles at him. Marc chuckles slightly at how she's grown in the past few months. "You're so big."

"Bughead what I tell you about running." A voice says, causing Marc to look up. His eyes fell on Casie and he instantly moves Dani out his way to stand up.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" He questions, moving forward.

Casie glares at him. "I'm watching Dani."

Marc scoffs. "Didn't I tell you what would happen the next time I see you." Marc says, looking for a fight. He had alot of anger in him and all he wanted to do was release it.

"You're not going to do shit." Casie replies, not back down.

"Scommessa." Marc says. He was the first to throw the first punch, hitting Casie right in the face. Casie punches him back with the same amount of force. The both of them didn't just want the other dead, they wanted each other obliterated with nothing left to bury. Wyatt and Kevin trys to get the men to separate, but they don't. Casie pushes Marc, causing them to stumbled apart for a brief second to catch their breaths before diving back at each other. Security comes, trying to pull them apart but it's useless. "Is that all you got!" Marc yells attacking Casie's face.

"Marc stop!" Kelly yells getting out of the elevator.

Marc groans, looking at her in the eyes. "Why so you can fuck him too!" Kelly looks at him in disbelief, ready to say something but he cuts her off. "You know what, don't say anything. You probably already did." Marc let's go of Casie backing away. His chest gently rose and sank with each shallow breath he drew in. His fists was red with blood and face was bruised. He walked past Kelly making sure to glare at her in the process.

Things were never going to be the same again.

It was raining as Casie and Kelly walk down the cleared plane way. The sunset was long gone, leaving only a starless sky. Puffs of grey cloud swooped into the air, surrounding the moon from all sides. "You know, you really didn't have to walk me to my plane." Casie says, trying to cheer Kelly up.

"I know, I just wanted to make sure you get to where you're going safely." She responds. She had left Dani with Simon, wanting to get the hell out of the hospital. She needed a break and when Casie said he was leaving tonight, she decided to bring him to his destination.

"You can't even lie right." Casie says, causing the both of them to laugh. They stop walking at the sight of Casie's plane. "That's my ride."

Kelly chuckles. "I know, I guess this is it." Kelly passes him the bag with the money. It was four million dollars, with some added jewelry. "For you."

Casie accepts the bag. "Thank you." He says, sincere. "I'm sorry about what happened at the hospital. That and for all the bad things I did to Marc and you."

Kelly nods. "It's all forgiven."

Casie scratches the back of his head. "You know you can come with me right." He clears his throat. "Not like a romantic thing or whatever. Just as a get away, you know? If things with you and Marc doesn't go well." He says. "I don't mind having you and Dani with me, you guys are okay company."

Kelly laughs. "I'll keep it in mind." Tears fall from her eyes and she quickly wipes them away. "God I'm such a baby." She groans. "Thank you for everything. The last three months have been hell and you helped me through it." She pulls him into a hug. "Thank you."

Casie hugs her back tightly. He waits a few seconds before pulling away. "Your welcome Kelly." He sighs. "Let me get out of here before you make me cry." He kisses her forehead. "Goodbye Bella." He says walking away.

"Goodbye asshole." She whispers. She watches as he aboards the plane. Casie waves at her through the window and she does the same. After a few minutes the plane takes off and he was gone. She sighs before walking away.

"That was sweet." A voice says behind her. Kelly stops walking, hearing the click of a gun. She turns around, slowly facing the person.

"Lena." She says. "How'd you find me?" She asks.

Lena shurgs. "I heard your cousin had her baby. I knew you wouldn't miss it."

Kelly nods. "Came here to kill me?"

"Yes." Lena answers quickly.

Kelly gets down on her knees, looking Lena straight in the eyes. "Well get on with it." Kelly says bravely. She wasn't afraid anymore, dying was the least of her worries. She just wanted to get it over with.

Lena is stunted by her actions. "I didn't think you'd give up this easily." Lena admits, walking forward. She looks down at Kelly, her gun pressed against Kelly's head.

"I'm over life." Kelly admits. Lena nods her head getting ready to shoot. "What's that?" Kelly points, getting Lena to turn around.

"What's what?" Lena questions.

Kelly doesn't answers, instead she kicks Lena in the back of the leg causing Lena to fall on her knees. Kelly quickly puts Lena in a choke hold. "I am ready to die, I really am." Kelly says taking the knife from behind her back. "I just can't die right now."

Lena struggles to break out of her hold. "You don't deserve my son." Lena spits.

Kelly nods. "I know." She lifts up the knife and slides it across Lena's neck. Blood gushes from Lena's neck, getting all over Kelly. Kelly holds onto Lena tightly, as Lena's body twitches. "Shhh, go join your husband." Kelly says. Lena's body stops moving and Kelly pushes her away. "Burn in hell Lena." She gets up and walks away, leaving Lena's body alone.

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