When I grow up

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When people tell me they don’t want to be friends with me I’m like ok but when someone lies to me like Evan did I can’t live like that people hate me when I am sad cause I freak out . My life is now turning upside down with all the weird things that have been happening to me people don’t want to be my friend anymore I found out what Evan was really like my mom and dad are making me work supper hard to pay rent or something my brother won’t let us vist him anymore and me and my sister got in a big fight and I got in trouble for it the world is going crazy . I know this book was supose to be fiction and not a learning book but who gives a damn this book is for anyone who can talk read swear and most of all take a joke like damn no one here can take a joke moving on . When I was six I had a imaginary friend named pingo but then in the middle of the night I woke up and killed pingo I don’t know why but now he’s dead . I was always a weird kid but whatever weird kids are fun kids right I guess that’s what I thought growing up boy was I wrong about that . In kindergarten I had a crush on this one boy named Steve he was really nice and my bffs twin brother her parents always let her do whatever she wanted and liked me a lot I would go over all the time so I could be with them inatead with my awful family .

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