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Chapter (23):⚅All Good Things Must End⚄

Everyone POV

Marc sat quietly in a chair, watching as Dani colored. They were currently in Kelly's room, waiting for her to get out of surgery. Dani didn't want to go to sleep until she seen her mom, so she colored to keep herself up. Marc didn't mind the company, even though Dani was quite. She was just like Kelly, every spitting image.

Wyatt went home to freshen up and since Kevin wasn't really a fan of hospitals, he decided to go with him. Levi and Diana were in their room with Elliot, probably not getting any sleep. Elliot was being very fussy.

"MarMar?" Dani questions, looking up at Marc.

Marc snaps out of his thoughts and stares at the four year old girl. "Yes, piccolo pup?"

"Mommy always says she loves me very much." Dani states. "What is love?"

Marc takes a moment before answering. He didn't know if he should give her a logical definition or a childish definition. "There is two definitions when it comes down to love. When your mother says she loves you, she's saying that as a result of bonding defined by the willingness of mother and daughter. She'd do any and everything to keep you safe. Just like how you'd do the same."

Dani nods, taking everything in. "And what's the other def-in-tian of love?"

Marc chuckles at how she pronounces definition. "It's definition." Marc says correctly. "And the second definition of love, really isn't a definition." Marc pauses for a moment, trying to find a better explanation. "Okay so, you see how Diana and Levi are with each other?"

"Yes." Dani answers.

"Well they act like that, because they're both in love with each other. This love is different from the other type of love, because being in love is something that can happen without your intention or consent. It's not something you can walk away from. If you leave, you'll take the feeling of being in love with you."

Dani nods, still somewhat confused. "Are you in love with mommy?"

"Yes." Marc answers truthfully.

"Is she in love with you?"

Marc sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. "I don't know."

"Okay." Dani says, before going back to coloring. She looks up from her coloring book, and back at Marc. "Can I asks another question?"

Marc chuckles slightly. "You just did piccolo pup, but yeah go ahead."

"Can you be my daddy?" She asks.

Marc freezes. He didn't know what to say. "Um." He clears his throat. "If that's what you want, then yes." Marc knew that even if him and Kelly didn't get back together, he'd always take care of Dani. He's always considered her, his daughter even though she waa his half sister.

Dani smiles, before running over to him. She wraps her small arms around him and hugs him. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She says excitedly. "I love you daddy."

Marc smiles, hugging her back. "I love you too piccolo pup."

The door to the room opens and Kelly's nurses reel in her bed. Kelly was out cold. The nurses fixed her up, before turning to Marc. "Surgery went well, the doctors were able to get all the bullet shards out of her. She should be awake in a few minutes."

"Thank you." Marc says to the nurse's. They leave out the room, but not before saying your welcome. Dani goes back to coloring and Marc decides to send a text to everyone, informing them on Kelly's status.

A couple of minutes goes by and Kelly opens her eyes. The first person her eyes land on is Marc, which causes her to frown. "Why are you in here?"

"Because I care." Marc states.

Kelly scoffs. "You have a funny way in showing it."

Marc let's out a breath. "I said I was sorry Kelly."

Kelly rolls her eyes. "Oh how the roles have turned." She says sarcastically.

"Mommy!" Dani says running to her mom. She steps on her tippy toes, placing kisses all over Kelly's face. "I'm happy you're awake. "

Kelly smiles. "Me too baby girl."

"The nurses told daddy that they fixed you up." Dani says. "You should feel better soon."

Kelly frowns. "Daddy?"

Dani smiles wide and points at Marc. "MarMar is my dad now." She says happily. "He's in love with you too." Dani adds.

"Is that rigth." Kelly says glaring at Marc. "Baby girl why don't you go color for a bit while I talk to your dad." Dani nods and does as she's told. Kelly turns her gaze back onto Marc. "Why the hell did you agree to be her father?!"

Marc scoots up his chair, to Kelly's bed. "Because even though she's not biologically mine, she's like a daughter to me. I love her and I love you." Marc sighs. "Kelly I'm sorry for everything I said, please forgive me so we can raise our child together."

Kelly sighs. "Do you really think it's a good thing for us to be together?" Kelly asks. "Do you not see all the things we've been through, what if this is the universe's way of saying we shouldn't be together?"

"Its not." Marc says.

"How do you know?" Kelly snaps.

"Because our love for each other is too strong for the universe to keep us apart." Marc says. "No matter what happens we'll get through it, we'll always get through it." Marc smiles a little. "Will you please start over with me?"

Kelly let's out a breath. "If I take you back, how do we explain to Dani that you're really her half brother?"

