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A day after Eva Green was released from Jail, she finds herself involved in things and places she shouldn't be and in situations she should have avoided. Now she has to do everything in her power to survive or lose everything she holds dear.

Drama / Action
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Staring blankly at the concrete wall of my cell room, I could still hear them in my head.

The voices!

These voices,

They hunt me and toil with my mind.

I can't remember a point where they weren't there, where I don't hear them demanding, laughing, where they don't block out my own thoughts, but left to this cruel world to die these voices had become my family, my friends-

The jingling sound of keys on the iron bar pulled me out of my thoughts, "You have a visitor." Officer Jones, the officer in charge of my floor announced, while opening the heavy bars.

She stalked over to me,

"Your hand?" She ordered, pulling out the handcuffs, Without fighting it, I extended both arms to her,

"Who's it?" I whispered curiously. I had been here for almost a year and no one had shown up to see me, not even my brother, who's the reason I'm here in the first place,

"Is it my brother?" I whispered again,

"Unless your brother wears a wig and a red suit...I don't think so.." She replied, cuffing my right hand to the bed, "But, I have a bad feeling about this one, you be careful now and remember your hearing is next week, any more charges and that's it."

She said, and I nodded at her, sadly officer Jones had been the closest thing I have had to a mother throughout my existence.

She walked away and a few minutes later, another officer appeared with a strange lady, dressed in a silk red suit, Her hair glossy and spreading accurately on her shoulders, mashing the deep bloody lipstick on her lips,

She stepped into my cell room, her heels clicking authoritatively on the concrete floor as if she owned the room,

She turned to the officer's and whispered something into his ear and he nodded and left, closing the bars behind.

"Who are you?" I asked and a proud smug appeared at the corners of her lips,

"You're aren't exactly what I had imagined, when that coward mentioned you to me." she uttered, stepping gradually towards me, making me more anxious.

"What do you mean? Who mentioned me and what do you want with me?" I demanded sternly, though my insides were terrified at the mere sight of her, she looked dangerous like a kind we read in mafia stories.

She took her final step and stood a few inches away from where I was cuffed to the bed, "My name is Ele knight, but you can call me savior."

"And, why would I call you that?"

She smirks, "I'm informed you're being charged with manslaughter, you killed your foster father with a pocket knife....and you were like what..seventeen."

Anger boiled up inside of me, "He was trying to hurt my brother." I snapped.

"Well, it's about to cost you everything, your foster mother is pleading you rot in jail and your brother be sent to the boys foster home in the east and you know what happens to boys who end up in that part of town, they get raped or shot or even-

"please, stop.." I whimpered, struggling out of the cuffs,

"Shhh.." She whispered, reaching out to me and stroking my hair gently, "It's okay, it's all over now, that's why I am here, to save you and make it all go away, soon you wouldn't even remember it happened." Her words were comforting to the ear,

She stooped down to look at me

"I hear your trial is next week, I know the judge and I can make all those charges go away, It would be as if you had been reborn."

"Why?" I spat, being in eleven different foster home, I had learnt one thing, that all kindness comes with a price,

"Smart question." She uttered, "Of course there's a tiny favor attached to my kindness, which shouldn't be a problem, seeing I am offering you a second chance to life."

"What sort of favor?" I questioned,

She dipped her ends into her side pocket and pulled out a pen and a tiny notebook. she flipped to the front page and began inscribing something on it, I watched her curiously, wandering what the price for my freedom was,

She finished and extended the note to me, I stared at it for a split second before reluctantly taking it from her and reading the words,

kill my son.

My eyes widened and I threw the book to the floor in shock,

She placed her finger in between her lips, stopping me from spelling out the sinful words, "You've done it before." She reminded me, "This time, you would be doing it for your freedom and that of your brother's."

She reached out to the floor and picked up the note,

"I would rather rot in jail.." I spat and she smirked devilishly,

"I won't say such words if I were you." She said, "but don't you worry, I'm not so heartless as not to give you 72 hours to ponder over it and give me my answer."

"The answer is no, I am not a murderer." I snarled at her and she leaned down, her eyes scrutinizing me,

"Trust me luv, you don't want to make an enemy out me, it could be quite bloody." She uttered in a deadly tone, causing me to recoil,

She reached out and dipped a white folded sheet into my pocket, "Call me.."

"Time up." The iron bars were opened, then with one scatted look directed towards me, she turned around walked out of the room, slipping a dollar note to the officer,

"It was nice meeting you, Eva." Her voice echoed and stifled through the tin walls, causing me to screech and scream.


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