His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Τόλμη της Άνοιξης

“The devil kissed my neck

and it felt like heaven.”

“You know, I believe the mortals have misjudged you.”

Persephone bit her lower lip as she looked at the God of the Underworld, waiting for his reaction.

They were walking slowly through the great empty corridors of his palace, creating a deafening sound as they walked on the black marble. On both sides of the corridor hung bronze braziers decorated with precious stones, in which burned unquenchable red flames, shedding bright light into the dark chambers of the palace of the God of the Underworld.

“I know”, Hades chuckled at her words.

Persephone looked down at their joined hands and gave him a small encouraging squeeze.

“Darkness is always misjudged, my love. It is easier to fear it than to understand it.”

He smiled at her, giving a kiss to the hand he was currently holding.

“But they do try to understand the other Gods. They build temples for them and celebrate in their names. They make sacrifices to keep them happy and pray to them in their darkest times. I’ve never heard anyone building a temple in your name though, neither did I hear anyone praying to you, my Lord.”

Hades shook his head as he guided her through his dark palace. Turning to the right, they made their way to another smaller corridor, not stopping their conversation.

“They do not have to pray to me, my love.”

Persephone looked up at him with questioning eyes. Her eyes were furrowed as she waited for him to continue.

“Death is the only God, who comes for them no matter what.”

“But you are the God of the Underworld and the King of the Realm of the Dead, not Death himself”, Persephone tried to reason.

“My precious love, you are correct as always”, he gave another kiss to her small hand.

“Hades...“, she urged him to tell her more.

“Not everyone is as clever as you, my sweet. Neither is everyone so open-minded to understand the bigger picture. Mortals are vulnerable and fragile –they fear their own shadow. They are terrified of the unknown reality that Death brings to them –they are trembling in front of what comes after they leave the world of the living.”

He caressed her cheek lovingly.

“They do not care about the rankings and power positions in the Underworld, neither do they care to understand how my realm works. They know I hold the most powerful position here, so they blame me for everything. Apparently, I am a God King, a Judge, Death, and a Punisher all together.”

She looked at him a bit confused but did not dare to question him further.

“What is it, my sweet?”

Persephone sighed inwardly, knowing that she couldn’t hide anything from him. He knew her so damn well that he understood her without her having to say anything.

“I just don’t understand how your realm works and I am a bit lost with what you’re saying sometimes. It’s completely different from Olympus, although mother hasn’t told me nearly enough for it either.”

Hades stopped walking as they reached their final destination and gazed into her sparkling emerald eyes. Damn him, but they looked like sparkling gems in the darkness of his world, and with her blood-red hair...she looked more appealing than ever.

“I’ll explain everything you need, if...”

Persephone raised a dark eyebrow at him, crossing her hands right underneath her chest.

“If what?”

The God of the Underworld closed his eyes briefly at the sight, getting hot and bothered at the better view she gave him of her breasts. He licked his dry lips, before answering her.

“If you join me for dinner tonight.”

Persephone let a bright smile decorate her whole face, one that had the Lord of the Dead forget how to breathe. She came closer to him and asked him in a seductive voice.

“Are you asking me out on a date, my Lord?”

Hades backed her up, so her back was touching the hard wood of the door that was right behind her. The cold surface made her shiver slightly, but she didn’t dare say anything. She watched as her God brought his hands on either side of her body, trapping her between his large arms and the huge door behind her.

“More like demanding.”

He whispered it in her ear, making her shiver as his cold breath fawned over her delicate neck. His nose touched the base of the right side of her neck, before leaving a small kiss that had her breathing stopping. How could this man have such an effect on her in such a short period of time?

“And what if I refuse?“, she teased him.

His eyes darkened at her challenging words, loving this daring side of her.

“You are going against your King’s commands?“, he murmured gazing in her sparkling emerald orbs.

“As far as I know I have no King, my Lord.”

Persephone didn’t know from where all her confidence was coming from. She had never before dared to speak like this to anyone, but with Hades things were different. She felt like she knew him for years and felt too comfortable around him.

Her breathing hitched as she gazed into his dark steel orbs, which had such a dark intense fire in them that she felt her whole being be set up in flames. He moved his right hand on her slender waist, giving her a warning squeeze.

“You don’t have a King...yet, my love.”

His raw honesty and possessiveness made her want to squeal in delight like a little girl, who finds out that her crush likes her back. She held her excitement in as best as she could, wanting to see more of this demanding and jealous side of him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?“, she asked with a raised eyebrow.

He gave her a mysterious smile and moved back, giving her space to breathe. He gave her no answer to her question, letting her wonder about his words and actions. Taking a firm hold of the beautiful steel-colored doorknob, when she moved to the side, he opened the large door. He urged her to get inside the large room first before he followed right behind her.

He enjoyed the joyful expression that decorated her beautiful face as she took in the chambers she would be staying in from now on. Her excitement and awe told him that he did a good job of creating the perfect bedroom for his love.

