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An eclipse is a breathtaking phenomenon when the sun meets the moon. It's so beautiful that in which the moment it starts, it also ends so soon. Luna has always been the receiving end of the unfairness of the world. To create a world where she could also enjoy, she started writing stories on a whim. Later on, people have read her stories too and she instantly became the 1st in rankings. As Crescent, she can hide her real identity and create a new world wherein she is the protagonist. To thank her readers who have just reached 1M, she made a story out of her unrequited love, and made it into a perfect teen love. She didn't know that Jonathan, the guy she loves, has been reading her stories and applies it to his own unrequited love.

Drama / Romance
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Tragic Beauty

"Okay class, get one whole sheet of paper. Write your name, section, and the date today."

"Miss?! Is this a quiz?!" One student shouted. "Yes Ms. Montes, do you have a problem with that?" Professor Veronica said coldly.

Professor Veronica is our Math teacher, and she loves surprise quiz so much to the point that it surprises me how I still get an average grade in her subject.

"Ms. Asteria! What are you spacing out for! Get a one whole sheet of paper, now!" Oh frick. I took my whole pad paper from my bag and started writing.

There is a certain rule in our math class, wherein those without papers cannot ask from someone else and would automatically get an F from that quiz.

"Psst." I heard. I ignored it and minded my own business. Urgh, I wasn't listening to her during today's lecture, and I'm sure regretting that now. "Psst." Another one. What is that student's deal? If Prof. Veronica heard that student, he/she'd be kicked out of the class immeadiately.

"Luna" I was shocked to hear my name. No, not actually that shocked. What shocked me is the voice who called my name. I looked back, and bingo! It was really Jonathan. For him to call me, have I used up all my luck in this world?

"Luna, please pass me some paper. Don't let prof see, please." He pleaded. Normally, I don't give my classmates one, especially because I'd be risking my own quiz too! But since it's Jonathan, I'm willing to give my whole pad to him!

"Here. Take it quietly." I said as I let a piece of paper fall from the back of my chair. He sits behind me so it won't be a problem for him. He catched it and started writing.

After the 10min quiz or what felt more like 1 hour, we passed the paper and we were dismissed from class. I went directly to the locker area and as soon as I opened it, whole chunks of crumbled paper spilled out.




Those were the contents of some paper. You can guess for the remaining ones. As usual, I threw them away, took my water soaked notebooks, and went to my next class.

To go to my next class is kinda wrong to say. I went to the library to sit and write the next chapter for my story.

You see, I am Luna Asteria in this world, but in the internet, I am Crescent, the top fiction writer. People know Luna Asteria as the beautiful girl cursed with sickness, a girl who's bound to die soon. But, Crescent is different. Crescent is a writer who writes about dreams and people's wishes. She created a world of sunshines and rainbows, a world in which only a chosen few can experience in real life.

As I was writing, my phone buzzed from my bag. I took it and read the notification.

New message : Hey, this is Jonathan. Thanks for earlier! That was cool.

I smiled. That small text really means a lot to me.

Reply : Sure! No problem.

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