His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Είσοδος στον Κάτω Κόσμο

“He looks at her like she somehow

gets even more beautiful

every time he sees her.”


Her white long dress was waving slightly in the pleasant afternoon breeze as she ran through the blossoming fields that belonged to her mother. Her fingers were caressing softly the soft petals of the blooming flowers as she quickly passed by them with a smile so bright that could make the sun jealous.

The wind blew a breath of fresh air on her beautiful face and made her auburn locks swirl wildly behind her running form like dark red flames that jumped out of a huge bonfire.

This was the very first time in several years that the young woman found herself alone. Her mother’s watchful gaze wasn’t following her every step and her faithful Nymphs didn’t have their eyes fixed upon her since their Lady was absent.

Even her dearest Hermes had decided to leave her alone. With the help of a few entreaties and a couple of sweet smiles, his heart and will had melted instantly away. He had returned back to Olympus to attend the same meeting that her mother had been summoned to.

And just like that Demeter’s precious flower was left completely unsupervised. She was finally able to let the good girl’s facade aside and embrace her braver self, therefore deciding to break her mother’s rules. She didn’t return back home like she had promised her brother, deciding to be reckless for once in her miserable life and do whatever she wanted.

Persephone felt like a rebel by breaking her mother’s rules, but it was the best feeling she had had in a while. She never thought that she would miss the simplest of things like watching the blue of the sky changing colors during the day, running freely in the flowery meadows, or enjoying the sounds of nature without anyone watching her.

Freedom was something that she had taken for granted and she had appreciated it only when she lost it. Only then did she understand the importance of personal will -when she had completely lost her right to make her own decisions and do whatever she desired in her life. She had become a movie’s extra in her own life instead of being the main protagonist, and her mother had taken over the wheel controlling every little detail that concerned her. This current moment was her first taste of freedom and she had to admit that it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted.

And so, the Goddess of Spring twirled carelessly around a field filled with white narcissus, wanting to enjoy the few moments of freedom she had. Her emerald eyes were vibrant and full of life after being dull for the past few years. Her red plump lips were permanently stretched into a breathtaking smile. She closed her sparkling orbs and stretched her hands as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun’s rays upon her skin, feeling a sense of peace and calmness fill her entire being after a long time.

Then, she laid down on the white meadow with the beautiful narcissus surrounding her divine form as she listened to the sweet chirping of the small birds and the sound of the running waters that came from the stream inside of the green forest.

She wanted to enjoy the feeling of the grass between her fingers and the sun’s warmth against her face. She wanted to bask into the roughness of the soil she was laying upon and the soft wind that blew her hair away from her face. She wanted to hear the birds singing and the river’s water splashing against the sharp rocks. She wanted to look at the narcissus in front of her until the sun goes down and she couldn’t see their petal’s color anymore in the darkness.

She realized how much she had missed the little things in life such as being by herself doing absolutely nothing. Her mother had taken everything from her, even the simplest and harmless joys of everyday life.

No. Persephone didn’t want to think about that. She didn’t want to think about her “sweet” mother, her possessive antics, and the way she would react when she returned back home and found out that her daughter had broken all her rules.

Persephone knew that she would pay these few moments of loneliness at a very high price when her mother discovered her rebellion, and therefore, she didn’t want to waste her only moments of peace by thinking about her mother’s crazy behavior.

She knew that she would treasure these few precious moments of freedom when she returned back to her golden cage, and she wanted to enjoy them to the maximum without anyone bothering her and wasting her precious free time.

As the Goddess of Spring sat among the white flowers, smelling their sweet fragrant aroma and admiring the softness of their petals, something unexpected caught her attention.

She stood curiously up and slowly approached the black flower that stood out in the all-white meadow like a vivid color that had been spilled on a white canvas. It was yet another narcissus flower with petals so black that the night would envy his hue. Persephone enchanted by his unique beauty knelt beside him and caressed his soft petals admiring his diversity.

Not being able to stop herself, the young Goddess wrapped her slender fingers around his green stalk and cut the beautiful flower from the rest of his family. Bringing it close to her nose, the young lady closed her eyes as she smelled the distinct smell of the strange narcissus.

She had never seen any flower as beautiful and special as this one. She was taken by the beauty of its darkness and its mysterious aura. She decided that this would be her favorite flower from now on, not caring about its darkness and its lack of color.

As she admired the darkness of the unique narcissus, something utterly surprising happened. The earth began to move as if it were a wave on the sea and a rumbling noise that came from deep within the bowels of the Earth could be heard all around.

The beautiful Goddess widened her emerald eyes in shock and terror as she felt the ground shaking beneath her feet as the giant Enceladus had woken up. She closed her eyes and didn’t dare to move an inch, waiting patiently for the ground to become stable again.

