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CHAPTER (8):⚄ShitLoad⚅


My teeth clenched and my breath rises. "Is that all you got!" I yell at the guard, spitting out blood on his shoes. "Fuck you, you oversized purulento!" The guard known as Robert chuckles slightly before throwing another jab at my nose. My nose makes a crack sound, and I know that it's now broken. Blood pours from it, traveling down to my mouth.

Robert shakes his head before walking away, leaving me alone in the dull room.

From what I know, it's been a full week since I bruised Casie's face. Ragazzone took it personally. Talking about some, "You hurt my close guy Marc, and to me, that's like you saying you want to hurt me." I've been getting beatings ever since. Ragazzone also changed my room, putting me in some shit that had no windows. It's been impossible to talk to Levi. Mainly because we have no way of contacting each other. My room was heavily guarded, while his cell was out of reach.

I close my eyes, feeling dizziness overtake me. I stifle a sob with the palm of my hand and sink to the floor. "No tears. No tears. No tears." I chant to myself. Crying isn't gonna makes things better.

"Man up Marc." A voice says. My eyes open up, searching the room for whoever said that. "I'm right here." The voice says. I look over to the small bed, my eyes widening. The man chuckles. "What's wrong Marc? Don't you recognize your own father?"

Looking away, I face the wall. Panicking. "No, this isn't happening," I say, on the verge of losing it. "You're dead."

Leo steps forward. A bullet hole in his forehead, signaling where Kelly shot him. "I am dead." He admits. "I'm just apart of your mind."

I turn to him glaring. "Get out of my head, you sick son of a bitch."

Leo pretends to be sad. "Now Marc is that any way to speak to your father." He taunts.

I stick the middle finger at him. "You were never a father."

Leo laughs, humorously. "Look who don grew some balls. If only you could talk to Ragazzone like that."

"Shut up!" I yell. Leo disappears. At first, there was silence. A misty haze upon the horizons of my mind. That's where I kept everything, in my mind. That was until now. I could feel the hard painful lump in the back of my throat as the tears began to form. Slowly my breathing hallowed itself and a small but intense pain struck the top nerve in my head. Tears streaked my face.

I hear laughing again, it came from behind me. Slowly turning my head around, my breathing rises. "You can't get rid of me, Marc," Leo says.

Time had fast forward. I couldn't remember the briefest of moments, all I saw was my own bloody fist punching the wall. I even recognized my own voice repeating, "I can't take it anymore."

My room door unlocks and in walks a couple of guards. Everything goes quiet, the only thing that can be heard is the rash sound of my breathing. Ragazzone walls in, a cold glare settle on his face. He grabs a chair, sitting it near me and takes a seat. "You're going crazy in here, aren't you Il Mio Ragazzo?" I say nothing, only watching as Leo stands in the corner watching us. "That's good. That's really good. It shows that I really am making your life hell." Ragazzone lifts my head up. "Marc, you do know that I'm the one that ordered the hit out for you and you're girl that day, right?" I remain silent. "I'm gonna take your silence as a yes. I'm a very punctual man Marc, and I honestly hate surprises." Ragazzone says. "Now imagine my surprise when I found out, that your bitch is still alive."

My eyes snap up, looking at him with rage in my eyes. "Leave her alone!"

Ragazzone nods, smirking a bit. "Ah, so you knew that she was alive." He says. "I gotta admit Figlio, I'm kinda disappointed you didn't tell me. I thought we were closer than that."

"Fuck you Ragazzone." I spit. "I swear that on everything I love if you hurt her I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill everyone in this damn prison."

Ragazzone smirks. "You're not going to do a damn thing, Marc." He looks me in the eyes, before standing up. "Welp, it was nice having this small talk with you. But I have a plane to catch." He says. "And a girl to kill."

I quickly rise to my feet, only to be knocked down by one of the guard's. "Ragazzone don't do this." I plead.

Ragazzone scoffs. "I have to Figlio." He says. "See I was being nice Marc. I let that little girl lived, just so we can keep the peace. And now that her mother is still alive, I've decided to kill both of them." With that being said, Ragazzone walks out of the room, not evening looking back. His guards following his movement.

"Ragazzone!" I yell.

Ragazzone walks into his private plane, removing his shades from his eyes. He had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerizing deep ocean blue, flecks of silvery light performed ballets throughout. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. Ragazzone looked to the left of him and sigh. "Your son is infiltrating." He says, before taking his seat.

"I know he is." Lena states, smirking at Ragazzone. "He gets it from you."

Ragazzone scoffs. "That's a lie. I am not infiltrating."

"Si trova," Lena says, looking down at her phone. "When is this plane leaving, I wanna get this over with."

Ragazzone rolls his eyes. "If I'm correct the only thing you'll be doing is sitting in the car, looking through your phone, while I kill the girl." Ragazzone clarifies. "I'm still lost as to why I have to kill her."

Now Lena rolls her eyes. "You have to kill the bitch because she slept with Leo then killed him."

Ragazzone shakes his head at Lena's foolishness. "Lena we both know that Kelly didn't willingly sleep with Leo." He says. Ragazzone knew that Leo couldn't keep his dick in his pants when it came down to little girls. In fact, everyone who was close to Leo knew. It was only Lena that didn't believe it.

Lena bites her lips. "Even so, she still needs to pay for killing him," Lena says.

"I wonder what your kids would say if they found out you were the one behind the accident," Ragazzone smirks as he watches Lena stiffen in her seat. He liked messing with her. Always catching her off guard with his questions.

