His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Κάθοδος Μίας Θεότητας

“Something about you made me

feel a little more alive and a far less lost.”

-The Better Man Project

The majestic chariot made its way quickly through the thick darkness of the depths of the Earth, flying towards the bottomless dark abyss.

Persephone buried her face in Hades’s broad chest, feeling comforted at the strong sound of his heart beating. He held her tightly to himself, making sure that she was safe and sound in his arms, where she will always belong.

The last remains of the sun’s rays disappeared as the cracks from above mended themselves, making it seem like nothing ever happened. It was the perfect “crime”, no one would know anything.

Suddenly, the chariot made a sudden spiral that had Persephone hug her God tighter and then, with a final leap it finally reached the bottom of the abyss. Persephone let out a breath of relief escape her slightly trembling form. She was a Goddess of Earth and she definitely didn’t like heights.

Hades quickly climbed off his chariot with expertise since he had done this so many times before and then lifted her yet again bridal style in order to help her climb off herself. However, secretly he just wanted to hold her more, now that he finally had her. All this longing and loneliness he had felt without her were now finally restored.

“Welcome, my sweet, to the Underworld!”

His words echoed around them loudly, filling the deafening silence that had surrounded them. His voice bounced on the dark rocks around them, making her sure that everyone in the world of the dead had heard them.

Persephone felt a shiver going down her spine as his husky voice filled her whole senses. How could this man have always such a great effect on her? How could a God as great as him fall for a minor Goddess such as herself? She had so many questions that needed so answers, but she decided that she wouldn’t bother herself right now. No. Now, she would enjoy her long-awaited time with the man she loved.

The beautiful maiden touched the back of his neck with her delicate hands and forced him to look at her. His hands tightened around her small form as he gazed into those emerald orbs he loved so much. They seemed like glowing gems in the darkness of the Underworld and her auburn hair like scarlet silk curtains as they surrounded her precious face.

The darkness made her look paler than she really was and the shadows emphasized her curves and cheekbones making them more prominent. Her eyelashes looked darker and longer and her lips –oh her lips- they looked fuller and a darker scarlet color that made him want to kiss them forever.

“Darkness suits you, my love”

Hades touched his forehead against hers as he began to move them through the dark veil of the Underworld. He didn’t let her out of his arms, not ready just yet to let the warmth of her body leave him. He needed the closure –it assured him that she was here with him -in his arms, in his heart, in the safety of his kingdom. He stifled a laugh at the last thought.

Who would have thought? The residence of the dead -the afterlife world, the Hell of the mortals was the safest place for his lovely Goddess to stay in. The Moirai have quite an interesting sense of humor to put such a Goddess full of life and fertility, safe in the world of the dead souls.


He immediately stopped at the sound of her sweet voice calling out his name. He closed his silver orbs momentarily and enjoyed the way it sounded as it fell from her luscious lips. He would never get tired of this –of her calling out to him. His name sounded so divine when she uttered it like it was something holy that not everyone was allowed to use.

He considered forbidding everyone else from referring to him as such, allowing them to utter only his other names in order to call him. His maiden seemed quite fond of this particular one and he could hear her calling him for days. He wondered how it would sound when she moaned or screamed it on his bed.


She gently touched his cheek in order to get his attention. His silver eyes flew immediately open and gazed into her emerald gems. He saw her love, her adoration, her longing and her loneliness in them, mirroring his own emotions that he was sure were displayed in his own orbs. But there was also something else in them –a sliver of fear and stress, an unsureness and a bit of helplessness. Why was his Goddess acting like this?

“What have we done, Hades?”

She whispered realizing their crazy actions and scared of the consequences that would surely follow. She felt her eyes fill with tears as everything came down at her. This is what she always wanted –her and Hades together and crazy in love, but could it possibly last?

“What was necessary, my sweet”, he responded proudly as he continued to carry her through the darkness.

“Necessary?“, she asked confused.

“They kept us apart in their world, so we made a world of our own.”