However, not only did the Earth not stop moving, but the earthquake became even stronger as the minutes passed by. Persephone was horrified by the situation at hand, not knowing what else to do. Pearly tears began to roll down her rosy cheeks as huge cracks appeared around her on the ground and the flowers started to disappear as they fell into them.

Fear and panic grasped her heart as the ground shook up and down, making her lose her balance and fall harshly onto the hard ground. She watched as the cracks destroyed the whole meadow and the beautiful white narcissus disappeared into the huge dark abyss that had appeared in front of her.

By the time that the Earth had stopped moving, the whole field was utterly destroyed.

Persephone’s trembling form did not dare move from her fallen position as a huge hole had appeared right in front of her on the ground. She was so terrified as she stood as still as a statue, believing that even the smallest of movements could cause the ground beneath her feet to disappear.

The mere idea of falling down into the deep darkness of the abyss that had appeared out of nowhere sent a shiver of horror down her spine and it was enough to fill her beautiful eyes with unshed tears.

So, the young Goddess remained unmoving in her current position, watching with tearful eyes the infinite black that stretched in front of her and wishing for a miracle that would save her from her current state.

Suddenly, the faint sound of horse whinnies and galloping feet were heard in the destroyed field, making the beautiful maiden furrow her eyebrows in confusion and look around for the source of the sound. Persephone was left speechless from the surprising events that followed shortly after.

Seven huge black horses flew out of the depthless abyss in front of her, scaring her out of her mind but also making her awe at the extraordinary sight of them. They had huge dark wings on their backs that moved powerfully and quickly in order to carry the chariot that was attached to them. A chariot made out of black steel that was decorated with beautiful red gems that glowed under the sunlight and looked like small droplets of blood.

Persephone couldn’t help but watch in both terror and amazement as the horses landed gracefully on what remained of the narcissus field. The chariot touched the ground a few moments afterward and stopped only a couple of feet away from her.

She let a piercing scream escape her as she thought that it would hit her, closing her emerald orbs tightly and hugging herself in her try to feel safe. A few crystal tears escaped her closed eyelids as the realization of what was happening to her settled in.

Perhaps, she should have listened to her mother’s rules and not wonder her fields alone.

Perhaps, she should have honored the promise she gave to Hermes to return back home as soon as he left.

However, she did none of these things and now she had to face the consequences of her rebelling actions.

Every single thought she had made flew instantly out of the window when she saw the dark figure that climbed down from the aristocratic dark chariot.

Was she hallucinating or had the man of her deepest dreams returned back to her after all of these years?

Did he keep his vow and came back for her?

The familiar form made her heart stop and her breath got caught in her chest. He was just like she remembered him. Black robes flying around him and a broad figure, but perhaps a bit more handsome than she could reminisce. Or perhaps she thought that because she hadn’t seen him in what seemed like ages, although her heart had wanted nothing more.

Persephone pinched herself in order to wake up from yet another fiction of her fantasy that had taken his form. When the muscled figure didn’t disappear though, she felt her breathing become labored and her heart racing a mile a minute. Happy tears rolled down her face as she saw him approaching her with fast movements, a glint of determination shining in his magnetic silver eyes as they refused to let her out of his sight.

His black locks had fallen in his beautiful face, caressing his forehead and his sharp cheekbones. His stony eyes were a glistening silver color as they took in her fallen form. He had grown a dark beard on his flawless face that made him all the more attractive and manly, which had Persephone biting her lower lip. The remaining flowers withered and died as he passed by them, but he did not spare them a look.

His gaze was focused on the only one that he ever cared about.

The only person that he ever loved.

The woman that had become his whole world and his reason of existence.

The Goddess that had taken over his mind and had clouded his every thought.

His sweet Persephone.

The Goddess that owned his heart, body, and soul.

Persephone trembled excitedly as the God of the Underworld reached her still fallen form and helped her stand back up. His touch brought burning sparkles on her skin as he lifted her from the ground and hugged her tightly onto his muscled chest.

The young woman blushed as he offered to her the black narcissus flower that was held tightly in his hand. Taking it from him, she looked deep into his steel gaze. She gave him a breathtaking smile that made his heart go into overdrive. The smile he blessed her with made her knees buckle as if they were made out of jelly. She would have fallen on the ground if he wasn’t holding her in his warm embrace.

At that moment, only one word was able to escape from her plump red lips.

The name of the man that she desired like nobody else.

A man she had missed terribly and prayed every single day for his return back to her.



End of chapter 12!!

Title Translation:“The Entrance to the Underworld”

Greek Facts:

Winged horses are named Pegasus in Greek mythology. They are immortal animals connected with the God Poseidon. The first Pegasus sprang to life from the spilled blood of Medusa when the hero Perseus killed her.

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