When I grow up

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If you think your life is hard read my storie and you won’t say your life is hard ever again. Rain has never felt loved in her life but when a new kid comes her life turns upside down.

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The beginning

Let’s start at the beginning my name is Rain I am the middle child.I have a little sister and a older brother and and a little sister.This is the storie of how I learned to feel loved for the first time in my life.I was born April nineteenth at 1:00 am my older brother was nine when I was born and wanted a brother not a sister but he still liked playing with me he pretended he hated me but he really loved me.I grew up never really being happy my dad didn’t want me and my mom said I was a mistake all I had was my books and toys sometimes my brother he took more care of me more then anyone.When my sister was born she was treated like a queen so was my brother but my parents didn’t care about me.They never made me food or got me new clothes so from a young age I knew how to cook dress myself sew my own clothes.But all I really want was to be loved like my sister and brother but I never was loved my mom wanted to put me up for iadoptshin and so did my dad the only thing that stoped them was my brother and sister they told my parents no and wouldn’t let them give me up at some moments I felt loved more loved then any one and that was all I needed.
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