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CHAPTER (7): ⚅I'm Okay...⚄


"You're hurting," Diana says. I can feel her eyes burning holes through the back of my head.

"I'm not." Lying down, the therapist holds my right leg by keeping a hand on my thigh and another just below the knee to give me support. "I'm just pushing myself," I say, as the therapist gently bends my knee upwards towards my chest.

Diana looks at me like I've gone mad. "Kelly this is your fifth time being in here for a session in just one day." Diana stands above me. "You've been coming in here five times a day for the past week. You need to take it slow, or you're gonna hurt yourself."

"You're not a doctor!" I snap. "Stop telling me what to do when it comes down to my body! I get it, your trying to help but please just stop. I need to do this, I need to get better." Diana doesn't say a word, she just shakes her head and walks out the room. "Ughh." I groan, mad at myself for taking my anger out on her. All she was trying to do was help. Turning to the therapist I sigh. "You can go. Take the rest of the day off."

"Are you sure Ms. Kelly?" She asks. I nod. "You don't want me to help you to your chair?"

"No." Giving her a small smile, I look at my wheelchair. "I'll find a way."

"Alright Ms. Kelly, see you Monday." And with that Hilda walks out, leaving me to myself. Lying back down on my mat, tears fall from my eyes. It's like every day that passes, things get harder and harder. I'm not comfortable with my self. In fact, I'm disgusted. Last night in the tub, I notice my skin starting to shed. And to make matters worse, I haven't been sleeping, the accident haunts my dreams. There's burning and sometimes tingling in my legs.

Every now and then, the burn returns and I'm stuck obsessing about it all day, all the while wondering what that sensation means. Some days are more annoying than others, and it feels like an itch you can't scratch. I can watch a needle go into my leg and not feel a thing, yet if you grab my leg and squeeze it, the change of blood flow would let me know which leg you touched.

My body is changing by the minute. I'm prone to muscle spasms and pressure sores. Then, of course, there are my emotions. I can be dead on sad one minute, then angry the next. "You just gonna stare up at the ceiling all day?" Simon asks, walking into the small gym room.

I roll my eyes. "It's not like I have anything else to do."

"You have plenty to do Kelly," Simon says, he chuckles. "You pissed Diana off, I'm surprised she just walked away. In the condition she's in right now, I thought she'd snap too."

I frown. "What condition?"

Simon raises his eyebrow at me. "She's pr--." He clears his throat as if remembering something. "Umm, she's... paranoid. Sometimes it gets her mad." He concludes.

"That's not what you were going to say."

He coughs, running his hands through his dreads. "Yes, it was."

I roll my eyes. "What do you need Simon?" It's only been a week and yet I know them like a book. While Diana was very strong spoken and her complexion dark, Simon was the exact opposite. He was very chill and laid back, his complexion lighter than Diana, yet darker than mine. You couldn't even tell that they're siblings, to be honest, they look nothing alike. They love each other to death but mask it, by sometimes throwing childish insults at each or just plain hitting one another.

Simon is surprisingly quiet when it comes down to his personal life. He never mentions anything that has to do with his past, nor ever brings up his parents. He has a loud personality and loves to annoy the hell out of me. Diana on the other hand, she'd tell me everything. Something's worth knowing, others not so much. Even though she tells me everything, I can tell her and Simon is keeping something from me. She loves drawing, which is something we bond over.

Diana hates the color white but loves to read. She sometimes distances herself away from both Simon and me, but I think it's cause she misses Levi and of course her bestfriend Sklyer.

Just like how I miss Marc and Dani.

Simon smiles, walking forward. "As your favorite cousin, I'm here to do what everyone else can't." He says, sitting down next to me. "I'm here to cheer you up."

"I don't need cheering up."

Simon scoffs. "Yes, you do cuzzo." He pulls something out his pocket. "All you do is mope around and workout. Like you do know that you're putting yourself at risk just by overworking yourself." He passes me something causing me to gasp. It was a joint. "That's right cuzzo, I got you some weed."

I chuckle, feeling myself about to cry over something so stupid. "If I could stand up right now, I'd be jumping like crazy. Thank you, Simon."

