His Pomegranate Queen

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Η Συμβουλή της Μαγείας

She who walks the floors of Hell finds the key to the gates of her own Heaven, buried there like a seed.

-Segovia Amil

“I’ve never seen the Lord of Darkness so infatuated with anyone before.”

Persephone looked at the mysterious Goddess through the mirror. After Hades had left them, Hecate ushered her to take a much needed hot bath to relax her muscles and get slowly ready for their dinner. Now, she was combing through her wet dark locks with extra care, being careful not to hurt her.

“Really?“, she asked curiously.

The yellow-eyed deity hummed in an answer as she focused on her task.

“But he is one of the three most powerful Gods and a King at that. His beauty and power could make anyone swoon over him. Surely someone fell for him before ...“, she mumbled skeptically.

Hecate let a heartfelt laugh escape her.

“Are you having doubts about yourself, my Lady? Because from my experience, I can assure you; a confident woman can set the whole world on fire and rebuild it just in mere seconds."

Persephone blushed at her words and looked away from the yellow orbs that were staring at her through the mirror, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“I am just...curious”, she shrugged her shoulders.

Hecate shook her head negatively as she gave her a soft smile.

“You are jealous, my dear”, Hecate corrected her smiling.

Persephone let a sigh escape her lips. Perhaps, she was indeed jealous, but was it really a bad thing? She hadn’t felt anything like this for anyone else before and her feelings were quite confusing to her.

“Are you going to answer me...please?“, she said, getting slightly impatient.

What was Hecate hiding from her? She needed answers, truthful answers! She couldn’t just expertly avoid her questions and think that she’d let it drop down like that.

“I said that you are the only one that captured his attention, not that he didn’t have a relationship with someone else before. As you said, his beauty and power would make anyone fall in love with him.”

An unsettling feeling settled in her stomach at the deity’s words. A burning fire began to form in her chest. Hades -her Hades had a relationship with someone before her? She wasn’t so shaken by the fact that he was with someone else before, because the God of the Underworld has been older than anyone could count.

What she did not understand was the fact that he hadn’t even mentioned it to her. Could he still be in love with this other woman? Could he still have feelings for her? Was she such a sensitive subject for him that he chose to hide it from her?

“Do enlighten me, Hecate.”

She mumbled through clenched teeth, trying to not sound angry at all.

“Only if you answer a question for me, my Lady.”

Persephone looked up at her in the mirror, meeting her yellow orbs with her emerald ones.

“Why did you fall so hard for a God like him? For his beauty or his power?”

Persephone gave her a genius smile.

“For his character”, she answered her truthfully.

The Goddess of Witchcraft raised her eyebrows in pleasant surprise. Perhaps, Spring had a pearl of hidden wisdom that would leave everyone speechless after all.

“As I said to you, Hades did have one other relationship before you. It is not recent though and it was totally meaningless. He has been alone for several millenniums now. He was never really interested in dealing with emotions -he did not want any drama in his life.”

Persephone chewed her lower lip.

“What happened?“, she finally asked.

“He had an off-again-on- again relationship with some river nymph. He never saw her seriously though, although I am pretty sure that damn nymph hoped for it. I think that she was getting on his nerves more than he would like to admit”, she shrugged.

“If he didn’t like her, then why was he with her?“, Persephone furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

Why would someone stay in a relationship that they don’t feel comfortable in? Why would people spend their time with someone they don’t feel anything for? Why don’t they focus on the things that truly matter? The things that actually make them happy and complete.

“Because God or not, he is still a man and men have needs. Let’s just say, their relationship was clearly only to let some steam from his side. Can’t say the same for her though.”

Persephone wasn’t sure if she was angry or annoyed. Perhaps, she was a little bit of both.

“Did she see him seriously?“, she asked.

“Of course she did. Imagine what would happen if she had managed to have the God of the Underworld wrapped around her finger! The power and the benefits she would have had would have been immeasurable”, Hecate shook her head negatively at the mere thought.

“You seem to truly not like her”, Persephone smiled slightly.

Hecate laughed at her words.

“That nymph was nothing but power-hungry. She had a lot of ambitions, but thankfully Hades isn’t stupid. Thinking of her as the Underworld’s Queen is really terrifying! ”

Persephone furrowed her dark eyebrows as Hecate brushed through her curls gently.


Hecate stopped abruptly what she was doing.

“You need to realize Persephone that the Underworld is a kingdom of its own. It has its own rules and a different King from that of Olympus. Hades is not only a God, but he is also a King. Therefore, he has to balance his wants with the needs of his domain, or else chaos will take over and destroy everything.”

Her yellow eyes met her emerald ones in the mirror.

“Divine balance is not something anyone wants to play with. He has to be careful of the people he is surrounding himself with and to whom he gives power to. That nymph would have been a disaster for the world of the dead -I’ve seen it in one of my visions. She was not the right person to have by his side -even the happiness she gave to him was temporary”, she finished.

“Why would she be so bad for the Queen’s position? Hades controls everything...she wouldn’t have to do anything”, she asked curiously.

“Hades is a just and honorable ruler -a cold and harsh one yes, but he is doing a perfect job of controlling the Underworld. Sometimes though, I feel like he is totally exhausted -like he is drained.”

Hecate shook her head in disappointment.

“He needs to have someone strong beside him -not a strong ruler, but a strong companion. Someone he can relay on and tell his fears to. Someone that will encourage him and make him happy. He needs someone strong emotionally that will make him forget his damn job and make him live a little!“, the Goddess of Magic sighed deeply.

