His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Αναστάτωση των Ολύμπιων

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”


“This is all your fault!”

A surprised gasp escaped the offended Goddess at the unexpected accusation. She couldn’t believe that they were all blaming this on her. She had done nothing but what was entailed in her divine tasks.

“How dare you accuse me of this...this monstrosity !?”

She screamed back in a high pitch voice, trying to somehow defend herself. She had done nothing more than using her powers like she always did –trying to make people happy. She looked around the throne room, making eye contact with the rest of her brothers and sisters. She dared them to blame her further for the mortals’ stupidity.

“Apollo is right, sister. You are a Goddess and, as a divine deity, you are well aware of the fact that our actions can have horrific consequences. You went too far with your games this time!”

The Goddess stared at the Goddess of Wisdom in disbelief. E tu, Brute?

“I just gave him a gift! How was I supposed to know that it would cause such havoc?“, she mumbled through gritted teeth.

“Love is not a game, Aphrodite! It can push people to immeasurable recklessness! You should have known better!”

Hera’s voice boomed around the huge room, bouncing around the elegant columns and overpowering everyone else’s opinion. The blonde Goddess scoffed at the Queen of the Gods and slumped over her elegant throne.

“You’re one to speak, Hera! At least, I didn’t promise him that he would become the King of the whole world like you did, now did I?

Hera gave her a tight smile and took a sip from her ambrosia, before replying to her ironic comments.

“No, sister dearest. You just promised him another man’s woman. I guess that was much wiser on your part”, she smirked at the enraged Goddess of Love, enjoying the blush that her anger was creating.


A loud thunder sound was heard around the large room, making everyone immediately quiet down. They focused on their furious King, who was sitting on his white marbled and golden throne. Hera just rolled her eyes at her husband’s antics and took another sip out of her golden cup.

“There is a war coming, whether you like it or not. We cannot change whatever is already done.”

Zeus’ striking blue eyes watched each and every God, waiting for their reaction. When none of them made a move to suggest anything, he sighed deeply. Damn, these humans and their stupidity. If they let them be, they would surely destroy the world on their own.

“We have to choose sides.”

The murmurs began again, filling the tense silence of the room. Gods and Goddesses began to speak among themselves, trying to reason with the others on which side they should be on. The murmurs became louder and louder as they didn’t agree between them and began to bicker with one another, defending their chosen side.

“We should obviously defend the Greeks! Menelaus opened his kingdom and palace to the Trojans and they disrespected him in his own house! He just had his wife taken from his own home and from a “guest” nonetheless! This should not go unpunished!”

Athena’s voice was heard among the bickering crowd of deities.

“You cannot ask this from me, sister! I am the protector of Troy! I cannot let them down, especially now that they need me the most!“, Apollo’s answer was curt and fair as he shook his head to his sister’s demands.

Zeus rolled his eyes at his daughter’s demanding behavior. Athena could be so damn stubborn when she wanted to, that it was almost impossible to change her stuck mind. He blamed the way she was born for this. He tuned in another conversation a few feet away from him.

“I’ll support the Trojans for you, my love. You have nothing to fear, this isn’t your fault.”

Ares took a crying Aphrodite in his arms, trying to desperately comfort her.

“Get your hands off of my wife, before I cut them off you!“, Hephaestus’ voice was heard only a few moments later, dripping with anger and a scary honesty.

Ares gave him a pointed glare, defying his older brother and his jealousy.

“I am doing what you should have done already! Comforting her and taking her side!”

Hephaestus laughed in his face and shook his head negatively.

“If you think I am going to support that old King, Priamus, over the mighty Achilles, you should think again!”

Poseidon cheered him from the other side of the room, agreeing with the God of Fire. He raised his cup high and made a toast to the hero’s name.

Zeus sighed and turned to the throne that was next to him. Seeing his wife sipping quietly on her ambrosia, he cleared his throat in order to gain her attention. When her hazel eyes focused on him, he just raised a thick blonde eyebrow at her, expecting to hear her opinion.

“I do not have to explain anything to you, Zeus”, she stated, before turning her gaze to the arguing Gods in front of her.

“Are you really going to hold a grudge against him? The man has a thing for blondes, you surely cannot blame him for it”, her husband chuckled, not letting his gaze fall away from her.

“I’ve held grudges for less”, she shrugged her shoulders.

“So, you are going to see Troy destroyed, because Paris didn’t choose you as the fairest between Aphrodite and Athena?“, he asked in bewilderment.

She gave him a wicked smile and sipped the liquid heaven from her golden cup.

"We are going to see Troy destroyed together, husband dearest. You are going to take the Greeks’ side and I am not negotiating on this.”

Zeus' striking blue eyes widened at her words.

“Do you know how much blood will be spilled, if I take part in this? I want to find a solution and stop this madness before it’s too late for both the Greeks and the Trojans. Taking the Greeks’ side, who are the ones that actually want this war to happen, isn’t going to help my cause.”

She said nothing to him. Just looked at him with her sparkling amber eyes.

He narrowed his orbs and his fist suddenly clenched.

“But you already know this, don’t you, my wife?”

She let a mischievous smile decorate her face as she saw his face becoming red with fury. Oh, how she loved to make her husband mad beyond his mind. It was definitely her favorite game.

