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CHAPTER (21):⚅Executioner⚄

Everyone POV

"On this day, I give you my heart. My promise, that I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us. Living, learning, loving, together,

Forever." Marc reads, quietly. He gulps down his bourbon, chuckling humorously. "This is fuckin stupid."

"No it's not." Kevin says, coming out of nowhere. "You being drunk is stupid, but those words you wrote aren't." Kevin takes a seat by him. "Is what you wrote a poem?"

Marc chuckles, shaking his head. "Wedding vows. I wrote it while I was caputured." Marc answers. "Never got the chance to finish."

Kevin nods. "It sounds good." Kevin stays quiet for a moment, thinking about what he was about to say. "Would you ever quit being in the mafia? I mean don't you think it's time to retire."

Marc's eye brows raised. "Being in the mafia is what keeps me sane. It's what I'm good at." Marc says. "The only way I'm quitting is of old age. Why? Because that's the vow I took when I became the boss. And it's the same vow you took when you decided to become my second in command."

Kevin lifts his hand up in surrender. "I know that, I was just asking. No need to get angry."

"I'm not angry." Marc says. "You know I hate when I get asked stupid question."

Kevin rolls his eyes. "My bad." He sighs. "Do you still love Kelly?"

Marc freezes. He wasn't expecting that question. Before he could answer, the sound of his phone ringing cuts him off. Marc sighs before answering it, not looking at the caller ID. "Hello."

"Marc this is Ragazzone." Marc instantly glares at the phone, ready to hang up. "Don't hang up, this is an emergency. That crazy bitch Miranda left me a voicemail." Ragazzone says. "She's going to shoot up the hospital that Kelly's cousin is in."

Marc drops his drink, standing up abruptly. "Are you serious?"

Kevin stands up as well, curious as to what was going on. "What's wrong?"

"Yes!" Ragazzone answers. "She's going to kill Diana and take the baby."

Marc hangs up the phone, putting on his shoes. "Get Wyatt. We have to get to the hospital quick. Diana is in trouble." Kevin nods, running up the stairs. Marc gets his guns, strapping up.

Wyatt comes down the stairs quickly. He grabs a couple of guns and knives, not asking any questions. "I'm driving." Wyatt says, getting the keys to the car from Marc.

"Fine." Marc grumbles. He only agrees because he knows that he was somewhat tipsy and driving drunk would be wrong.

"Stop everything that you guys are doing and get to riverside hospital." Kevin says, on the phone to his crew. "Make sure everyone is strapped." Kevin grabs some of the best guns, before hanging up the phone. They all get into the car and Wyatt drives off.

Marc is the first to get out of the car. His boots hits the ground hard as he runs inside the hospital. He gasps, seeing the bodies of the security guards on the ground. Blood was everywhere and people were panicking. From what Marc could see there was about thirteen dead, and several more injured. Marc's eyes lands on a teenage girl with a bullet wound to the arm. He quickly runs towards her, helping her up. "She needs some help." He says, giving the girl to a nurse. "Did anyone call the police yet?"

The nurse nods eagerly. "They're on there way as we speak."

"Jesus." Wyatt says catching up to Marc.

"Dio ci aiuti." Kevin says putting his hand ontop of his head. It was pure horror.

"Lets go." Marc commands. They get on the elevator, preparing themselves. Marc pulls on his gun and Kevin and Wyatt does the same. The elevator doors open and they walk out. Blood was scattered on hospital walls, while there was more dead bodies. Slowy the three of them walk down hall, looking out for Miranda's guys. They all freeze hearing gunshots come from Diana's room.

Marc runs as fast as he can. He quickly opens the door, shooting one of the guys in the room. The screams of Diana and Dani could be heard a mile away. Elliott was crying loudly.

Kevin walks in, knocking one of Miranda's guys off of Simon. Kevin's eyes widens, seeing blood gushing out of Simon's chest. He quickly applies pressure to the wound. "Your’re gonna be okay Simon." Kevin says, trying to keep him calm."

Simon breathes heavily, going into shock. "It hurts. Everything hurts."

Wyatt quickly tends to Levi. "I'm alright, she only shot my arm. It's a through and through." Levi says.

"Mommy?" Dani says. Marc frowns, hearing Dani. He didn't know Kelly was here. "Mommy wake up!"

Marc's heart stops as he walks to where Dani was. His breath hitched. "Kelly?" He says, quickly going to her side. His eyes lands on the blood coming out of her stomach. "Oh baby. Oh god." He says in panic, pulling her to his arms.

"I'm... I'm okay." Kelly cloaks out. "Everything is gonna be fine." She says as tears fall from her eyes. "I'm going to be fine." She felt weak and tired. All she wanted to do was close her eyes.

"Baby I'm gonna get you help." Marc crys. "Stay with me."

Kelly opens her mouth to answer but only blood comes out. "I love you." She says lowly. "I'm sorry." She crys

Marc shakes his head. "No baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I didn't mean those things I said to you. I promise, just please stay with me."

"We're losing Simon!" Kevin yells. He looks down at a bleeding Simon who was gasping for air.

"I'm gonna get help." Wyatt says, running out the room.

"Don't close your eyes guys, stay with us." Diana crys, trying to get Elliot to quiet down.

"Mommy." Dani crys, holding onto Kelly's hands.

Kelly looks up at Dani and gives her a small smile. "My baby girl." She whispers, before her eyes roll to the back of her head.

"No, Kelly wake up!" Marc yells.

"Sir move back." A doctor says coming into the room. Nurses rush to both Simon's and Kelly's side, putting them in a gurney. They quickly rush them out of the room and into the operating room.

"Is my mommy gonna be okay?" Dani asks.

Marc looks down at her. "I don't know baby." He says truthfully. He looks around the room and frowns. There was only three bodies on the ground, all male. "Where's Miranda?"

"She ran out the room after she shot Kelly." Diana answers. "I think she was shot too."

"I'm gonna kill that bitch!" Marc rages, walking towards the door. Wyatt hold a him back.

"The cops are already here, you can't." Levi says. "They'll try to pend this on you if they see you kill her."

"I don't care!" Marc yells.

"Well you need too." Wyatt says. "You go out there and you shot that girl, the cops will here it. Your in the mafia which will definitely add fire to the flame. Just calm down fratello. We'll let the cops get Miranda and then we'll handle her when the time is right."

Marc nods and then breaks down. He crys and Wyatt quickly pulls him to a hug. Kevin picks up Dani and trys to calm her down. Levi takes Elliot away from Diana as she crys. Everyone cried, praying to God that Simon and Kelly would both be alright.

"Do you believe in God?" Kelly asks Simon. They were sitting down outside, watching the sunset.

Simon stops eating his slim jim. He turns to Kelly. "Of course I do." He responds. "I mean, I don't believe the universe was created how scientists describes it. And not too be dramatic, but I've been through way too much things for there not to be a God." Simon answers. "What about you?"

Kelly shrugs. "I do." She answers truthfully. "But I'd never devote my life to him."

Simon chuckles slightly. "What do you think happens when we die?"

"I don't know. Maybe we get reincarnated as animals."

"Animals?" Simon questions. "That would suck."

Kelly chuckles. "Definitely."

Simon looks at the sun, then back at Kelly. "I love you cuzzo." He says, bumping her shoulder.

Kelly smiles. "Love you too cuzzo."

Dr. Lopez sighs, hearing the repeated beeping on the machine. "I'm calling it." He looks down at his watch. "Patient deceased as of two fifty-three am."

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