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Becky was a young reporter who had just started dating this guy. Stef was engaged to be married to her man of five years. They were both seeing Eric. Some time after Stef discovered their affair, Becky sought to make amends and reached out to Stef. It all started with her voicemail.

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"A fiancé."

“Eric? Eric, I’m home!”

Stef stumbled into the apartment, hands full of bags, one had lunch for her fiancé, Eric. The other hand held a bag with honeymoon tickets. She was going to surprise him with them. As exhausted as she was, she was also excited to finally be married to Eric.

“I brought lunch for us, it’s your favourite jerk chicken!”

Stef heard music coming from the master bedroom. He’s at it again, she thought. She made her way towards the only closed door in the apartment, calling Eric as she approached.

“Eric, I got your favourite jerk chick-”

Pain. Confusion. Grief. Nothing would prepare her for what she would see after she turned the knob. Her mind was flooded with thoughts. Her heart raced. Her lungs shriveled. She dropped all the bags, letting the honeymoon tickets slip out unto the floor.

There was Eric, in bed, with Becky.

Eric and Becky both stared at Stef, now standing by the door, in shock.

“Eric, who is this?” Becky nagged.

“Uh what? She is- this is- Stef, hey, what are you doing here?” Eric squeaked.

Stef remained frozen, an expression of pain streaked across her face.

“Stef? Eric, who is she?” Becky demanded. But then she saw the honeymoon tickets on the floor.

“Wait, do you hav-have a girlfriend?” Becky protested as her expression switched from befuddlement to contempt.

“A fiancé,” Stef howled. She lunged for the bed and went into a frenzy, punching and kicking Eric as she shouted.

Becky leaped off the bed, grabbed her clothes off the floor, and darted out the room.

All she could hear behind her, as she scurried out, was Stef wailing and Eric calling “Becky!”


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