Lena took a moment, before looking at the man she once loved in the eyes. Marc's real father. She bites her tongue, knowing that if she snapped on him this whole plane ride would go left. "They won't find out, because if they do Raymond." She says, using his first name. "I'll gut you like a pig."

Raymond laughs, loving her answer. "Still the same feisty Lena, just like in high school." He says. "No but seriously, what happens if your kids find out."

Lena looks out the window, sighing. "Then my life will be ruined."

Marc spent a whole hour contemplating what he should do. He had made up a plan but was worried if it would turn out alright. Marc looks at the clock on the wall and stands up. It was 11:26 meaning that one of the guards would come in, to serve him breakfast.

Right on cue, Marc hears the sound of keys clinging together. He quickly runs, hiding behind the main door. The guard slowly pushes open the door, then walks in. Before the guard could even make the next move, Marc reaches for his neck and slams his face into the wall.

"Are you going to paint the walls with his blood?" Dead Leo asks, laying on the bed.

Marc looks at him, then back to the guard. "Yes." Marc answers. "I'm gonna paint the wall with all of their blood." Marc squeezes the guards neck, before forcefully slamming his face into the wall. Marc doesn't stop he just keeps slamming it, ignoring the guards pleads. The guard slowly starts to react now, his blood all over the walls and all over Marc. Once Marc sees that the guard is dead, be let's go of his neck and lets him fall to the ground.

"Good boy," Leo says proudly. "Now go kill some more people."

Marc takes the guards guns and keys, then walks out of the room. Some of the other guards spot him but Marc quickly shots them, ending their lives. Blood spatters throughout the walls, mixing into the painted white walls. Marc continues to walk down the familiar path, shooting everyone that stands in his way. The stench of blood filled the air. Marc took no satisfaction in killing, but he knew it had to be done. "What the hell happened to you?" Levi asks as Marc approaches his cell. Marc ignores Levi's question and unlocks the cell.

"You should kill him too," Leo suggests.

Marc turns his head to Leo. "I can't, he's a friend of the family."

"Who are you talking too?" Levi asks, walking out the cell.

Marc squints feeling a crushing pain just on one side of his head. He turns looking for Leo, but he was gone. "No one." Marc mumbles. "Let's go, we have to find Dani."

Levi watches from afar as Marc, walks at a fast pace. Truth be told, he didn't know what was happening with Marc. He looks kinda out of it. Marc keeps hitting his head with his hand, every little minute. For a second Levi thought he was on drugs. "Are you alright?" Levi asks, hoping that he'll tell the truth.

Marc takes a moment before replying. "I'm fine." Was his only words. He continues to walk, searching for the room he thought Dani was in. His eyes scan the dark hallway as he touches the flower designs on the wall. The memories of him being in this particular hallway as a child flashes through his eyes. This place where Ragazzone kept all these people locked away, was never really a prison. When it was first built it was a children's hospital. Marc remembers when this place was being built, Leo used to always bring him here to see the progress. It was actually one of the best moments with his father.

Marc cringes at the word.

Leo was no father and it didn't take a genius to figure it out.

"There's a lot of guards, surrounding that door," Levi states, taking a peek at the other side of the hall. "I'm sure she's in there."

Marc nods. "How much guards?"

"Seven." Levi answers.

Marc sighs, before reloading his gun. He makes his way to reveal himself to the guards, but Levi pushes him back to the empty space.

"You don't have to kill them all," Levi says.

From the corner of Marc's eyes, he could see Leo appear again. "Don't listen to him, Marc," Leo says. "You have to kill them all, it's the least you can do since you didn't stop the accident." Leo taunts.

"Shut up!" Marc's voice booms loudly, over the hallway. His eyes red, due to his current state.

"Shit!" Levi curses, knowing that the guards heard.

Marc doesn't wait for the guards to find them, he moves in on them. The gunshots cracked into the air. The noise reverberating in his ears. Adrenaline courses through Marc's body, pumping his heart at an unsteady beat. Marc blackouts.

"Marc stop shooting!" Levi yells. But Marc can't hear, he's too busy shooting away from his demons. "They're all dead!"

Marc stops shooting, his hands shaking like crazy. He drops the gun, letting it fall to the ground. He glances at Levi. "I'm sorry." He apologized. Marc doesn't wait to hear if Levi was going to respond, he walks forward making sure not to touch the dead bodies. His hands rest on the doorknob. He takes a deep breath, before walking in.

The walls were a deep red that pulsed in the light. A desk sat in one corner, littered with wadded up pieces of paper and crayons. A few shelves were pushed against the walls and filled with children books. Some books sat on the floor in front of the shelves. In the far left of the room, Marc watches as a little girl plays with her dolls. "The walls just be sound proof." Marc though. "D... Dani." He stutters, calling out her name.

The four-year-old girl turns around, her eyes widening as she sees Marc's bloodstained clothes. Marc walks forward, but the girl takes a step back. Marc sees this and falls to his knees. "I'm not gonna hurt you," Marc says. "It's me, Marc."

The little girl quirks up her eyebrows. "M...marc?"

Marc nods. "You remember Kelly?"

Dani nods her head happily. "Mommy." She clarifies.

Marc smiles, feeling himself about to cry. "Yes, mommy baby." He sticks his hands out for her to take. "Let's go home to mommy." Dani looks at his hand for a second, before taking it. Marc pulls her into a hug. "I'm so glad you're okay."

Marc, Dani, and Levi all walk out of the room, with only one thing in mind.


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