“You either join the Greeks or...do not participate in this war at all”, she stated firmly.

He stood up from his throne, his humongous glowing form trembling in anger. Standing before her smaller one, he grabbed each side of it and trapped her sitting form on the elegant throne. She didn’t seem to be intimidating by his infuriated form and just continued to drink from her golden cup.

“And if I join the Trojans?”

He questioned her through gritted teeth as he felt his anger growing at Hera’s sudden smirk.

“In that case...I should make you pay for your decision. And you know very well, dear husband of mine...”

She leaned closer to his form and let her lips slightly brush against his.

“...that I always pay my debts at a very high price.”

She leaned back in her throne, allowing her back to rest on the purple silky cushions. She enjoyed the frustrated expression on her King’s face as he scolded at her and removed himself from her company.

He walked around the busy room, hearing the Gods and Goddesses around him screaming at one another and arguing over the war that was around the corner. He shook his head in disappointment at their behavior and looked around him in disbelief at their childish behavior. But something else caught his eye.

There was one person in this room that wasn’t participating in the war conversations. She was sitting quietly on her wooden throne, watching with her honeyed orbs her arguing siblings in disdain. She was moving her fingers nervously on the mahogany wood of her throne as if she was being extremely patient and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Approaching the Goddess of Harvest cautiously, Zeus could feel Hera’s eyes burning on his back but did not give it a second thought. Demeter’s eyes snapped up at his slowly approaching figure. A scoff of disgust decorated her divine facial characteristics.

“Sister...“, he greeted her when he finally approached her.

“What do you want, Zeus?”

Her words were curt and dripped with dislike, making him raise a curious eyebrow at her.

“You are a member of this council, yet you haven’t uttered a word for the upcoming war”, he found a quick excuse.

Demeter let a humorless laugh escape her.

“I am the Goddess of Harvest, not some war deity. This war does not affect me in any way, so I find no interest in taking part in it.”

“So, just because something does not affect you, you are going to do nothing about it? You are going to turn a blind eye to injustice and let it pass by?”

Zeus couldn’t understand her complete disregard for the whole situation.

“I do not care about the mortals, Zeus. They are...weak –simple pawns to the Gods’ powerful games. They do not deserve the time or the effort to be saved”, she stated emotionlessly.

“You care for nothing but yourself, Goddess. You have proven this time and time again, yet your ignorance and indifference always seem to surprise me”, Zeus shook his head disappointed at her actions and beliefs.

“I care for myself and my daughter, Xenious. Or have you forgotten you have one?“, she spat out through gritted teeth.

Zeus’ anger began to cloud his mind at her disrespectful tone.

“I might almost have forgotten I have one since you never let me see her, Demeter. You keep her locked in your fields and never let her breathe. Like a flower in a glass box.”

She stood up quickly and climbed down the few steps that separated them.

“She is a flower, my flower! And I will be damned if I let her be around deceiving Gods and jealous Goddesses! Kore needs no one else, but me! I’ve made sure of it and I am going to keep it this way!”

Zeus looked down at the infuriated Goddess as her form trembled in anger. He shook his head and let a sad smile decorate his flawless face.

“Be careful, sister. Flowers don’t die only when you forget them, but also when you drown them in your care.”

She narrowed her orbs at him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that if you are not careful, your precious flower is going to wither and die from too much love.”

She chuckled humorlessly.

“No one died from too much love”, she answered defiantly.

Zeus looked at his wife for a brief moment, already knowing that her hazel gaze was pinned on him.

“I almost did.”

He said honestly, not breaking eye contact with Hera.

Demeter pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, not believing for a second that the manipulative God in front of her -the one who didn’t lose a chance to get between the tights of every woman who opened them for him, actually fell once so deeply in love. It was besides known that Gods never needed anything but power and therefore, all their moves were precisely calculated in order to gain more.

“Kore doesn’t need anyone but me! Therefore, I would suggest you take over this mess of a meeting, so we can finish as soon as possible. I don’t want to stay in Olympus a minute more than I have to!”

“Demeter-“, he started but was quickly cut off.

“I want to return back to my daughter, Zeus. So, get this over with!”

She turned around and let him watch her back as she climbed quickly back on her wooden throne. She didn’t give him the chance to speak further to her, ignoring his existence as she usually did.

The God of Thunder sighed and turned around to the bickering crowd in front of him.

He looked up to the infinitive blue of the sky in despair.

This was going to be a hell of a day.


End of chapter 18!!

Title Translation: ” The Τurmoil of the Olympians”

Greek Facts:

Zeus came to lust Metis, a woman who constantly ran away from him, but he was determined to have her. An oracle then said to him that Metis will birth him two children –a girl and a boy, the last of whom would overthrow Zeus, similarly to what had happened to his father and grandfather. So, when Metis became pregnant, he swallowed her form and the unborn child. This was the end of, but also the beginning of ′ wisdom.

After a time, he developed an unbearable headache, which made him scream out of pain so loudly it could be heard throughout the earth. The came to see what the problem was. realized what needed to be done and directed to take a wedge and split open ’s skull. Out of the skull sprang, fully grown and in a full set of armor. Due to the way of her birth, she became the goddess of intelligence and wisdom.

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