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CHAPTER (20):⚄Avenge⚅

Everyone Pov

Marc sat in the dark with a cigar in between his fingers. His head bobbed slightly to the music that was playing. Marc relaxed in his seat, to him he was fascinated at how the dark held the power to bring the unsurfaced into the light. "She take my money when I'm in need. Yeah, she's a triflin' friend indeed." He sings before inhaling his cigar.

Wyatt walks into the living room, rolling his eyes at his brother's choice in music. He decided to bite his tongue, knowing that his words would only go in and out of Marc's ears. "The strippers are here." Wyatt announces.

"Send them in." Marc grumbles, not even looking at Wyatt.

"Do you really think right now is a good time to have strippers over?" Wyatt asks.

"Yes, yes I do." Marc responds.

Kevin barges into the living room. "I agree with Marc on this." He says taking a seat. "We need strippers."

Wyatt shakes his head. "Fuckin idiots." He mumbles, before walking out. "Take a left and you guys should see the two idiots sitting down on the couch." He informs the strippers. A sigh escapes his lips as he climbs up the stairs and walks straight into his room.

Marc throws his head back, watching as the half naked females danced for him. His eyes twinkle at a particular stripper. Out of every girl in the room, she stood out the most. Her eyes burned into Marc's as he took in her look. She has warm beige skin, and honey colored eyes. Her dark tan spiral curled hair all in her face. Marc lifts up his finger, gesturing for her to come.

She smirks, doing as told. Her hips swayed to the music, hypnotizing Marc. She touches his hand, lifting up her leg to straddle him. "Hey there stranger." She says, touching his hair. "I'm Ajahh, what's your name?"

Marc gulps. He's never been this close to a woman since Kelly. "Hey." He responds. "I'm Marc."

Ajahh smiles at him. She thought it was cute that he was nervous. "You're so sexy." She says, grinding on him. She takes the cigar from Marc and places it in her mouth. "I love cigars."

"Cool." Was Marc's response.

"I'm making it rain bitch!" Kevin yells excitedly, throwing money all over the place. The two strippers to his side giggle, touching his chest.

Marc shakes his head at his friend. Ajahh smiles. "Someone's having fun." Her hands trails down Marc chest. "What do you say stranger? Wanna go upstairs?"

Marc pauses for a moment, thinking over the question. "Do I wanna take this upstairs?" He thought to himself.

"Yeah Marc, do you wanna go upstairs?" A voice questions, causing Marc to turn around. He grips his neck, having whiplash. He gulps watching Kelly walk into the living room. She was scatter in blood. The music stops and all eyes were on Kelly. "Get out." She said, but no one listened to her. They were all shocked at her current state. Kelly pulls out her gun, shooting two bullets in the air. "I said get the fuck out!" She yells. Everyone gets up running out the room.

Kevin slips on his shirt fast. "I told him not to get the strippers." He says, before running out the living room.

Kelly shuts the door, before locking it. She walks towards Marc slowly. Her eyes flared at him. "This is what we're doing now?" She questions him, pointing her gun at him.

Marc scoffs. "You're pointing a gun at me, you better be prepared to use it."

"Of course I'm prepared to use it." Kelly says darkly. "You wanna know whose blood this is?"

Marc sighs. "No, but I guess you're going to tell me."

"It's you're bitch of a mother."

This takes Marc by surprise. He puts out his cigar, before shrugging. "I don't care, you saved me the bullet."

Kelly throws her gun on the floor, getting into Marc's face. "Stop treating me like this!" She yells. "I said I was sorry, what more do you want from me?!"

Marc glares at her. "I want you to fuckin mean it!" He yells. "I want you to have never opened your legs for him!"

Kelly lost it. She lifts her hand up and slaps him. The slap echoes throughout the room. "You think I opened my legs for him willingly?!" She asked. She didn't wait for him to answer. She slaps him a second time, then continue to do so. Her hands form into fists as she hits on his chest. "I didn't!" She tries slapping him again, but Marc catches her hand.

"Don't." He says angrily, his face red.

"Or what?!" Kelly yells in his face.

"Or I won't be in control of what happens next." He threatens, letting go of her hand.

Kelly steps back. "Do you know how it feels to be on heroin?" Kelly asks. "For the past two months that's all it's been for me, herion. If I spoke when not spoken too, or even missed the most simplest thing there would be a needle shoved up my arms." Kelly sighs. "I was so close to becoming an addict, but Casie helped me through that." She says. "I didn't want to marry Raymond nor did I want to get pregnant. It just happened without my consent."

"I'm sorry you had to go through all that." Marc says, not looking at her. "But, I need time."

Kelly blinks away her tears. "Yeah, I'm sorry too." She says. "I love you Marc, I really do. But if you're going to continue to treat me like this... then maybe we shouldn't be together." Marc doesn't say a word, he only looks down at his watch. Kelly nods, wiping her cheeks. "Goodbye Marc." She says before walking out the living room. Marc watches her leave, wanting to call her back. But he doesn't.

"So does this mean no more strippers?" Kevin asks, sticking his head into the room. Marc picks up a glass vace and throws it at him. Kevin quickly moves his head. "Could've just said no." He mumbles walking away.

"What time is it?" Miranda asks.

"Two eighteen in the morning Miss." One of her gaurds responds.

