His Pomegranate Queen

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This is the story of how the powerful God of the Underworld fell madly in love with the young Goddess of Spring. He kidnapped the fair maiden and crowned her as Queen of the Dead and Ruler of his cold black heart. But, what if Persephone wasn’t actually abducted, but went willingly with him? What if she loved him as much as he loved her? What happens, when he has to face the wrath of her mother and the reaction of the other Gods of Olympus? Will they finally end up together? Or are they doomed to be forever apart? A Hades & Persephone retelling!

Drama / Romance
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“How could you grow to love him?

He took you from flowers to a kingdom

Where not a single thing can grow.”

Persephone smiled,

“My darling every flower on your earth withers.

What Hades gave me was a crown

Made for the immortal flowers in my bones.”

-Conversations with Persephone

Nikita Gill

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