His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Ψυχή Της Ψυχής Μου

“Two souls don’t find each

other by simple accident.”

Her golden crown of olive branches was glowing brightly under the warm rays of the morning sun. Her dark locks were falling in beautiful waves to her lower back –a stark contrast against her light blue chiton. She could hear the commotion the rest of her Olympian family made as they all arrived at her husband’s palace and couldn’t help but roll her hazel eyes for the reason of their immediate meeting.

The terrible conflict that had arisen between the Greeks and the Trojans seemed to have gradually evolved into a tragic thriller, which would have major consequences for the future of the people of both sides.

Paris, the son of King Priamos who was the King of Troy, appeared to have fallen madly in love with the wife of the King of Sparta, Menelaus. He apparently had decided to steal her away from her husband and keep her for himself.

This, of course, resulted in the wrath of the Greeks, who for a long time now were looking for some excuse that would give them the opportunity to move against Troy and conquer it, as it was a town in a strategic position that controlled the straits of the Hellespont and had innumerable treasures.

It seemed like the horrific events would, unfortunately, lead to a long war, which would result in the Earth being watered with red blood and thousands of lives lost before the walls of the heroic Troy. Of course, such a major incident had immediately caused the reaction of the Gods, who were already involved in the events.

Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite had forced Paris to decide who was the most beautiful of the three, giving him unimaginable gifts if he chose them. Aphrodite, of course, was the one who presented Helen of Sparta to him as the most beautiful woman in the world and promised him that he would own her if he chose her as the most beautiful of the three deities.

And of course, Paris, being a man, was enchanted by the beauty of Helen and gave the Golden Apple of Eris to Aphrodite, resulting in the creation of all this mess that now prevailed in the Greek world.

Now, the Gods had begun to gather in the palace of the mighty Zeus, on top of mount Olympus and above the white clouds in order to find a solution to the problem that had arisen. The war was almost inevitable, but each deity would have to choose which side it would support and try to help during the fights.

So, everyone started to gather for their important meeting, discussing in one of the many courtyards of the golden palace and trying to decide who to support and why. However, there was a significant absence among them, which although it tried to pass by unnoticed, was particularly noticeable.

“What bloodthirsty fools”, she thought inwardly as she heard them bicker among themselves over the mortals’ stupidity.

Hera, Queen of the Gods and wife of Zeus was not among her other brothers and sisters. She wasn’t chatting with them for the Greeks and the Trojans, nor did she enjoy her favorite cup of sweet ambrosia as she used to do at these gatherings.

Truth be told, she always thought that Zeus was involving himself too much with the mortals and was worrying about things he shouldn’t have to. They always ended up making things worse with their divine games. Although, in this particular situation she couldn’t say anything to him. She had involved herself long before her husband did.

In any other case though; they were Gods and Gods do not waste time over minor mortals.

The Goddess of Family and Marriage had isolated herself from the rest of her siblings, finding some peace and quiet inside of the humongous throne room. Sitting on the small marble pavement that surrounded the fountain of Castalia, she disturbed the still waters passing her hand above their peaceful surface. Her hazel eyes watched with particular interest the incidents that the divine mirror was showing to her right in front of her, filling her with anger and anguish.

A panicking Hermes was holding an unconscious maiden in his arms as he screamed her name again and again, trying to wake her up. He shook her fragile body slightly as he got no reaction out of her. She remained unmoving no matter what he did in order for her to regain her senses.

“Persephone! Persephone!”

Hera’s eyes widened at the sight of the fainted Goddess, taking in the fragile deity and noticing a few details that she had missed at first sight.

Her porcelain skin was paler than usual and the glowing light that surrounded her form was dimmed and almost not visible –not a good sign for the health of a deity. Her emerald eyes were closed and surrounded by black circles and her whole form seemed a bit too thin for her liking. The girl was obviously tired and miserable, anyone who saw her could see the signs.

How in Zeus’ name didn’t Demeter took notice of this? Of the fact that her own daughter was slowly, but surely fading away?

Suddenly, a pair of emerald eyes opened slowly, blinking a few times as the sun’s rays made it difficult for the girl to see. The first thing that Persephone saw was the worried face of her brother as he held her tightly in his comforting embrace.

“What happened?“, she asked quietly, not remembering how she found herself in this position.