"No problem cuzzo," Simon says, getting a lighter.

I press the joint to my lips and Simon gracefully lights it up for me. I inhale slowly, my mind responding to the smoke, and feel my lungs being coated with warmth. I exhale, watching as the smoke fly away. "Just like how I remembered."

Simon bursts out laughing. "We're about to be higher than a kite."

"Yes, indeed Simon. Yes indeed."

"Simon!" I yell his name at the top of my lungs... even though he's sitting right across from me, laughing his ass off. "The ice is cracking! THE ICE IS CRACKING!" I yell, not knowing what the hell I'm talking about.

"Oh shit!" Simon yells, trying to make a serious face. "We have to get to land, before the ice cracks." He gets up from the ground, jumping on the living room couch. Simon looks back at me. "Kelly." He yells. "Get on the boat before the ice cracks!"

I look down at my legs, then back to him. "I can't walk." I cry. "Simon I'm gonna die on the ice because it's cracking."

Simon puts his hands on his head, panicked. "Oh shit!" He curses. "I forgot." He says. "Crawl Kelly, crawl!"

I roll over to my stomach, my hands latching onto objects, helping me move forward to the couch. I turn around, looking behind me then back at Simon. "I'm not gonna make it!"

"Fine, I'm gonna get you. But if I die on this ice I'm never forgiving you." He says, jumping off the couch.

"Me too," I say. Simon hurries over to me, lifting me up bridal style. He runs back to the couch, sitting me on it. "That was close."

"Hell yeah, it was." Simon agrees. "Aye, do you think we're high?"

I scoff. "Nah, not even close."



"Hmm." Is all Simon says.

"Simon, what if I blinked the same time, every time with someone else in the world?

Simon smiles. "Yo, that teddy bear just waved at me."

Turning my head to see what he was looking at, I frown. "That's a pillow Simon, you're way too high," I say. "I think being a bird would be pretty chill. Sitting on cars and people all day."

Simon nods. "Have you ever just wanted to take a star from the sky and play with it."

I nod. "Yeah," I respond. "Just break it open and absorb the energy."

"What if we got like star powers and started changing colors like Mario?"

"I'd be Luigi hands down."

Diana looks from afar as her high brother and cousin engage in the craziest conversation. A smile plays on her lips as her hand lay on her growing stomach. The smile soon disappears as she thinks back to Kelly. She loves her cousin dearly, and she definitely didn't want to hurt her. That's the only reason why she hasn't told Kelly about the pregnancy yet, she didn't want Kelly to freak out about the news. Considering the fact that Kelly had a miscarriage.

"You know you're gonna have to tell her one of these days," Wyatt says, sneaking up on her. Diana scowls at him, punching him in the arm. "Oww." Wyatt groans. "That hurt."

Diana rolls her eyes. "Of course it does. What the hell is wrong with you, didn't your mother ever tell you not to sneak up on a pregnant woman?"

He glares at her. "No."

Diana smiles. "Well, now you know." She says turning back to watch Simon and Kelly. She had to admit, over the past week she has gotten close with Wyatt and Kevin. They were like bonus brothers... even though they acted like idiots half of the time. "And yes, I do know I have to tell her."

Wyatt nods. "How far along are you?"

"Three months," Diana answers proudly.

"I understand why you won't tell Kelly. I just think she'll be a little bummed, that you kept it from her."

Diana clears her throat. "True." She says, more to herself.

"I heard she snapped on you today."

"Yeah, she did." Diana chuckles. "Took me everything in my self not to snap back."

Wyatt laughs. "That's good, it proves you have self-control." He glances at his phone. "I gotta go." He turns and looks at Diana. "Don't take Kelly latching out on you to the heart. She doesn't mean too, in fact, I'm one hundred percent sure she hates latching out on people. Especially you." Wyatt says. "The household she was in, she didn't really get to say what she really felt. She bottles everything up, and of course, everything that happened after the hospital is getting to her."

Diana nods. "I understand that. I'm just worried about her." Diana says. "She's been through so much, I just fear if my plan to get Marc and Dani back fails, she won't be herself anymore."

"It'll work out," Wyatt says, walking away. "It always does." He says loud enough for Diana to hear.

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