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CHAPTER(4): ⚄Levi?⚅


"What the fuck do you mean you're here to get me out of this place?" I glare at him. "Did Casie put you up to this?!" My voice booms.

Levi pinches the bridge of his nose, walking towards me. "Keep your fucking voice down." He whispers yells, to me. He points to the far left corner of the room. "That is a video camera, it's taping everything we do. Even though it doesn't record audio, it's still best to keep your voice down."

That's how Ragazzone knew I killed that, creepy nurse.

I sit down on my bed, still keep my eyes on Levi. "How do you know that?"

Levi sits down on his own bed as well. "I know cameras, perks of being in the military."

"That's how you lost your leg?" I ask, gesturing towards his legs. He nods. "Okay, I'm listening. Tell me everything I need to know. Do note that if anything you tell me is a lie, I'll kill you with my bare hands."

Levi rolls his eyes. "I'm so scared." He says, sarcasm lace in his voice. "Anyways, I'm Diana Thompson's boyfriend. You don't know her, but she knows about you and Kelly."

My ears perk up. "Wait, Kelly? Is Kelly alive? How does this Diana girl know about Kelly?"

"Yes, Kelly is alive." Levi answers. I let a breath out of relief. "Diana is Kelly's cousin, that's how she knows about Kelly."

I frown. "Kelly never mentioned anything about having a cousin."

"That's because Kelly doesn't know she has cousins. Well now she probably does know, but I don't know."

"Cousins as in plural?"

"Yes, Diana and Simon."

"How exactly did you get here and how do you plan on breaking us out?"

"Getting here was easy. The only thing I had to do was kill one of the Italian idiots that were close to El Ragazzone. He sent some people after me the next day, and they shipped me off here. This shithole of an island." Levi, explains. "I plan on getting us out of here by killing you."

I quickly stand up. "What the fuck you mean by killing me?"

Levi stands as well. "Calm the fuck down, it's not in the way you sense it. When the time is right, I'll give you a shot to stop your heart. You'll be dead for some time, but just enough time for me to get you out of here. After that, I'll revive you and we'll be on our way home. You'll be with your girl, and if things go well, the same thing will hopefully happen to me."

I take a moment, processing everything Levi tells me. "Why exactly is your girl doing this?" Is the only thing I can think of to ask.

Levi sighs. "She's doing it for Kelly because Kelly is family. She believes that family is everything."

I nod. "She sounds legit."

"She is." Levi agrees. From the way his eyes twinkle when he mentions Diana, I could tell he was in love with her.

The hopes of seeing Kelly again made me nervous. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I realize something. "I can't leave."

"Why not?" Levi asks.

Pushing my hair out of my face, I look up at the ceiling. "Ragazzone has Dani, Kelly's daughter. I can't leave without her."

"She has a daughter?!" Levi practically yells. "We didn't know she had a daughter. This is bad, really bad. Diana only gave me passage for the two of us."

"Is there a way we can get another one?" I ask.

"No," Levi says. He pauses for a second. "The guy Diana made a deal with can only sneak two people out of Italy's border. If we even ask for more passage, hell cut everything off." Levi explains. "That stubborn motherfucker. " He says lowly.

"We find Dani and when the time comes for us to escape, I'll stay and you and Dani can get out of here."

Levi quickly objects. "No." He says. "I'll find another solution, but for now we all leave."


"Wake up ladies." Casie's voice echoes, through the cell. He walks in, and two other guards follow him. "You." He says, pointing at Levi. "Newbie you gotta come with us."

Levi groans, standing up. "Where am I going?"

"You don't get to ask questions stupido," Casie says. He turns to me. "How'd you like that culo di pertosse yesterday?"

I scoff, sending him a middle finger. "I'm gonna kill you, you prick."

"You can try you poser, but it ain't gonna happen."

"Succhiare un dildo," I say, having enough of his shit. My back was hurting and I felt sick. I didn't have time to deal with him right now.

Casie glares at me, before smirking. "If only Kelly was still alive, maybe she could've sucked my dick." He chuckles. "Just like she use to do your father."

That was it. That's all it took for me to lose my cool. Getting off the bed, I quickly run Casie. My hands latch onto his neck, and I squeeze it as hard as I can. His people try to pull me off, but I don't bulge. I unwrap my hands from his neck and send punches to his face. "Don't." Punch. "You." Punch. "Ever." Punch. "Talk." Punch. "About." Punch. "Her." Punch. "Again." They finally pull me off Casie and push me to the side, to check on him. My knuckle aches, blood evident in them. "I put this on everything, I'm going to kill you, Casie."

They lift Casie up, letting me see his bloody face. Casie pushes them away and stands to his feet by himself. "Don't fuckin touch me." He curses. "Get newbie to Ragazzone, I'm gonna go get cleaned up." Casie glares at me one final time, before walking away. They put handcuffs on Levi and guide him out the room.

A sigh leaves my mouth and I sit on the ground. Balling up my fist, I bite down on it and scream. Tears threaten to fall from my eyes, but I keep it in. She appears again, this time dressed in her baggy clothing. She sits by me, taking my hands into hers. "I miss you," I tell her. "The real you."

"I know you do baby." She says. "Just hang on for a little while."

I look at her, putting her hair behind her ears. "I feel like I'm getting more crazier being here," I say. "It's like every time I take a step forward, it feels like I'm taking several steps back. I can't even find Dani."

"Marc you have to breathe. You forget to do it sometimes and it worries me." Kelly says. "You know this prison better than anyone, you've been here several times before. Deep down you know where Dani is and you will find her."

I nod, carefully leaning my head on the wall. Kelly places her head on my lap. "Your right angioletto." I look down at her. "I love you."

"I love you too." She smiles. "Always and forever?"

"Always and forever."

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