“You fainted,” Hermes explained to her not letting her out of his sight.

Persephone rubbed her forehead as she felt a terrible headache coming over her.

“How do you feel?“, the messenger asked her as she made an attempt to stand up by herself.

“I am fi-”

Hermes quickly put his hands out as she almost fell down yet again. Her body too tired to stand on her own.

“You are anything but fine, Seph! God’s don’t faint, neither do they feel weak! Something is terribly wrong with you!” , Hermes worriedly said as Persephone successfully stood on her own, “Have you talked to your mother about it?”

“No. I didn’t tell her anything and I don’t plan to any time soon.”

The young Goddess replied firmly as the world finally stopped spinning around her.

The messenger caressed her auburn locks softly as he tried to calm her down. He knew that she didn’t want to involve her mother, but this was serious.

“I know you don’t want to, sister...but this is important. I do not have the answers you need right now, but she surely does”, he tried to reason with her.

He sighed when she didn’t reply and lifted her chin with his hand. Her emerald orbs had so many emotions trapped into them that made him flinch. Bottling up nine years’ worth of feelings wasn’t the best idea, but he couldn’t blame her. He could only hope than when the bottle broke, her wrath wouldn’t be similar to their father’s.

“She is your mother and she loves you...“, he tried once again.

“She was my mother and she loved me. Now, she is just a stranger to me.”

Persephone said barely audible.

The messenger ran a hand nervously through his dark locks.

“But you have to speak to someone about it! You are not well, Seph, and immortals aren’t usually getting sick. This is serious!“, he shouted at her angrily, too worried to watch his tone.

He couldn’t bear the thought of something bad happening to her.

Why couldn’t she understand that he was only trying to protect her?

“I told you!”

Persephone gave him a weak smile.

Emerald orbs met pitch black.

“Seph...“, he pleaded with her.

The young Goddess shook her head negatively. Whatever this was, she would have to face it alone. Her mother had done enough –she couldn’t be trusted any longer. What if she decided that the best way to protect her would be to never leave the house again? Kore cringed at the mere thought.

“I don’t want anyone else to know about this”, she stated firmly.

Looking up at her worried brother, she begged him with her tired orbs.

“Promise me, brother.”

Hermes looked at her with a pained expression as what she was asking of him was very difficult. What if something happened to her and no one but he knew the truth? What if he couldn’t save her on time? Zeus would surely take his head for this.

“Please please Hermes! Promise you won’t tell a soul about this!”

Looking into her tearful emerald eyes, he knew he was a goner.

“Fine!“, he said as he frustratedly messed his brunette curls.

“I promise.”

This was bad.

This was very bad.

The Immortals were powerful and magical beings, which were influenced by only a couple of things during their long lives and were not as vulnerable as the humans that almost everything was against them.

It was almost unheard of for a God to get sick or lose his strength, as they had no weaknesses and everything worked differently for them. Persephone’s inability to use her gifts and poor health meant only one thing. There was someone else involved in this situation, someone who had more powers than any immortal God did.

Hera smiled widely as the whole situation clicked in her mind. Seems like the Fates had been busy the last couple of days, making sure that all their plans successfully came into life. Demeter and Zeus could argue all they wanted, but the Moirai took what they wanted and asked nobody about it.

If they wanted the God of the Underworld and the Goddess of Spring together, there was no way that they wouldn’t end up as a couple. And the innocent three sisters had just found the perfect plan to give things a small push and see their decisions become reality.

Soulmates were quite unique things and had abilities that only a few were aware of. Like the fact that no matter how far away they were from one another, they could feel the other’s emotions and were greatly affected by them.

In this case, the mighty Lord of Darkness could feel his beloved’s desperation and pain. He probably had a few heart attacks every time she fainted due to the fact that he was not able to feel her soul when it happened, something that usually meant that the other half had passed away. The Fates were very smart to make Persephone “sick”, making Hades go crazy with panic about the vibes he was getting from her.

“Especially, when the nine years are almost up”, Hera thought to herself, her smile almost reaching her ears.

Excited as she was by the single thought of this, the Queen of the Gods passed her hand over the crystal waters of the Castalia Mirror, barely touching them once more. The picture immediately changed, but her interest remained the same.

