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CHAPTER (6): ⚄Breathe⚅


"Kelly, I'm coming in," Wyatt announces before coming into the room. He was dressed in his casual wear. White t-shirt and some dark blue jeans. He smiles down at me. "Hey, amore."

I chuckle slightly and smile at him. "Hey fatty."

He gasps dramatically. "I am not fat. I work out twice a day, thank you very much."

I roll my eyes. "Sure you do," I say sitting up. "You don't know how happy I am to see you."

Wyatt smiles. "Same here, considering we didn't leave off on good terms." He scratches the back of his head. "I'm also sorry, for all those things."

"It's in the past Wyatt. Believe it or not, I've been forgiven you."

He nods, reaching into his bag. "I'm glad you have." He pulls out a fast food bag, and I feel my mouth water. "Seeing as you woke up from your coma, not even twenty-four hours ago. I decided to get you some Wendy's since they're your favorite."

I smile widely. "Did you get me a frosty?"

"Of course I did." He says, passing me the bag.

Sitting up, I accept the bag and start to eat. "Thank you, Wyatt."

"No problem." He sits down near me. "How are you holding up?"

I swallow, before answering. "Honest truth?"


I look down at my food. "Horrible," I confess. "Everything hurts. My body isn't how I loved it. I miss my kid and my finance." I look at him. "I even miss the kid that I didn't even know about until today." I chuckle bitterly. "Crazy right?"

Wyatt shakes his head, frowning. "It's not crazy. That child was apart of you, it's okay to miss it. What else do you feel?"

I sigh. "I feel like even if I get Dani and Marc back, that it's not going to be enough. What if Dani comes home and she doesn't even consider me her mom? What if when Marc comes home he's different?" I say. "What if he's disgusted with me."

Wyatt grabs my chin, making me look at him. "Kelly, you know damn well Marc loves you. You know that he could never be disgusted if you." Wyatt says. "As Dani, the only thing you have to do is explain to her what happened. She'll understand."

"Alright," I say, wanting to drop the subject. "Can I ask you something?"

Wyatt nods. "Sure thing."

"Who pulled me out the car?"

"I did."

I frown. "How did you know where I was?"

Wyatt leans back into his seat. "Mom told me." He confesses. "From what I remember, she said something about Marc was going to need help, and told me his exact location." Wyatt pauses. "Now that I think about it, she was acting really weird that day."

I say nothing and continue to eat my frosty. Things weren't adding up. On the day of the accident, I remember clear as day, Lena forcing me to get up out of my room to go talk to Marc. Marc didn't tell anyone where he was taking me, because he wanted to keep it a surprise. So how the hell did Lena know where Marc was going to be? "Wyatt, did you tell your mom I was awake?"

Wyatt nods. "Yeah, she said something about coming down to see you in a few days." He says. "She's in Italy right now, handling something."

"Do me a favor," I say. "Tell her I'm not allowed to have visitors right now."

Wyatt frowns. "Why?"

I clear my throat. "I'm just not in the mood in seeing her right away. I know this may sound crazy, but I don't want her seeing me like this." I lie.

"Alright," Wyatt says. "I'll tell her."

The volume on the small television was at a medium. Laying down on the small hospital bed, I watch as Sponge Bob and Patrick annoy the life out of Squidward. Wyatt had left over an hour ago because visiting hours were over. I sigh, feeling the familiar sensation once again at the bottom of my stomach. I had to pee. I would've asked Wyatt for his assistance, seeing as he was there when I first had to go but I didn't want to make things awkward.

Looking around the room, for any source of help I sigh. Removing the sheet from my body, I sit up. Placing the palm of my hands onto the ground, a groan leaves my mouth due to the amount of pressure below my waist. "Shit!" I curse, falling to the ground. The monitor goes off and the door bursts open with nurses.

"What happened?" The female nurse asks. They quickly rush to my side, helping me up.

"I'm sorry," I say, sincerely. "I was just trying to use the restroom."

The male nurse glares at me. "Your crippled, what makes you think you could use the bathroom on your own?" He says, rudely.

The woman nurse gasps. "Fredrick, watch your tone. Do not talk to her like that." She defends. "This is Marc Russo' s fiance and he'll surely have your head if he finds out you spoke to her so rudely."

Fredrick, I'm guessing rolls his eyes. "News flash Camie, Marc Russo is dead, he can't do shit if he's dead. Now shut up and help me get this bitch to the bathroom."

As soon as the word bitch flew out his mouth, I grab him by the shirt and slam his head on the bed rail. "Listen here you dumb fuckin idiot, don't you ever in your life call me a bitch!" I slam his head again, this time with more force. "Don't you ever talk shit about my fiance or on everything that I love, I will cut off your tongue." With one final slam, I push the son of a bitch away and turn to Camie. "Can you please help me to the bathroom?"

"Y... Yes, ma'am." She shutters.

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