His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Αρπαγή της Περσεφόνης

“At dusk, Death came to me

in the form of a man.”


Her voice trembled as she pronounced his divine name. She whispered it like a silent prayer, wishing –begging for him to be real. Had she finally completely lost it? Had her sanity finally abandoned her, making her see him everywhere she looked? Had she turned completely mad, not being able to distinguish reality from dreams anymore?

If she could only see him in her dreams, then she didn’t want to wake up.

She hesitantly raised her trembling hands, needing to know if he was real. She touched his broad chest as his strong arms were wrapped tightly around her, filling her stomach with a bunch of colorful butterflies.

Her fingers caressed his high cheekbones softly as she looked deep into his silver eyes, her fingers burning with wild tingles wherever they touched. Then, they caressed his thick eyebrows and glided into his dark locks, gripping them and forcing him to look solely in her emerald orbs. Was he real? Was her beloved God really standing in front of her?

Persephone melted into his dark form as soon as she realized that this wasn’t just another one of her desperate dreams or one fiction that her imagination came up with. She could feel his cold heart beating as she laid her head softly on his broad chest clenching his black robes tightly with her delicate fingers.

His hands were drawing her in closer as he felt her body shake, crying for the missed time that they will never make back. He had finally come back for her after all these years. After all this time, they finally were meeting again.

He made her tearful beautiful face look up at him and wiped away the crystal droplets of her tears with a calloused finger. She was so magnetically beautiful that he couldn’t breathe from her flawless beauty. Her face was way too beautiful and her soul way too precious to waste her tears on the God of the Underworld, the Master of the Dead.

The familiar roughness of his hands brought to her trembling form more relief than her heart could hold. She gripped the hand that was caressing her face so lovingly, scared that he would take it away, and leaned more into his gentle touch, feeling the soothing cold of his palm on her rosy cheek.

He was eating her with his burning eyes, running his hand through her wild auburn locks as if he couldn’t quite believe that he had her back in his arms either. He couldn’t believe how beautifully she had bloomed from a young girl to a mature woman with captivating characteristics and deliciously full curves that had him bite his lower lip as lust clouded all his thoughts for the very first time in all his numerous years.

All those years of pain and suffering were forgotten from both sides as soon as they were reunited again. He smiled softly as he closed his silver eyes and kissed her forehead softly like he used to do when she was but a child, and then he rested his own upon hers.

“Don’t go, not again.”

His heart clenched painfully at her broken words.

Her fingers grasped his robes tightly as if he would run away from her any minute now, while she begged him desperately with a trembling voice. Her emerald eyes were filled to the bream with unshed tears, making her vision blurred as she looked him in his captivating orbs.

He had come back for her after so many years of longing and misery, making her shuttered heart fill with so much happiness that it could burst in a million tiny pieces in any second now. She wasn’t ready to let him go just yet, not when she just got him back. Honestly, she wasn’t sure if she would survive a second departure of him ever again, not after all the pain she had already felt being so far away from him.

His lips brushed her soft ones, making her breathless at the slight touch. Persephone closed her eyelids wanting to cherish the few moments she had with him. Gods knew when she would see him again.

“My sweet love”, His voice was husky and emotional as he urged her to open the emerald orbs that he loved so much.

“I am going nowhere without you”, he vowed passionately, looking in her widened eyes with determination and raw honesty.

Persephone gasped at his words, the surprise she felt was evident in her facial expression. She searched his silver gaze for the lie she was looking for, but she found absolutely none. Feeling her breathing become heavier and her heartbeats increasing dangerously, she let one last tear fall down her pale chick.

“How can this be?“, she mumbled unbelievingly as her hand caressed softly his cheek, making him close his eyes in bliss.

“You are cursed, Hades. You bare the mark of the anathema! You can’t stay in the world of the living for more than a day and... it is mostly my fault.”

The guilt that was eating her all these years came out.

“Don’t be foolish, my love. Zeus is the only one to blame for this curse of mine. You had absolutely nothing to do with it”, Hades shook his head negatively as she blamed herself for her father’s wrongs.

No. He wouldn’t let her feel guilty for something that was beyond any of her powers.

“If we had never met, you’d still be free”, she whispered guiltily, not able to look him straight in the eye.

“If we had never met, I’d still be a prisoner of my own thoughts and miseries.”

He forced her beautiful face to look up at him.

Persephone opened her lips to answer to him, but he didn’t let her. It was finally time he made her understand how much she meant for him. It was time he came clean with his feelings and told her exactly how he felt for her. It was the time, the petite deity in front of him knew the effect she had on him and how much he needed for her to be by his side.

“You are the light to my darkness. A precious flower in the midst of winter. Don’t you ever wish for us to not have met -you are my sole salvation in the madness of this world.”

Hades left a lingering kiss on the inside of her small palm as his favorite deep red color decorated her pale cheek. Persephone was utterly shocked to see such deep emotions shining in his silver orbs. The God of the Underworld seemed to be more expressive of his feelings than any of the other Gods were.

It made her warm on the inside to know that her emotions were returned from the man she had fallen so deeply in love with that she was even afraid to admit it in her own self. She was a minor deity and he was one of the three most powerful and ancient ones, she could only hope that he would love her one day as she did love him.

“Without you, I am lost.”

The young Goddess couldn’t bear to see him like this. A God so powerful, being so vulnerable and broken, because of her. She never wished to bring any harm to him. She didn’t want to be the reason that he was cursed or saddened or laughed upon.

“Hades”, she murmured against his chest after a few moments of peaceful silence.

