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When people say their life was hard then they should read my storie now compare your life to mine.Imean no one said your life isn’t hard but don’t compare it to mine and say yours is harder .when I started going to school it got even harder I had no cute clothes only a few ugly brown dresses the day before school started my dad went to work and my mom took my sister and brother shopping and left me at home . I had never been a loud to come with my parents I wish they loved me like my brother and sister my mother became a doctor after college my father is a vet but we don’t have any pets my mothers name is jen my fathers name is Tim my brother and sister are named phill and rose. My mom and dad wish that they hadn’t named me so they could put me up for adoptshin but they didnt .My sister was the queen of the house my brother got what ever he wanted I was the maid I felt like a slave in my own home .My mom has only ever bought me clothes to see my grandma I mean grandma loved me hated my mom thought my dad was stupid thought my sister was stuckup and my brother should have less screen time but she always loved me so if I had to leave home I would go to my grandmas she was the best but we haven’t seen her in ten years because my mom is mad at her but we all stil love are grandma I wish she was my mom instead she is the best grandma ever.
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