When I grow up

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Hold on

I wanted to see Evan all summer but when school came he wouldn’t even look at me it was like me dieing over and over again.I wish he would hold me again and drive me to places again I miss him more than you could ever imagine and when people talk about me and him it makes me cry. Life isn’t easy I wish I didn’t have to learn that the hard way my life in like Cinderella but no prince was r step family and my dad doesn’t love me and isn’t dead I wish he was some times but not anymore cause that’s rude to say u want someone dead. I wish my life was normal or fun but it’s not And I can’t change that.I mean some people would hate their life and complained but I just have to live through it. In high school as I was walking home I saw Evan with six boys two smoking and one had u beer can in his hand I saw them talking they didn’t see me approach them so i listened Evan said “what a idiot I was so happy her parents lied about her so I didn’t have to pretended I loved it when she messed up my hair damn it’s like she thought I loved her I mean honostly women stop”all the boys laughed one that I knew john said “so hows it going with your latest pray Amy”John said laughing “good she has no idea I am going to up and leave her when she gives me what I need” said Rvan all of them luaghed and I walked away crying.
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