When I grow up

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Screams in to the wind

I have always been a strange child my parents always had prblems with me I never knew why until today . It all started like every other day me and my sister went to school then I was called too the office and I saw my dad , my sister and my brother sitting there crying when I said “ what’s wrong “ my dad looked up and stared daggers at me “why don’t you do what you were made to do sit down and shut up you worthless brat “ I just stared at him with disbelief I started to cry and yelled “ why did u have me then “ I yelled as I started crying I ran out of the room down the hall crying not knowing what to do then I heard a voice say my name I looked around no one was there then I looked at the office where I had run from and my dad was saying my name so I just had too listen in he said “Rain is a interesting kid ummm... well let’s see so when she was born we we’re so happy are first girl “ . I loved hearing my dad talk about me that way then my sister said “ then why do you treat her so bad “ “well ... “ my dad has no I saw what too say when my brother looked outside the door and saw me and pointed me pointed me out too my sister who mouthed “ come in “ . So I did I sat next to my dad and said “ I want to know too why I am treated so bad I am in 8th grade I should know “ “yeah she should said my sister starring at my dad like she was going to kill him my dad just stood there silent not knowing what too say.

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