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CHAPTER (22):⚄Miracle⚅

Everyone POV

"It has been reported that thirty-five, yes I repeat thirty-five people have died in the hospital shooting. There is alot of people who are badly injured, but we are still waiting to hear if they have Surrvied. Riverside hospital has been shut down and all critical patients are being moved to different hospital's at this time. The person that did this shooting, is nineteen year old Miranda Watts. We do not know why she did this, but we do know that she had three male accomplice. She is now in LADP custody, and we are waiting to hear more information about her from LAPD."

"Wyatt please turn off that t.v." Marc says, pacing back and fourth in Diana's hospital room. They were currently in Anorld Palmer hospital, waiting for Kelly and Simon to leave surgery. The two of them had to be moved, because riverside was running low on doctors.

Wyatt sighs, before standing up and turning off the television. The room was completely quiet, no one daring to say a word. Elliot was sound asleep and Diana refused to set him down. Her eyes were trained on Elliott's face as she cried quietly. She was praying that both her brother and cousin made it out the operating table alive. She couldn't lose anyone else anymore. Skyler's death already took a huge toll on her.

Levi's leg bounced up and down as he stared at both Diana and Elliot. Before they left riverside, one of the nurse's patched up his arm. The wound hurt, but not so much.

"Marc sit down for a bit." Kevin says. He had Dani on his lap. Her head rested on his chest and her arms were wrapped around his neck. She didn't want to let go of Kevin, even when Marc tried to take her from him. She cried the whole entire ride to Arnold Palmer, but as soon as they reached Diana's room she fell asleep.

"I don't want to sit." Marc says, harshly.

"Don't catch an attitude with him." Diana says, angrily. She was upset with Marc, but only because of the things he said to Kelly. "Sit down and spare us the argument."

Marc sighs and sits down, he didn't want to cause any trouble. Not at a time like this. "My bad Kev."

"Its all good." Kevin responds.

They sat in silence once again, until they heard a knock on the door. The door opened, revealing a doctor. He walks in and shuts the door. "Are you all the family of Simon Thompson and Kelly Moore?"

"Yes." Everyone says in union.

The doctor nods. "My name is Dr. Lopez and I'm the one who operated on both victims. I'd like to start off saying that surgery was a success for Kelly. We got the bullet out of her, but there are still bullet shards inside her which is a very critical thing. She will be scheduled for another surgery in a couple of hours, so we can try and take out the shards. But if we can't, I'm sorry to say there is nothing we can do." Dr. Lopez clears his throat. "Because the bullet penetrated the inferior vena cava, the child that Mrs. Moore was carrying, is deceased."

Everyone stayed silent taking in the news. "What about Simon?" Diana questions.

Dr. Lopez sighs. "Simon is a different case. When he was first brought in, he fatlined. We lost him for about two minutes, but then he came back to us. The bullet that was inside his chest caused alot of damage. Still to right now, we still don't know how it's going to play out. He hasn't woken up yet, but we're hoping for the better." Dr. Lopez says. "Also, Kelly is awake. We ask that you all go in two at a time, to give her space. She is in room 110 and Simon is in room 111."

"Thank you doctor." Marc says, shaking his hand. Dr. Lopez nods, before walking out. Marc let's out a breath, sitting back down. "Who's going in first?" He asks, after a moment.

"You should go in first." Diana says. "You and Wyatt can go in first, then me and Levi will go in afterwords."

"Yeah and I'll take Dani to go see her." Kevin says.

Marc nods. "Alright." He stands up, and walks out the hospital room with Wyatt in tow. As he walks down the hallway his breath hitched and he could feel his heart beating in his chest.

"It's going to be alright." Wyatt says, placing a hand on his shoulders.

"Thanks fratello." Marc says quietly as they reach Kelly's room. He let's out a breath, before opening the door to the room.

"Kelly?" Wyatt says, approaching her bed.

Kelly closes her eyes, before opening them again. From the way her eyes looked, you could tell she was crying. "I lost another baby." She says staring at the white wall. "Another baby that I wasn't worth carrying." She chuckles humorously. "And you know what's so funny?" She asks. "I won't ever be able to have anymore babies." Tears stream down her face as she sobbs. Marc wipes the tears forming in his eyes. He trys to touch her, but she moves. She glares at him. "Don't touch me! Don't you ever touch me!" Kelly yells. "You didn't want the baby, so why are you cry?! If anything you should be happy. You should be so fuckin happy!"

"Kelly I didn't mean that." Marc says.

"Yes you did! You meant every single thing you said!" Kelly turns away from him. "My baby is gone and...and I'll never be able to know what he or she would've been like!" She sobs. "I lost another baby." She says in disbelief. "I lost another one."