Persephone took in the black and red room, not able to comprehend its unique beauty. In the center of the chambers stood a large bed with blood-red silky sheets, while the bed’s post was decorated with black metal thorned roses that were decorated with small red rubies.

There were a humungous aristocratic mirror and a beautiful recliner, which was calling out to her. There was a large bathroom on her right with a large circular bathtub made out of the finest black marble, while everywhere she looked she could see dark red roses. A dresser filled with the finest of fabrics and silks that every woman would desire was also placed in the room.

“I take that you like your new chambers?“, Hades asked in amusement.

Persephone turned to him with wide eyes, shock and awe filling her beautiful orbs.

“My chambers?“, she asked.

The God of the Underworld just nodded.

“I love them, Hades! Thank you so much!”

She ran to him and gave him an unexpected hug, making him stable a bit at her force. Letting out a laugh, he wrapped her in his comfortable embrace, making her snuggle more into him. Kissing her forehead sweetly, he touched his chin on her forehead.

“I am glad you like it”, He murmured.

A sharp knock on the wooden door echoed in the room. The couple looked at one another, before getting away from each other.

“Come in”, Hades said in a loud voice that filled the whole space.

A woman appeared at the entrance of the room, dressed in a dark green chiton. Her brunette locks were falling down her back in soft curls as she bowed in front of them. Persephone gasped as she gazed into her unnatural gleaming yellow orbs, who were taking in her whole form. She gazed at Hades expectedly, waiting for him to introduce them, but the woman in front of her bit him to it.

“It is an honor to finally meet you, Lady Persephone. We’ve been expecting you for some time now”, she gave her a small smile.

Persephone’s eyes widened as the woman uttered her name.

“How do you-”

“...know your name?“, the other deity gave her a bright smile.

Persephone nodded, too shocked to say anything else.

“Forgive me, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, my Lady. I am Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Magic. I foreshow your arrival a while ago in one of my visions”, the deity bowed to her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hecate”, Persephone took the deity’s hand and gave it a friendly squeeze.

Hades smiled at the interaction of the two women in front of him. Hecate was one of his closest advisors and had helped him overcome many sticky situations in the past. The deity was always there to comfort and encourage him, even in his darkest of times, when he was doubting himself and his powers.

He considered her a friend, one of the very few he had, and he wanted Persephone to take a liking on her. Honestly, there weren’t many women in the Underworld and he hoped that Persephone and Hecate could become close friends and keep each other company.

“Hecate, I get that you are going to keep company to my love as long as I am not around?“, he asked the yellow-eyed deity, who gave him a confirming smile.

“Of course, my Lord. It would be my honor”, she stated.

Persephone let Hecate’s side to approach her God at his words. Standing on her tiptoes, she touched both of his cheeks.

“You are leaving?“, she asked with sad eyes.

He gave a chased kiss on the tip of her nose, before embracing her for one last time.

“Sorry, my love. I have to return back to my duties”, he apologized to her, giving her a sad smile.

Honestly, there was nothing else he wanted to do more than to spend the whole day with her. He had gone for so long without her and now he wanted nothing more than to make up for their lost time.

However, he couldn’t be selfish and be unfaithful to all his responsibilities. He had to return back to his duties as a God and a King, no matter how much he wanted to stay. The only thought that was actually encouraging him was that when he would finish them all for the day, he will spend the rest of his time with his beauty.

“I’ll see you tonight for our dinner”, he murmured as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

Persephone laughed at his words.

“I never said yes”, she said with teasing eyes.

Hades let a smirk decorate his face.

“I never asked”, he mused.

Persephone felt butterflies filling her stomach at his words, being unable to disagree with him. A slight blush decorated her rosy cheeks and pale neck –one that the Lord of Darkness adored greatly.

“Give me a kiss.”

He demanded, making her blush even harder.


“For the misery of waiting for tonight”, he murmured.

She pressed her lips softly on his, closing her eyes at the wonderful sensation. His plump lips devoured hers slowly, memorizing the feeling of her warm petals. His right hand was caressing her wild locks, while the left one was on top of her slender waist.

He wanted the moment to last longer, but he knew he should return back to his royal duties. Tearing his lips away from hers was the most difficult thing he did in a long while, but he knew that they will have plenty of time for more kisses.

“Hecate”, he murmured as he gazed into Persephone’s emerald orbs.

“My Lord”, the deity answered him.

“Take care of my love for me.”

Persephone bit her lower lip at his words, making him groan slightly. He touched it with his thumb, making her realize it.

“Of course, my Lord”, the deity bowed.

And then Hades turn around and left the room in a haste, not sure if he could control himself around his seductive love any longer. He let the two women alone in the large chambers to get to know each other.


End of chapter 17!!

Title Translation: “The Βoldness of Spring”

Greek Facts:

Hecate was variously associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery. Hecate was one of the main deities worshipped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family.

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