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”Just be nice.” I breathed. Lilian Reid is a high student, who had tried to live a very perfect life, good grades, simple appearance, perfect boyfriend.Then one day, she made a sudden impulsive decission that changed her life forever.

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Do you know the other thing worse than finding out you're pregnant in a bathroom? It's realizing you're pregnant at 17 and in high school.

How could this happen to me? How did I even get here? I burst into tears, staring at the pregnancy stick in my trembling hands,

I didn't know what I was expecting to happen, perhaps I believed if I stared at the black plus sign a little longer, that it would somehow turn to a minus and wake me up from this nightmare,

I couldn't be pregnant, how could I be pregnant? I can't be pregnant.

I was scared and my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest, "Lilian?" I heard my dad call out from the other side of the door.

He's going to be so disappointed, how can I look him in the eye after this?

"Lilian?" he called again,

The door handle began to shake and I managed to quickly shove the sticks and boxes into my bag, before the door rattled open,

"Jeez! Dad, Privacy much." I groaned, my voice coming out croakily,

He makes his way in and stares at me, "Lilian, Why are you crying? What happened?" he asked with a lace of concern.

"I'm not crying." I shot quickly, tearing away from him.

"I know what tears look like, Lilian."

"It's nothing, dad." I lied again, "It must be the new eyeliner I'm trying on..it's supposed to make you teary..." I tell him and grabbing my things, I quickly hurried out, before he had the chance to ask more question,

My dad was smart, really smart, he runs one of the most successful security and cyber programs in the U.S, he was pretty much a genius.

So I knew it won't take long before he figures out what's really wrong with me, I just hope I get the chance to tell him before he does.

Everything I've done so far is to make him proud of me, I know he is, but I wanted him to know I appreciate him for being my father and taking care of me and not abandoning me on the streets or in some cheap basket like the woman who gave birth to me,

But now I feel like a total disappointment, I thought as I wiped my tears and made it down the stairs, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to Barbie's for a minute," I tell him, and grabbing the keys to my Audi A3 laying on the counter, I hurried towards the door.

"I want you home before curfew." I heard him yell after me.

I opened the door and wasn't looking when I bumped into someone's chest, I winced and holding onto my head, I looked up to see Jason.

Jason Stan is a boy who goes to my school, he's a class below me. Not to mention the drops by every weekend, because my father runs this intellectual program for brilliant kids, which Jason has been part of since he was thirteen.

He's pretty much like part of the family now and really smart too.

I laughed inside at the sudden thought, I mean it's funny now how I could be surrounded by all these smart, brilliant people and yet be so stupid.

"You okay?" he asked,


I shot back, making it past him and towards my car.

Usually, I would've fainted and drooled on how irresistibly good-looking and charming he was, but not today, today I felt like throwing up and smacking my fist against something really hard.

I started my car and hit the road,

Minutes away from Barbie's house, the song Rebell yell by Billy Idol began to play on the radio and I screamed and smacked it so hard, it hissed and crashed.

I hate that song!

It's what got me in this mess in the first place.

Ugh! I groaned. Now I have to fix my stupid radio. Could my life get any worse?

I pulled up at Barbie's house a minute later and knocked on the door, thankfully her parents weren't home.

The maid opens the door,

"Lily." She moves aside for me to come in, "Barbara is in her room."

I gave her a smile and headed upstairs to Barbie's room.

I walked up to her pink door and knocked repeatedly, hoping she could hear me amidst her loud music and terrible lip singing.

I kept hitting the door and she suddenly opens it pissed, but when her eyes meet mine she gets all concerned and quickly turns off the music.

"Lily?" She says, pulling me into a hug and I began sobbing uncontrollably, pulling away, "What happened?" she asked worriedly.

As she locked the door behind, I shakily opened my bag and pulling out the stick, I showed it to her.


Her tone read fear.

I nodded hysterically, "I'm pregnant." I choked out and her bunny eyes grew wide and her olive-like skin turned pale.

"Are you joking?"

I shook my head.

"Oh my god." She exclaimed, dragging me towards the edge of the bed, "Is it Michael's?" She asked and I went quiet, "I mean, I thought you two weren't having sex yet?"

"It's not Micheal's.."

I finally whispered and she threw her hands in her mouth to suppress her scream, That just made me cry even more.

Micheal is my boyfriend, we've been together since 9th grade and we've actually been waiting for the right time to have sex because I wanted my first time to be special and memorable.

Then, this happens...

"How did this happen, Lily?" She whispered,

"I don't know...It all happened so fast.." I sobbed and pulling myself together, I began narrating how this happened, how I got in this fucking mess.


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