A black figure was sitting on a huge throne decorated with red rubies that looked like bloody teardrops. A crown of iron with sharp edges sat on a head with long black hair. The silver eyes of the God of the Dead had a murderous look in them and his cheekbones seemed more intense than they were in reality by the greeting of his teeth.

The God was seemingly calm on the outside, but it was quite obvious that he was silently furious. His hands were gripping tightly the bones that decorated the edge of his throne’s arms, almost breaking them from his anger. His full lips were set in a thin line and his body was considerably tense.

“My Lord, are you okay?”

A black figure that was standing on his right side asked him in worry of his master’s anger. His black feathered wings were folded behind his back as his white orbs gazed to his livid King.

“I can’t feel her, Thanatos.”

The Lord of Darkness said quietly to his loyal servant and closest friend.

The other deity immediately understood his Lord’s agony and despair. It was terrifying to not be able to feel your own soulmate. Especially, when this was the only way you could make sure she was well and alive. No wonder that he was currently on edge.

“This is the third time this week.”

The God of the Underworld rubbed his forehead as his black robes began to leave a dark smoke, indicating his anger.

What the hell was happening?

He could feel Persephone’s sadness and misery, but those feelings he could understand. This was what he also felt while he was away from her.

But not feeling her presence at all?

This was driving him slowly but surely into madness. His sanity was hanging by a mere thread as all kinds of thoughts began swirling inside his mind.

Was she sick?

Did her mother do anything to her?

Had someone else harmed her?

And even worse.

Was she dead?

The last thought was enough to make the beast inside of him roar in pain.

Gods weren’t humans, they didn’t go to the Underworld when their life was over. They didn’t have a second chance in the afterlife, because their life span was considerably longer. Considering the fact that their immortality could be affected by only a handful of things, it was almost impossible for their existence to cease.

But if it came to this, they just stopped existing and disappeared from the world, without any away to return back to life. Their powers would return back to Titan Chaos who had created all of them during the beginning of time, which was quite ironic.

From chaos they began and to chaos they ended.

The thought of never seeing her again was like a knife in his black cold heart. He didn’t know what he would do if he lost her. If he was never again able to hug her delicate form and kiss her forehead. If he could never again touch the softness of her skin and play with her auburn locks that he loved so much.

At least, now he knew that she was still breathing. That she was still alive. That he still had a chance of meeting her again sometime in the future.

If he lost her, he would surely follow her.

Life without her was living torture.

If he was to never awake from this nightmare, then he preferred the oblivion of death.

“Damn it!”

For the very first time in a thousand years, Thanatos witnessed his closest friend and master losing completely his cool. He stood up from his throne with dark smoke surrounding his whole figure and began pacing impatiently in front of him, almost making a hole on the ground.

He gripped his long black hair tightly almost ripping them out of their edges as his body trembled with fury and fear. Hades was completely losing himself and only Persephone could bring him back.

“My Lord...”

“I can’t feel her! I can’t fucking feel her!”

Hades was losing his mind as the emptiness in his heart surrounded his whole being. He had felt this loneliness many times before, but he would never become used to it. It only made him more worried. Worried that one of these times, the emptiness would become permanent and he would never be able to feel her again. Meaning that he would have lost her forever.

What was the worth of eternity, if he wasn’t able to spend it with her?

And then he felt it.

A skip in his empty heart as the emptiness was filled yet again with sadness. His knees gave away from relief, and he fell into the hard black marble floor.

“My Lord!“, Thanatos immediately run to his side.

She was alive. She didn’t leave him alone in this wretched world, not yet anyway. But he couldn’t just stand by and wait for her to leave him permanently. He wouldn’t let her let go of him so easily, no.

This torture would finally come to an end.

His silver eyes had a glint of determination in them and his hands turned into tight fists.

“I am coming for you.”

Hera couldn’t hide the wide smile that graced her face. This was excellent news indeed. It seemed like Hades would finally have his Persephone in his arms. What is fated to be, will always become true in the end, no matter how many Gods or Goddesses are against it.

The Queen left the throne room quickly to meet her awaiting siblings in the courtyard. Her blue robes flying around her body as she ran to her destination, not wanting anyone else to discover her detective ways. Yet, the smile for the happiness of her dearest brother never left her face.

Tick Tack.

Tick Tack.

Time is running out.


End of chapter 11!!

Title Translation: “The Soul of my Soul”

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