When I grow up

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I grew up fast I fell in love at fourteen with this boy named Even and for the first time I feel loved.Me and Even both love music we would Wright songs and play music together.My mom and dad hate Evan because I am with him and not cleaning or doing something they want me to phill was twenty three and is in college with his girlfriend my little and my sister is nine. My life is nice i see my brother ounce a mounth and I love it when I get to see phill I love my brother more than anyone ever he loved me all my life .Now Evan cares my about to me like my brother did and that’s what I love about him. I mean pain is part of love is what I thought when he first yelled at me and hit me not hard kind of soft but it still made me cry witch made him feel even worse so he ran outside crying got in his car and drove away he then came back with ice cream and apologized for screaming at me some girls complain my boyfriend hits me all the time well it’s not ok but listen to this most boyfriends when they hit their girlfriend they feel like they have no power and feeldefatted so they want their girlfriend to feel the same way or their is a abusive person in your home u should do something about it cause you could sirisly get hurt .
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