"Kelly calm down." Wyatt says, seeing that her monitor was beeping.

"I lost another baby." She repeats. "Why can't I just carry a baby? Why is this happening to me?" She asks. "Was I not good enough? Am I a bad mom?"

Nurses barg into her room, instantly trying to calm her down. "Miss please calm down." They say holding her down. But Kelly doesn't listens.

"Where's my baby? I want my baby." Kelly cries.

"Guys, I'm gonna have to ask you guys to leave." One of the nurse's say pushing Wyatt and Marc out the room.

Marc places his hands on his head. "She hates me. She fuckin hates me." He says to out loud. "This all my fault. I should've never said those things." Tears fall from his eyes, as regret clouded his vision.

Wyatt pulls him into his arms. "We're gonna get through this fratello." Wyatt says hugging him tightly. "It's just life. You go through things and then you get through them. It'll be hard at first, but the outcome will always be worth it. All you need is faith and love." Wyatt says as his older brother cries in his arms. He frowned. He wasn't use to seeing his brother like this. Marc has always been the strongest one out of the both of them. And to see him like this was,


"Are we going to see mommy?" Dani asks as she and Kevin walk past hospital rooms.

"Yes baby girl." Diana answers. After Marc and Kevin came back in the room and explained what happened, Diana thought it was best if she left Elliot with Levi. She didn't want to overwhelm Kelly.

"This is it." Kevin says as they stop in front of room 110.

Dani quickly opens the door and runs inside the room. "Mommy!" She says jumping on the bed to give Kelly a hug.

Kelly wipes the tears from her face, not wanting Dani to see her crying. "Hey baby girl."

"Mommy I missed you." Dani says truthfully. "I was scared, I thought you left me.

"I'll never leave you baby girl." Kelly says giving her a hug. She hugs her tightly, never wanting to let her go.

"Mommy is the baby going to be okay?" Dani asks.

Kelly's heart clenches. "I'm sorry Dani baby, but we don't have a baby anymore."

Dani frowns. "But I want a little brother." She says. "Is this because I didn't brush my teeth, because if it mommy then I'll go brush it right now."

"Oh baby no, it's not because of that." Kelly let's out a breath. "Sometimes something's just aren't ment to be."

Dani smiles at her mom. "It's okay mommy, one day I'm gonna have a hundred of babies and I'm gonna give them all to you."

Kelly chuckles slightly. "Thank you baby girl."

"Hey kels." Kevin and Diana greets. Kevin places a kiss on her forehead. And Diana kisses her cheeks.

Kelly smiles and gives them a hug. "Hey guys." She says, sitting up. "How are you guys? Diana why are you up? You just gave bith you shouldn't be up right now. Is Simon doing alright?"

Diana takes a seat, smiling at how caring her cousin is. "We've been good, just happy that you're awake." Diana says. "I know I shouldn't be up right now, but I had to come see you before you go off to surgery. Really needed to see you with my two eyes."

Kelly takes Diana's hands, seeing she was about to cry. "Don't start crying your gonna make me cry. And don't worry about my surgery, I'm gonna be alright."

Diana nods. "I really hope so." She clears her throat. "Simon hasn't woken up yet. So we don't really know what's happening with him. He's in the room next door to yours."

"I wanna go see." Kelly quickly says. "This might sound crazy, but when I got shot and passed out. I seen him. It was like an old memory. We were talking and at some point it was like we were saying goodbye."

"Lets go see him."

Kevin intervenes. "Hold up, I'm all for you guys going to see him. But Kelly I don't think you're in the position of moving right now." He sighs. "You might hurt yourself. "

"Kev I'll be alright." Kelly assures. "The room is right next door and I won't even be in there for long. I just wanna see Simon. "

Kevin sighs, giving in. "Alright fine." He grabs Kelly's hand and helps her to the wheel chair. Kelly bites down on her lips, feeling a great amount of pressure in her stomach. Kevin stops, noticing her discomfort. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She lies. "I'm okay."

Diana wheels Kelly out the room. Dani and Kevin stay behind to keep a look out for any nurses. Kelly opens the door to Simon's room and Diana pushes her in. They near towards Simon's bed and Diana takes a seat. For a moment they sit in silence, only hearing the sound of the air machine.

Kelly holds onto Simon's hand and stares at him. "Simon Thompson if you think you're leaving this world, you are sadly mistaken. There is no way in hell that you're leaving us, so you better fight as hard as you can and wake up." She says.

"We need you and most importantly, your niece and nephew needs you." Diana says, tearfully. "So come back to us."

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