"We don't for right now and we'll tell her when she's of age. We'll tell her everything and help her understand." Marc says. "Now will you start over with me?" He pleads.

"Fine." Kelly whispers. "But we're gonna have rules and things are going to be different." She says, serious. "It's gonna take some time to forgive you and get through some things."

Marc nods. He sticks out his hand, smirking. "Hi, I'm Marc Russo."

Kelly rolls her eyes, smiling a bit. She shakes his hand. "I'm Kelly Moore."

Miranda had a glare plastered on her face as she sat in her cell. She was angry that she was in here, but she was furious that Diana wasn't dead. That was her main goal and she failed. She groans angerliy, punching the concrete wall.

Her cell mate seen what she did and shook her head. "This bitch crazy." She mumbles, laying down on the prison bed.

Miranda hears what she says, but decides not to do anything. If she got into a fight with her cell mate, she knew for a fact she would lose. Miranda looks down at her bleeding fist and sighs. There was no way she was getting out of here. Even though her parents were rich and had the best lawyers, they didn't want to help her.

They knew Miranda was crazy and thought it would be best if she stayed in prison.

The sound of chains rattling, snaps her out of her thoughts. She faces the front, noticing a gaurd walking up. "You have a visitor." The gaurd states unlocking the cell door. Miranda steps forward, letting the gaurd put her hands in handcuffs. She was excited, maybe she was getting out of this. They walk quietly for a few minutes, until Miranda seen they we're going the wrong way.

"This isn't the way to were the visiting room is." Miranda states worriedly. The gaurd only ignores her, pushing her forward to an abandon part of the prison. Miranda had a bad feeling about this. She starts walking slow, looking for a way to escape the guard.

"Walk faster." The gaurd commands.

"Take me back to my cell." Miranda says, causing the gaurd to roll her eyes. The gaurd grabs a hold of Miranda's arm and rushes her down the hall. She stops at a door before opening it and pushing Miranda in. Miranda starts panicking, hearing the door lock. "Let me out of here!" She yells, pounding on the door.

"There's no need to yell." Says a voice behind her. Miranda felt her heart drop. She knew that voice all too well. "No one can her you."

Miranda slowly turns around, facing the evil man. "What do you want?" She asks lowly.

Raymond steps forward, smirking at Miranda's fear. "Three things." He says, lifting up three fingers. "I want you to apologize to me, for causing the death of my child!" He says angerliy, putting one finger down. "Then I want you to fuckin explain to me why you went after Diana, even when I told you not too!"

Miranda looks down at her hands, tears streaming down her face. "Raymond, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shoot Kelly, it just happened." She crys. "I know it was wrong of me to shoot up the hospital, but I needed to. I needed revenge."

Raymond nods, no expression in his face. He bursts out laughing. "You needed revenge, huh?" He questions.

"Y..yes." Miranda stutters. "What was the third thing you needed from me?"

Raymond chuckles. "I need you to die." He says, looking at her dead in the eyes. He snaps his fingers and two female prisoners, step out of the dark. Both of them with knives in their hands.

Miranda steps back, her back touching the door. "No, Raymond please."

Raymond only looks down at his watch. "You should've listened to me." He says, before looking at the two female prisoners. "Kill her." He orders. The prisoners do as they're told and Raymond walks out the back, ignoring Miranda's screams. He pulls out his phone, dialing a number. The person quickly answers. "It's done." He says.

The person sighs on the other side of the phone. "Thank you."

"No problem, Marc." Raymond says. "You are after all my only figlio."

"Don't call me that." Marc replies, watching Dani and Kelly sleep peacefully. "You do know that just because you did me this favor small, I'm still going to kill you."

Raymond chuckles. "You can't kill me Marc. I don't get why you can't get that through that thick skull of yours."

"Say whatever you want Raymond. Just know that you're time here on earth is limited after today. I'm coming after you with everything I got." Marc says. "And when I finally find you, I'm gonna make you wish you were never born."

Raymond rolls his eyes, getting into his car. "Spoken like a true Italian." Raymond chuckles. "Kiss my girls goodnight for me. Tell my Kelly we'll meet again."

"Fuck you Raymond!" Marc sneers, before hanging up the phone. He walks back to Kelly's bed, pulling the covers up on her and Dani.

Kelly's eyes flutter open. "You okay?" She questions.

Marc smiles down at her. "Yeah, I'm okay." He replies. "Everything is okay." Besides having a psycho as a dad and a dead mother, everything was fine. He got his girl back, gained a daughter, along with more family. His brother and best friend was by his side, and that's all he needed.

Life couldn't get any better than this.

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