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A sigh escapes my lips as I walk down the hallways of the dirty building. The smell of liquor and cigars invade my nose, causing my stomach to fall upset.

Men laugh loudly at my naked state, cracking up on jokes that didn't even make sense. The whores, of course, whisper to one another about the things they would do to me if they got the chance to be alone with me. My hands cover my junk, while Casie's gun presses up against the back of my head. "Hope you like the view back there Figlio," I say, trying to annoy him.

"Vaffanculo! You bastard." He replies, pushing me. I smile, knowing that I got under his skin. If this idiot thought that making me walk naked in front of a bunch of strangers would humiliate me, he was strongly mistaken. I don't care what these people think about me. Their opinion doesn't mean shit to me.

We stop at the door at the end of the hallway. Casie moves a little, making sure not to touch me. He knocks on the brown wooden door, and in an instant a deep voice replies saying, "Come in."

Casie Pushes open the door, and grabs onto my arm, yanking me inside the room with him. Darkness came, the room dark as it can be. "What type of shit is this," I mumble to myself. With the clap of a hand, the room is lit up with lights. Thick velvet curtains hid the long windows across the black walls, just leaving a shy peak of the woods beyond. Two antique couches stood the opposite sides of each on the hand-woven rug in front of the ashen fireplace, accompanied by rich velvet and bronze wing-chairs that stood as a sidekick.

"Welcome, Marc." A voice booms, causing me to snap my head to the side. A man walks forward out of the dark. He wears a neatly pressed suit, the kind you only see on high priced lawyers and gangsters. His brown eyes settle on me. It was El Ragazzone. "You look older than the last time I saw you." He points at the hands, which is still covering my junk. "Comfortable?"

I glare at him. "What do you think?" I say sarcastically. "The last time you saw me I was seventeen, so yeah, of course, I'm older."

He chuckles, removing his suit jacket. "Your right about that Figlio."

I frown. "Don't call me that."

Ragazzone walks towards me. "Call you what? Figlio?"

"Yes. My own father didn't even call me that, therefore you can't."

Ragazzone pulls the selves on his shirt to his elbow. "It's ironic how we're talking about fathers don't you think."

"What's that suppose to me?" I ask.

He shrugs. "If you ever see your mother again ask her." He says. "I heard you killed one of my nurses."

"She..." He cuts me off.

"I know. Raped you." He finishes. "I know. But see Marc that's gonna be a problem. She was apart of my crew and if anyone in my crew is killed or hurt it's my job to avenge them. To prove to everyone that works for me, that they mean something." He walks to the fireplace and turns it on. Sticking a metal stick into the flaming fire, he turns to me. "If I don't hurt you, word will get back to my crew and they will probably riot."

My eyes look around the room, searching for a way out of here. "How exactly are you going to hurt me?"

Ragazzone smiles, showing off his teeth. He ignores my question. "Did you know that ninety-five percent of the world's population is afraid of fire. Or even anything that has to do with fire."

I took that as my cue to go. I take off running to the nearest exit. My feet moving at a fast pace, as I try to make it out the door. Casie tackles me to ground, alongside two other guys. "Get off of me you sons of bitches! You're crushing my dick!"

"Bring him to me," Ragazzone commands. They take a hold of my arms, dragging me to him. Ragazzone takes the metal stick from the fire. "Hold him down." The men do as they are told, and make sure to keep me in a tight grip. The scorching metal touches the skin on my back. My eyes widen and I bite down on lips, trying not to give him the satisfaction of hearing me yell or cry. "We have a strong one Ragazzi. He doesn't want us to hear him."

"Happy place, happy place," I say, inside my head. "Think about what makes you happy. Kelly. Think of Kelly Marc."

Ragazzone chuckles, sticking the metal stick back into the fire. "He thinks he can beat us by not making a sound, by not weeping. He thinks he can intimidate me!" Ragazzone yells taking the stick out of the fire. "Well, he's sadly mistaken." He lifts my head up. "You're not leaving here till I see those tears fall from your eyes, and the sound of you screaming bloody murder." The scorching metal touches the skin on my back once again.

I clench my teeth, biting down on my lips. Blood oozes down my mouth, but I ignore it trying to find my happy place. "Happy place, happy place," I say in my head. She appears in front of me, her eyes never leaving mine. She lifts my chin up, looking me in the eyes. Kelly. My Kelly. "I'm dreaming again aren't I?" I ask her.

She sends me a small smile. "Not necessarily dreaming. Your still awake, you can see me but they can't. I'm apart of your imagination." She answers. "Listen to me, Marc. You can do this, you can beat this." Kelly tells me.

I wince at the pain I was feeling. "I can't Kelly... I can't." I say, looking away from her.

She makes me look at her again. "Marc Russo we did not go through all that we went through, just for you to say you can't do this. You can and you will beat this. You are Marc fricken Russo, the man that saved me from my uncle. The Italian butthead that I fell In love with."

I chuckle slightly. "You always did find a way to insult me." I wince again, at the amount of pain surging through my back. "This hurts like hell."

Kelly frowns a little. "I know it does baby. I'm sorry you're going through this." She moves closer to me, pulling me into a kiss. "I love you." She whispers, before disappearing.

"Kelly," I grunt. "Come back."

I hear a dark laugh already knowing it was Ragazzone. He puts the metal stick back and steps away from the fireplace. "Let him go." He says, to guys holding me. My body falls to the ground, and more pain spreads through my body. Ragazzone crunches down in front of me "Its been a year and you still call out to this Kelly bitch. You must've really loved her."

With all the strength I had, I glare at him. "Don't you ever call her a bitch."

Ragazzone shrugs. "Why not? She is a bitch. All women are bitches." He smirks at me. "You were in love with a bitch, and now that bitch is dead." That was it. I jump up and punch him right in the face. He stumbles back but regains himself. Casie runs to my side holding me back. Ragazzone smiles, wiping his bloody lip. "That's what I like to see. Little Marc got spunk after all guys."

"Vaffanculo!" I spit at him.

He sighs. "Knock his ass out." He commands. Casie nods, taking his gun and colliding the back of it with my head. Everything went dark.

My body felt like it was on fire. From the amount of pain that I was feeling, I felt like I was going to die. They brought me back into my cell about an hour ago. Another nurse came in, putting clothes on me. She didn't sexually touch me or anything like that, she just did what she needed to do and left.

My eyes snap to my cell door, as I hear the lock on its turn. "Looks like you got a roommate Marc," Casie says, before roughly throwing a man into the cell. The man falls to the ground and groans. Casie glances my way one final time, before leaving. The man on the ground still stays where he's at. My eyes fall to the metal connected with his thigh.

Amputee? I thought.

The man finally stands up, looking straight at me. "You Marc Russo?" He asks.

I frown. "Yeah, what's it to you?"

He walks forward. "I'm Levi. Levi green and I'm here to get you out of this place."

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