Beyond Tomorrow

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America has given up on God, and in return God has given up on America. But there is still hope. The Main Character David Quinn is a hardworking self made man who happens to be a workaholic.. Who has died and finds himself in heaven making a deal with God. Because God has turned his back on America, In response to America turning its back on God. They had taken him out of their school, Took IN God we trust off their currency. And when they re-wrote the definition of marriage. God said that was enough..So he left and took all miracles with him.. But God makes a deal with David' if he was to come back David had to preform a few task.

Drama / Fantasy
Carl A Chase
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It’s the year 2060 and David Quinn is a 46 year old, Digital Merchandising Manager. That’s a mouth full’ isn’t it! It’s just another way of saying he was a creator of computer manufacturing.

He also happens to be a workaholic? Day in and Day out, he was in his office trying to come up with his next great Ideal. David’s Specialty is in Computer games. He has made thousands of dollars from them. His current project is called Playing God.

Which is primarily for Adults. All of his other games were for kids. So this is something new for him. But it will probably be a success, he seems to do nothing wrong, he has as the old saying goes’ the Minas’ touch. He has always been a dreamer, even as a kid he was thinking up new ways to make things better. But it’s strange that this game is called playing God.

Because America has officially declared that God was dead. And in response’ God has out-lawed miracles in America. Yes God has had enough of America. In 2015 he turned his back on the USA because America had turned its back on God. They have removed all Religious statures from the Government sites. The song God bless America was out-lawed. They removed the words “In God we trust’ from all their currency. The Democratic Party’s far left progressive movement, had completely taken over its once great Party. They are no longer the Party of John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy or even LBJ.

In 2012 the first president in the history of the united states officially condoned’ homosexual Marriage of the same sex. Announcing that Gay marriage was a right for every American. Shortly after that the Supreme Court ruled that Marriage was no longer just between one man and one woman. After that God just shook his head and said I’m done. So he took away all Miracles from America. The great USA which was founded on God’s laws, and Morals, no longer wanted God in their life. Not all Americans’ wanted Him gone’ just the ones in Power. The Progressive liberal movement has taken over the democratic party’ the government has basically taken over the people’ they tell them what to eat, what to drink, and even when to go to bed. And the media tells them how to vote.

But fortunately there is still a two Party system, consisting of Republican and Democrats. But the Democrats has been in power for a while, and once they got in power, they connived, cheated and yes even killed, to stay in Power. But the people still had the power to choose, and maybe a change can happen.

When you think about it, it’s really strange’ the science world seems all so happy to except the concept’ of ET (extraterrestrial) existence, more so then the existence of God. But God is ET’ because God is not from this world, he created it and all its surrounding’s known as the universe. So this was just another reason why God has had enough’ of man’s arrogance. And destructiveness.

But let’s get back to David, because of his never ending desire to stop working, his health is deteriorating, over the years he has let himself go. He is 46, 5’ 10’’ and weights over 300 pounds. His doctor has told him that he was a candidate for a heart attack, but it doesn’t seem to concern him in the least’ he would just hunch his flabby shoulders and say right Doc’. I’ll get one, one of these days’ besides we all got to go someday.

Finally Doctor Taylor had made up his mind, that if He did not listen to him, that he was going to drop him as a patient.

So David decided to take head’ and do as the doctor had ordered. He started exercising, he didn’t want to overdo it so he just started walking at first. A little at a time each morning. First one block a day, then two, then three. Now he is up to five miles a day. After two months of this daily routine David had lost a whopping 100 pounds. He was feeling so proud

Of what he had accomplish that he changed his routine and would run instead of walk. After a month of jogging he was still losing the pounds, and people started noticing him, something that had allotted him in the past. But it never bothered him, he had always liked is solitude. Any way he was rich’ I don’t need friends’ he would always tell

Himself’. One morning while jogging a beautiful woman started running near him, but instead of going pass him, she started running alongside him. Good morning she said’ smiling at him’ at first David ‘didn’t know what to do’ He even looked behind him’ as if she was talking to someone else’ Good morning he finally replied. I thought you were talking to someone else’ he said, as they stop to talk. No’ she replied’ I was talking to you. To make a long story short they became friends. Her name is Kate’ short for Katherine. Every day they ran together and became closer and closer. After about a year she wanted him to ask her to marry her, because she had falling in love with him. But he didn’t he couldn’t. One day at his home she just came out and ask him’. Why’ he couldn’t marry her. He sighs’ and then took her sweet face in his hand, holding her face in his hands like he was opening

a book’ Darling’ he said’ I can’t because I love you. ’’David was saying this because he knew that his position would come first in his life. And he didn’t want to hurt her. You love me! She shouted back at him. How can you say you love me and then hurt me in the same breath? She then turns and storms out the room. David could only stand there, he wanted to call her back, but he couldn’t. The next day he was out running, it was a crisp autumn morning when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his arm, the pain quickly ran from his arm to his chest, he fell to the ground clutching his chest. And soon close his eyes.

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