She smirks. "Good, good. And is everything going as planned?"

"Yes." The driver answers. "We've made it to the hospital miss."

Miranda puts her hair in a ponytail, putting on her black boots. "Excellent." She takes a shot of vodka. "Remember people, I'm not paying you for nothing." She says. "Anyone who gets in the way, kill them. Leave the new mother and father to me."

"Yes ma'am." Her guards say in union.

She sighs happily, thinking about the destruction she was going to cause. "Revenge never felt so good."

A sigh escapes Kelly's lips as she looks up at the sky. It was only two something in the morning, yet all the stars were out. She stood up from the hospital bench, ready to go inside. She felt a chill go down her spine, and her eyes instantly snapped to the two black vans parked outside. "You should keep an eye on those vans." She says to a security guard, walking into the hospital.

"And why is that?" The security gaurd asks, patting her down.

"Looks suspicious." She says, walking off.

"Sure it does." She hears the security guard mumbles. Kelly bites her tongue, deciding to ignore the old man. Getting on the elevator, she presses the number five. The lift grinded to a halt and the doors to the elevator opens. Kelly walks out and walks to Diana's room. "Knock, knock." She says, before walking in.

"Mommy!" Dani yells excitedly, tackling her into a hug.

Kelly smiles. "Aren't you supposed to be asleep?" Kelly asks.

"She wanted to stay up and watch Elliott." Diana says, sitting up.

Levi chuckles. "Dani is such a good little helper."

Simon looks at Levi like he's stupid. "No she's not, all she did was look at the baby and watch tv."

Levi rolls his eyes. "Which is more than what you've been doing."

Simon gasps, dramatically holding onto his chest. "I've done alot."

Levi scoffs. "Really, like what?"

They continue to go back and forth at it, becoming the source of Dani's entertainment. Kelly walks towards Diana, looking at the cubby baby in her arms. "He's so cute." She says.

Diana smiles. "I know right, I can't even put him down because of how cute he is."

Kelly takes a seat. "I was the same way with Dani before they took her away." Kelly says. "You know there's a old saying that if you hold a baby all the time they become spoiled."

Diana chuckles. "That's the last thing I need from Elliot here." She looks at Kelly. "You wanna hold him?"

Kelly thought about it for a moment, before answering. "Sure." She replies. She stood up and Diana carefully passed her Elliot. "Hi little man." She whispers, causing Elliot to smile. "Your so cute." She cooes.

"Mommy is our baby gonna be this small?" Dani asks.

"You mean my baby." Kelly says smiling. "I thought you said you didn't want any siblings." She teased.

"I did, but that was before I seen Elliot." Dani says.

Diana laughs. "She's so cute." She looks over at Simon and Levi that was still arguing. "If only she knew how annoying siblings can be."

Kelly smiles ready to respond, but stops. She heard something, even though it was faint. "You heard that?" She asks. "It sounded like screaming."

Diana shakes her head. "I don't hear anything."

Kelly frowns, before passing Elliot to Diana. "Really I could've sworn I heard it." She walks over to Dani, helping her sit on the chair.

"You're hearing things." Siomn says, before going back to arguing with Levi.

A knock sounds at the hospital door causing everyone's head to turn to the door. Diana frowns. "Who is it?" She asks.

"Your nurse, Amy."

Kelly frowns. "Nurses check on you during this time?"

Diana shrugs. "Come in."

The door slowy opens, revealing the red hair nurse. She was crying and breathing heavily. "I'm sorry." The nurse says. Everyone looks at her, ready to ask her what's wrong. The sound of a gunshot rang and the red hair nurse drops to the ground, dead. Kelly gasps, instantly putting Dani behind her.

A dirty blonde enters the room, with three guys behind her. Miranda smiles, looking down at the dead nurse. "She was so pretty." She looks at Diana. "Diana its been a while. Congratulations on the baby."

Diana frowns, clutching onto Elliot. "You have some nerves bitch."

Miranda's eyes darken. "Watch who you're talking too." She spat.

"What do you want? Why are you here?" Levi asks.

"I'm here for you Levi, I love you." Miranda says. "I... I want us to be a family. We can even keep the baby." She glares at Diana. "Just as long as she dies."

"This bitch is crazy." Simon mumbles.

"Listen here you crazy bitch, you are not taking my baby." Diana sneers. "And you are sure as hell, not going to kill me. Get it through your head, Levi never loved you and he never will. Now get out of here."

Miranda chuckles humorously. "I'm not going anywhere until you're dead."

"Just get out of here little girl." Kelly snaps. "Grow up and find someone else to obsess over."

"The whore of a cousin speaks." Miranda says, pointing her gun at Kelly. "Shouldn't you be with Raymond, slaving around."

Kelly's fists balls up. "Put the gun down and talk that shit in my face."

Miranda only glares at Kelly, before looking back at Diana. "Give me the baby."

Diana glares at her. "Over my dead body bitch!"

Miranda smirks. "That can be arranged." Everything moved in slow motion. Kelly pushes Dani down, before taking her gun out and pointing it at Miranda. Miranda sees this and fires at Kelly. Simon tackles down one of the guards, while Levi uses his body to shield Diana and Elliot. Five gunshots ranged in air, leaving everyone one with one question.

"Who got shot?"

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