A Tough Choice

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Five Years Later

"Hey, babe," Aiden said as he walked into the kitchen. "James and Maya are here."

"Okay. The cookies are almost done. Could you bring them out when they cool?"

"Sure, babe."

When I walked into the living room, I noticed Maya's belly.

"Wow, you're almost as big as me," I said, rubbing her belly.

"Yeah. I can't believe you had to plan your own baby shower. And a month before the baby's born. You know I would've planned it."

"Well, actually, it's for both of us. And besides, with the play still in production, I had a hard time getting away from the theater. I just want everything to be perfect."

After high school, Aiden and I decided to take a year off and go backpacking through Europe. While we were there, I started working on a few scripts, and then I knew I wanted to make it into a career. So I got an internship at a local theater in London, and soon I became a playwright.

I worked for years on several plays, and I even wrote scripts for movies. I felt at home in my element. And Aiden was so supportive. Even when a few of my scripts got rejected. We got jobs working on sets as well to make extra money.

Aiden proposed to me on my 21st birthday, and soon we were married. James was his best man, and Maya was my maid-of-honor.

Two years later, I became pregnant with our baby girl. I felt so lucky that I had married my childhood sweetheart, and now we were starting a family.

As I sat down with James and Maya, I heard the doorbell ring.

"That must be the other guests."

"I'll get it, babe," Aiden said as he set the cookies down on the coffee table.

As the guests came in and sat down, Aiden started bringing out the rest of the snacks. I looked around the room and saw all the people I cared about. My friends and my fellow playwrights. I felt lucky to be surrounded by so many loving people.

As I started opening presents, I felt something strange. When I looked down, I saw water on the floor.

"Aiden," I said, grabbing his arm. "It's time."

"What? But she's not due for another month."

"Well, tell that to her."

"Okay, okay. We got this. Uh, James, help me get her stuff in the car."


"Maya, can you help Anna to the car?"

"Of course. Come on, Mama."

When we got to the hospital, Aiden checked us in, and he wheeled me to my room. As soon as we got there, the doctor asked me if I wanted an epidural. I nodded my head, and Aiden held my hand while she put the needle in my back.

I was in labor for what felt like an eternity, but soon it came time for our baby girl to enter into the world. As I looked into her beautiful eyes and held her tiny hands, I knew that nothing in this world could tear our beautiful family apart.

The next day, James and Maya came to see our beautiful girl.

"Congratulations, man," James said as he patted Aiden on the shoulder. "So what's her name?"

"How 'bout Emmie?"

"I think that sounds perfect."

Aiden walked over and kissed Emmie and me on the head. As I looked at my amazing husband and awesome friends, I knew that nothing could be better than being surrounded by people you love and bringing a beautiful baby into the world.

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