Her soul melted at his words, her heart skipping a beat. Who could have known that the stoic and cold ruler of the dead had such a soft spot for her? How did she get so lucky to get the attention of such an ancient and powerful God was beyond her imagination and the fact that he was actually returning her feelings...She couldn’t thank the Fates enough.


“Are you regretting it?“, his voice was filled with fear and desperation.

He was a man of honor –a man in love, but he was nevertheless honorable. He would give everything up just to keep her by his side, his throne, his crown, his kingdom –everything. But only if she wanted him too. He would never in a million years pressure her into something she didn’t want to do and would never take advantage of her.

This was firstly her choice and secondly his because she would always be his priority. She was the only person that could break his heart and spirit and yet he wouldn’t hold a grange towards her. If she wished to return back to the world of the living, then he would return her to her mother and the safety of her fields –with a heavy heart, yes, but he would.

Persephone was the only person that could keep them apart –not Zeus, not Demeter, and not all the other Olympians combined. He could overpower and overthrown them all just for her. But if his maiden rejected him, then he would have no other choice but to return her, although he could definitely hold her against her will in his kingdom.

But he wasn’t a man, who would force a woman, and he would never be.

“Of course not!“, Persephone shook her head negatively.

A sense of immense relief clouded his whole senses at her words. He didn’t know what he would do if she admitted to having regretted this.

“But our actions will have consequences!”

“All actions have consequences, my dear. It is up to us to decide though if we can pay the price”, Hades caressed her rosy cheek gently.

“My mother is going to realize that I am gone soon. Gods only know how she will react!! What if she informs the rest of the Olympians? What if she calls Zeus? What will happen when they find out that I am in the Underworld? Oh, precious Gaea!! They will blame you, I am sure of it!! What will hap-”

Hades placed a slender finger on top of her plumb lips effectively cutting off her rumbling. He slightly caressed her lower lip with the tips of his fingertips, before letting it go.

“What do you want, Persephone?”

The beautiful maiden looked at him confused.

“What is it that you truly desire?”

She opened her mouth to speak, but he didn’t let her just yet.

“I want you to tell me what you want, without thinking of the reaction of the Olympians, of your mother’s behavior or Zeus wrath. I want to know what you really want because I sure as hell know what I desire.”

“What is it that you desire, my Lord?“, she asked while biting her lip.

The God of the Underworld let a rare smile appear on his perfectly flawless face.

“You, my beautiful Lady. I want you by my side for the rest of our eternity. Ruling with me my kingdom, filling the longing and loneliness of my heart and lighting up my whole soul just with your mere presence.”

“For the rest of our eternity?”, her voice was hoarse and full of emotion.

“And beyond”,He whispered to her, before kissing softly her forehead.

“Even when so many years have passed and you have grown bored and irritated with me? When your fiery love and passion for me has diminished? Eros’ charms don’t last for too long, my God.”

“No, Eros’ charms don’t last for long.”

She tried to hide her tears at his admission, failing miserably.

“Do you know why they don’t last for long, my precious flower?“, he hummed at her seeing the change in her behavior.

She simply shook her head negatively.

“Because after a while, couples change. Their passion and lust diminish in order for something deeper and more meaningful to be created. Do you know what this is, my sweet?”

She shook her head yet again.

“Love, Persephone.”

She looked at him with such intensity, feeling that her heart would burst from all the emotions she was feeling.

“Pure and undeniable love”, he whispered in her ear making her shiver.

“Passion and lust bring two people together, yes. But if there isn’t a deeper connection between them –something more than just lust and attraction, the couples just drift apart after a while. Love, my sweet, creates a deeper meaning to a couple.”

His silver gaze burned fierily.

“It makes you care for your partner’s happiness and wellbeing. It makes you put them above you because they become your first priority. It makes you unable to imagine a life without them and creates havoc in your heart and soul at the mere thought of losing your other half.”

“So, you’ll love me even after all these years?“, she dared to whisper.

“I am actually furious that you even thought that I wouldn’t,” he admitted.

She blushed at his words and tried to look elsewhere from his silver orbs, but he didn’t let her.

“You and I are something completely different than just another couple, my dear.”

