When I grow up

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I grew up loving music Evan loves music too we love making music with him I would sing and he would play guitar and we would love it so much.When people say I have the best boyfriend I don’t care if you have a king as your boyfriend my boyfriend would move the world for me to be happy.I want to be a lawyer when I grow up Evan wants to be a musician.I wish the world was smaller so that me and Evan could stay together forever. Now I am not a crazy girlfriend or anything but I do love Evan he buys me new clothes gives me a place to stay and best of all he knows what I need when I am mad at my parents. My life was the best now that Evan is in it. Now I am sixteen and I am in tenth grade and having the best time of my life Evan's parents got him a new car for his birthday now he takes me everywhere I need to go I love him so much .All good things must end my mom told Evan’s mom I was cheating on him and talk bad about him and a lot lies I never did now me and Evan are over my life is over I loved Evan more any thing or anyone ever.
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