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CHAPTER(2):⚄Every Good Thing⚅


Why is it that every good thing in life has to be destroyed?

Even when we're so high on life, there's always that one moment that ruins it all. I remember back in middle school, I asked Melanie Clark to the school dance. She was the love of my life or so I thought. When she agreed to go, I remember almost pissing myself due to my excitement. We were having such a good time, that my foolish middle school self-wanted to ask her to marry me right then and there.

She excuses herself, saying something about going to use the restroom. When fifteen whole minutes went by, I decided to go look for her and caught her making out with some other kid.

Was the kid older than me? Yes.

Did that stop me from kicking his ass? No.

After that day, I promised my foolish self never to love again. Fearing that if I was ever to love again, that the very good thing in my life would be taken away.

Then Kelly happened.

My very good thing in life.

I fell in love with her, forgetting about that stupid promise my middle school self-made. And now here I am, sitting on this dirty creaky little bed, wondering if my very good thing in life is gone. Her and her daughter of course. I love Dani just as much as I love Kelly. And it kills me that I don't even know the status of them both. Dani is my little sister, I'm the one that's suppose to protect her. Yet I couldn't even do that.

A sigh leaves my mouth and I scratch the forming beard on my face. "Maybe Leo was right," I say out loud. "Maybe I am a failure."

Ignoring my own dumbass comment, I rise from my bed and pace around the small cell. The bars that cover the small window is really thick, which left no room for escaping. Dark, empty, cold, the room stands silently at the end of the corridor.

This cell was just a box for humans to waste away. Carelessly dragging my feet across the floor, I remove the baggy t-shirt pierced with holes and stained with blood.

My eyes flicker to the door, hearing the sound of keys jingle with one another. I sigh, laying flat on the cold ground. My hands held up to the back of my head, as I wait for the nurse to enter.

This wasn't my first run around with the guards. It was just two weeks ago when I got into a brawl with five of them. For some reason, after all my fights El Ragazzone would send in a nurse to come to clean me up. In some sick way, it was like he didn't want me hurt for too long.

The door opens and two of the guards walk in, their faces unreadable. They both held metal bats in their hands, instead of a gun.

I wonder why that is?

The nurse walks in, adding extra movement to her hips. She flashes me a big smile and licks her lips.

I hate this bitch.

She gets handsy a lot of the time when she's here. "It's okay guys, I got it from here," Tamara says, ushering the guards out. Once they left, she turns to me. "You can get up now Marc. Take a seat on the bed." My jaw clenches as I get up from the ground and sit on the bed. She walks over to me, with her medicine bag in her hands. Tamara pushes her dark brown hair away from her face as she stands in front of me. Her eyes trail down my body and stop at my chest.

I mentally curse myself for taking my shirt off in the first place. "Stop looking at me."

Tamara chuckles. "Why? It's fun." She takes an alcohol packet and tries to dab it on my nose, but I grab her by her wrist.

"Touch my face and I'll break your wrist cagna." She looks frightened. I let go of her wrist and watch as she holds it. "Tell Ragazzone that I said to stop bringing his whores to me and to start hiring real nurses.

Tamara glares at me, slowly inching towards me. "Your gonna pay for this." She says. Something about the way she says it causes shivers to go down my spine.

"Get the fuck out of my cell cagna!"

She gets in my face, glaring at me. "No." Before I can even push her away, she attacks me. I feel a sting in my arm and look down at it. Grabbing Tamara by the hair, I push her away. "What the fuck was that!"

She smiles. "That my sexy Marc was a syringe filled with an instant sedative to knock you out." My eyes start to feel low and my vision gets blurry. "Right about now you should be feeling dizzy. Probably even hallucinating."

My body feels heavy like there are a thousand bricks laying on me. Falling onto the bed, my breathing hitches. "Why?" Tamara walks to the edge of the bed. Her rubs my knee and she starts to take off my sweatpants. "Stop..."

Tamara rolls her eyes. "I'm not gonna stop Marc, I've been wanting to do this since your fine ass walk through the door." She successfully takes off my pants and heads for my underwear. I try to grab her hands but she pushes it away. "Don't try to fight me, baby, it's meant to happen."

I cringe and my body shuts down. "Cagna get off me." Is the last thing I say before losing consciousness.

My eyes open and I'm instantly met with the sun's reflection. It shines so brightly causing my eyes to close at the sudden brightness. Opening my eyes again I realize that I'm back in my old room. It looks the same way that I left it. I hear someone moan to my right and quickly turn.

Kelly looks up at me and smiles, showing off her pearly white teeth. "Good morning baby." She says, placing a kiss on my cheeks. I'm too shocked to say anything, I just look at her. "Marc, you okay?" Worry flashes through her brown beautiful eyes as she touches my chest. She pushes her long hair to her back and sits up. "Marc?"

I snap out of it, quickly answering her. "I'm fine baby." Grabbing hold of her hand, I place a kiss on it. "I'm just stuck on how beautiful you are."

Kelly smiles. "Thank you, baby." She pulls me in for a kiss, making my heart swell.

"Mommy!" Dani yells, coming into the room. She jumps on the bed smiling happily at Kelly and I. "Hi, mar mar."

"Hi, my beautiful Dani."

Dani blushes. "Can we eat breakfast?"

"Sure, we can."

Dani smiles before running out of the room. Looking at Kelly, her face turns serious. "Marc baby, you gotta wake up."

I frown. "Wake up," I repeat. "I am awake."

She shakes her head." Your dreaming Marc. Wake up."

"Kelly stop playing with me, I'm awake."

"No your not Marc." She places a hand on my shoulder. "Wake up. Wake up and kill that bitch!"

Just like my eyes snap open, and I'm back in reality. Tamara is on top of me, assaulting my body. Her eyes are rolling to the back of her head as she continues to bounce on me. My hand wrap around her neck and I add a great amount of force in my grip. She gasps, trying to move my hand, but fails. Getting the bitch off of me I slam her against the wall.

"Marc, please I'm sorry." She croaks out.

I press harder on her neck. "Sorry! Cagna you basically just raped me!" I yell. "There's no room in this world for rapists."

"Please, let me go." She cries.

"No!" My voice booms. Pressing down on her neck one final time, I snap it. Moving my hand her lifeless body falls to the ground with a thud. "Stupída púttaña!" I say looking down at her dead body. She's lucky she went out this way.

My cell door opens and in walks Casie. He looks at the body, then to me. "Seriously?"

"She fucked me!"

Casie rolls his eyes. "Who hasn't." He sighs. "Let's go, Ragazzone wants to see you." I open my mouth to protest but he quickly stops me. "Don't protest. Get up and let's go."

My fists ball up. "Can I put my clothes back on?"

Casie smirks. "Of course not. That'll just ruin the humiliation process."

I nod. "You know. I'm glad that sister of yours is dead."

He glares at me. "I can say the same for Kelly.

"Vaffanculo!" My voice booms. "Don't you ever say her name!"

"Or what?!"

I walk towards him. "Say her name again and find out."

Casie takes a step back, pulling out his gun. "Walk the fuck out the room, now! Ragazzone has already been waiting for too long."

I let out a breath, before walking out the room.

This can't be good.

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