“Because we are divine?“, she asked him but he smiled at her and shook his head.

“Because we are forbidden?“, she tried again.

“Because we are each other’s soulmate”, he caressed her cheek lovingly.

“Soulmates? Does this mean we are meant to be?“, she wondered with widened eyes.

“What the Fates want, the Fates get, my dear. But honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful to them for biding you to me”, he admitted to her.

“So...you’ll love me? Even after all these years?”

She caressed his cheek gently.

“Always”, he vowed.

She gave him a tearful smile –one of happiness. How did she get so lucky? Why did she deserve a man as kind and gentle as him?

“Now now, Goddess, enough. You got your answers, but I didn’t get mine. What is it you desire most?“, he smirked down at her as she turned a deeper scarlet color.


He nodded eagerly, getting impatient with her lack of answers.

“I always wanted an independent life, where I could do whatever I wanted. However, my mother never let me do anything by myself”, she played nervously with her fingers.

“I want to be able to have a choice, Hades! I want to be free to make my decisions for myself! I want to have the freedom to speak my mind without being afraid to utter my opinions because they are different! I want to be the one who chooses the people that surround me! May they be friends or lovers!”

It felt so damn good, admitting her true feelings to someone. All these years, she felt like she was drowning, unable to do anything but watch everyone else controlling her life. It was time she took matters in her own hands and became finally the protagonist in her life.

“You know that I would never pressure you, right? You know that I would never dare to control your life as your mother did?! I wouldn’t ever dream to control your actions or words, Persephone! I fell in love with you, because of the person you are –the real you that you only let me see!! I would never-”

“Shhh, Hades.”

She cut him off as she saw him becoming more nervous and desperate by the minute. Who would have thought that the Lord of Darkness would be so worried about a little girl such as herself?

“I know you wouldn’t. You are the only one that didn’t try it and the only one that I trust to never become like this.”

He let a sigh of relief escape him at her words.

“Good,” he said.

“Because this isn’t me”, he sighed.

“I know, my Lord.”

She gave a small kiss to his neck, making him shiver in delight. At least, he was calm now.

“Now, about that lover part...“, he smirked slightly, making her groan inwardly.

“And what would your choice be, my dearest?“, his silvers orbs became a few tones darker as he asked her, jealousy dripping from his words.

“An Olympian, I assume? Apollo perhaps? I guess my nephew has quite the charm, being the God of Light and Music...“, his robes began to leave a dark smoke behind them.

“No, no... I don’t think so.”

Persephone watched him for the first time being jealous and she was simply loving it.

“Hmm... and why is that?”

“I am into... darker guys. And a bit older ones, I guess”, she bit her lip to stop her laughter.

“Is that so, Goddess of Spring?“, Hades smirked slightly, his eyes a pitch-black color.

“Yes”, She whispered.

“And who would you choose as your lover?“, he asked her with a husky voice.

She forced him to look into her emerald orbs and gasped at the intensity of his eyes. Could she really get under his skin so easily?

“You, Hades...”

She brushed her lips against his pale neck, letting her breathing fan on the sensitive skin.

“Only you.”

He tightened his arms around her delicate body and grasped her gorgeous face gently with his right palm.

“You better, my love...”

His lips were slightly touching hers now.

“Because I don’t know what I would do to another man if he dared to even look at you in the wrong way.”

She gasped, feeling her body becoming slightly hot at his words.

“So jealous...“, she whispered, “So possessive...”

He gazed into her emerald gems with such possessiveness and intensity that shook her whole being.

“You are mine, Goddess!”

He leaned into her to take her plumb lips into a fiery kiss, one that would steal away her breathe and her whole mind. One he was dying to take since the moment she had shyly pressed her lips on his own, only a few moments ago. It was like she was an oasis in a desert and he was dying to take just a sip of fresh water in order to survive.

But he never kissed her.

Because a loud growl filled the silence of the darkness, announcing to them that they weren’t alone anymore.

A vicious predator was lurking in the dark.


End of chapter 14!!

Title Translation: “The Descent of a Goddess”

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