Persephone stared at her hands in front of her, taking in the new information that was given to her. She knew the feeling that Hecate described -loneliness. She had been surrounded by so many Nymphs in her life, by her mother and Hermes, yet she still felt so alone.

She knew how it felt to be misunderstood and pressured, trying to impress someone that will find something wrong in anything you do. She knew that feeling of emptiness that filled her stomach every time she saw others around her have what she always wanted -love, understanding, compassion, trust.

“You seem to know him very well”, she told Hecate as she styled her hair in an aristocratic bun, adding a few red roses in it.

“The Underworld has been the only home I’ve ever known, my Lady”, the Goddess smiled sadly.

“Olympus is quite...afraid of me”, she continued, “They are scared of the things I see in the shadows. They are terrified of the destinations of my crossroads. They are against the twilight I cast and the dead souls I am speaking with.”

“Hades has been the only God, who truly accepted who I truly am and the powers of my gifts. He even made me one of the Underworld’s guardians -no one gets in or out without me knowing”, she shrugged her shoulders absentmindedly.

“You said you have visions?“, she asked her curiously.

“Visions of the past, the present, and the future. Prophecies in shadows that can come to light. My eyes can see into the shadow world what no one else can”, she answered honestly.

“You said you saw me before in one of them...you said you knew I would come”, Persephone questioned.

"I saw a red rose blooming in the darkness of the Underworld. Beautiful and majestic, but thorned and dangerous too. You have abilities that you are not even aware of, Persephone. They have been suppressed by others on purpose, trying to sedate them and not let them evolve”, the mysterious deity said.

Persephone stood up from her chair and turned around to face the Goddess of Witchcraft. Her red silky chiton made her skin look even paler and her long locks even darker. It complimented her curves elegantly as it left one of her shoulders and legs bare.

“And what did you see me become?“, she asked her as she paced slowly through the large room.

“Things you can’t even imagine.”

Persephone stared at the yellowed eyed deity in desperation.

“You are talking in riddles, Goddess.”

“Sometimes all you need is a touch of magic, so it can give you a slight push. If I say more, you are going to run for the hills and never look back, my Lady.”

Persephone laughed at her words as she hugged the mysterious Goddess.

“Tell me only one more thing...did I make the right decision?”

Hecate cocked her head to the side.

“Was it right to leave everything behind and come to the Underworld?“, the Goddess of Spring asked anxiously.

Hecate touched her shoulders giving them an encouraging squeeze.

“You did what was written in your destiny. You followed the path that the Fates laid down for you.”

“But my mother...Olympus...Hades is going to be in so much trouble for this!“, Persephone sighed deeply.

“You have to understand, Goddess of Spring, the Gods do not do whatever they want freely -they can’t go against the Moirai. If the Fates guided you towards the Underworld, it means that you have a role to play here -a mission to complete. And no threats, curses, or fury that comes from Olympus can ever change that.”

Persephone bit her lower lip, taking in the words of the Goddess of Witchcraft. She didn’t know the power of Fates -she knew only a handful of things about the divine world, even for the Olympians. She realized how much her mother had cut her off the reality that surrounded her and felt plain stupid about it.

Why couldn’t she do something anytime sooner? She should have demanded to be informed about everything that concerned the Gods and their origins. She should have demanded her freedom harder, but her fear for her mother’s furious outburst always kept her back.

But enough was enough.

She had finally escaped from her golden cage and was free to do whatever she wanted. She would learn everything and discover the whole world. She would focus on her powers’ and her magic’s evolution. She would live her life to the fullest by the side of the man she loved the most and no nymph would get in her way. She would finally become what she always wanted to be -what she was meant to be.

Persephone, the Goddess of Spring -not Kore, the daughter of Demeter.

Persephone looked at Hecate with determination. She was ready to reach her full potential and become what she was born to be.

“What do I have to do?”

Hecate touched both her rosy cheeks with her cold palms and gazed into her emerald eyes.

“Let the maiden die and the woman be born.”

The young Goddess gulped nervously.

“I don’t know how...“, she whispered.

The Goddess of Sorcery smiled at her softly.

“Then it would be an honor to help you, My Lady...as your friend.”

A tear escaped from her emerald eyes. A friend! She had finally made a friend of her own -someone that wasn’t Hermes or her mother’s nymphs. Someone that wanted to befriend her, because she wanted to and not because someone else forced her to. It was a nice change in her boring and lonely life. She couldn’t help but give Hecate a bright smile and a warm hug, taking her slightly by surprise.

“Now now, my Lady! Your tears are too precious to be given to me! Wipe them away and hurry up! You have a date to attend!”

Persephone quickly wiped away her tear and nodded at the other deity in appreciation.

“Do you think he’ll like my dress?“, she asked her blushing.

Hecate let a laugh escape her.

“Oh, my darling! He will be furious at your dress!”

Persephone looked at her in bewilderment.

“But...why?“, she mumbled.

Her yellow orbs sparkled as she spoke.

“Because you are a sight to behold! Exquisite and breathtaking!”

Persephone looked at her in wonder. Was that a bad thing?

“Hades doesn’t like others ogling at what is his.”

Persephone blushed even harder.

“I didn’t know he considered me his”, she said.

Hecate accompanied her towards the door, hearing the knock of Death himself.

“My darling, you were his since the moment he set his eyes on you.”

And then, she opened the door.


End of chapter 19!!

Title Translation:" The Advice of Magic”

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