“Yes, my sweet?”

“Please”, she begged silently only for his ears to listen, “Kiss me.”

And just like that, he didn’t have to be told twice.

He immediately pressed his cold lips on her warm ones and the world faded away. It was loving and slow as if they both didn’t want for it to end. The Lord of Darkness poured in this kiss every feeling he couldn’t express with words to her –his longing and desperation, his love and lust, his passion and want for her.

His large hand rested below her ear, his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. She ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.

When the need for air became too great to be ignored, their lips unwillingly parted. They gazed into each other’s faces with racing hearts and smiling softly to one another. Hades gave a sweet kiss to her forehead and touched his head to hers as they breathed heavily.

“Who knew Death was such a great kisser, huh?”

Hades laughed at her words and pulled her closer to his larger form.

“Persephone”, she hummed at the sound of her name falling from his divine lips.

“I need you. I need to be with you all the time”, He confessed as he caressed her hair lovingly.

“I need you too, my Lord.”

She agreed, giving him one of her radiant smiles as she played with his dark robes, but then she suddenly frowned.

“But your curse...”

“Come with me.”

Persephone looked at him with shock, but a sliver of hope started to bloom in her frail heart.

“Come with me to my kingdom.“, Hades said the words with such a passion and longing, his eyes begging for her to agree, “If we cannot be together in this world, we can be in another.”

“The Underworld?“, she whispered.

The idea was quite logical. Hades was the ruler of his kingdom and he was banished to stay there for the rest of eternity. If she went with him, they could be together for the rest of their lives. They could be finally happy together in a place that no one would be able to separate them.

“I can’t lose you, Persephone...not again”, he murmured to her as he got himself lost in her emerald eyes.

The young maiden chewed on her plumb lip as she thought about the whole idea.

“Come with me to my realm! I’ll give you everything you ever wanted!“, he tried to persuade her desperately gripping her shoulders.

“I am not a demanding person, my Lord. I desired only one thing in my whole life...”

“Say the word and it will become yours, my Goddess”, He vowed to her, waiting impatiently for her wish in order to make it come true.

Persephone stood on her tiptoes and gazed into his captivating unique eyes, distinguishing the determination that glowed deep within them. She caressed his thick eyebrows, his aristocratic nose, and his high cheekbones, making him hiss at the amazing tingles her touch left behind. When she reached his cold lips, she came closer so that he could feel her own almost touching them.


The Goddess of Spring simply stated, not scared anymore that he didn’t want her as she did him.

“Just you.”

And just like that the God took her in his strong arms and molded their lips together once more. But this kiss was different from their previous one that was slow and loving. This one was fiery and hard, showing their burning desire for one another and was filled with such passion that would make Aphrodite blush at their sight.

With Hades biting hard down on her lower lip, they finally parted away needing to take a deep breath of much-needed oxygen. Persephone was sure that her lips were bruised and red by how sensitive she felt them be, but she didn’t want him to stop. No. She wanted even more from what he had to offer to her.

“I’ll take you as my beloved wife, my sweet”, he promised to her.

She looked at him feeling a burning wave overcome her whole body, making her feel hot and bothered.

“I’ll crown you Queen of the Realm of the Dead”, he murmured against her ear before he gave it a small bite that set her on fire.

“I’ll make you mine.”

She shivered at the possessive word.

“My wife. My queen. My lover. My everything.”

The sound of it was so good, she honestly didn’t know why she hadn’t already accepted him. She would have the man that she always wanted as hers, worshipping and loving her as nobody else would ever do. Hades would be hers and only hers and no one else could ever come in between them.

She would be the only one ruling by his side and laying in his bed, away from the whole drama of the Olympians and her mother’s controlling behavior. Her mother! How hadn’t she thought of this?

“What about my mother, Hades? She’ll be furious...“, Persephone cringed as she thought of her mother’s reaction.

“She will not be able to touch you in my kingdom. I know you want to run away from her Persephone, do not deny it. She treats you horribly. More like a possession rather than a daughter.”

He grasped her shoulders trying to persuade her as he saw the change in her behavior.

“I know, but she’ll get Zeus involved! I don’t want to cause you even more problems, my Lord”, Persephone’s eyes filled with tears at the thought.

Why couldn’t they ever have their happy ending? Why couldn’t the Gods let them freely be?

“Believe me though, my God”, Persephone touched his chest in the place where his heart was laying underneath.

“There is nothing more that I desire than to spend the rest of my life with you”, she honestly said and smiled softly up at him as he felt his cold organ skipping a beat.

“Is that really what you desire most?“, Hades whispered with a hoarse voice.

“I am sure of it”, she nodded confirming her thoughts.

“Your wish, my Lady...”

He suddenly pulled her form to his. He hugged her bridal style making her scream at the unsuspecting movement. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders for support and she buried her face in the crook of his neck.

He carried her to his aristocratic chariot, where his horses waited patiently and silently for them. He gripped with his right hand the reins of his winged horses and with his left the fair maiden that had stolen his heart. With a quick movement of the reins, the chariot began to move yet again, this time decanting towards the kingdom of Erebus.

As soon as the chariot moved into the ground, the Earth shook again. The opening disappeared and the flowers bloomed again as if they never were destroyed. Persephone gripped Hades’ form tightly as they flew towards his realm with his chariot. He looked deep in her emerald orbs and hugged her to himself.

He kissed her forehead and silently whispered with a brilliant smile on his handsome face.

“...is my command.”


End of chapter 13!!

Title Translation: “The Abduction of Persephone”

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